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Pumped length vs. BPEL?

Pumped length vs. BPEL?

Question for pumpers… your BPEL less, more, or about the same as your pumped length in the tube?




01/01/03 6.50" BPEL, 5.25" EG

10/6/05 7.50" BPEL, 5.60" EG

My pumped length is about an inch more in the tube and will retain about 1/4” outside the tube for a few hours.

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My BPEL is less than when I’m in the pump. This is due to the fact the the tube lowers my erection angle and somehow lowers the point of exit of my penis. Also, the head stays mushroomed and pressured up really well. I do not kegal for my BPEL measurements. I just measure a level 10 erection that I would be using during intercourse. I want to know how much length that I will have to use during penetration.

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I’ll agree with the above post. My length in my tube shows at 7”, sometimes a little over. But my BP length is only around 6.5”.

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I am a 1/4” longer in the tube.

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At this point about 1/2” over BPEL.



I’m typically about a 1/4 inch longer in the tube BP erect (7.75”) than outside of the tube at 7.5”.


Thanks for all of the replies….I haven’t checked BPEL lately, but I remember the first couple times I pumped (with a cheapo pump) it was about the same length in the tube (which was too large) as BPEL. I seem to have been stuck at 7” BPEL for a few months, although on a good night recenty I’ve measured 7 1/8” - 7 1/4”. I’ve finally got a decent pump made with the 2” x 10” gravel cleaner tube, and just marked the inches on there over the weekend. I was excited to see it almost hitting 7 1/2” in the tube, this is within a minute or so of getting to 5 hg. I’m determined to work up to a good pump routine, following the advice in pumping 101 thread.



01/01/03 6.50" BPEL, 5.25" EG

10/6/05 7.50" BPEL, 5.60" EG

could somebody please tell me what the gravel cleaner tube is, and where to get it, also how were the fittings attached as I’m assuming this is a home made pump…..


You can get a gravel cleaner tube at most pet fish stores. I’m sure there are instructions some where on the site as to how to modify it. Use the search function.

I guess I’m the oddball. I’m the same to 3/8” less in the tube than BPEL. It could be that the broad base makes it harder to measure. It doesn’t compress the tissue as much as a ruler making it closer to a NBP measurement. It could also be the fact that I’ve been pumping for girth in a relatively roomy tube. I pack the tube 1/3 of the way up at the start of my first session, and not quite half the way up by the end of my last session. I would probably measure longer in one of my narrower tubes I pack most to all the way up.

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My BPEL is longer then my EL inside the tube at 5 Hg of pressure? I freaked out at first but realized that if I do a BPEL after a moderate pump I am actually a little longer then I would if I didn’t pump… Still shorter according to a ruler inside the pump then outside it… Glad someone mentioned this I was starting to wonder lol..

For the longest time I was the same in the tube as my BPEL, now I am .5” more in the tube, but not every time. It does not retain after pumping at all.


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