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Does "Packing" the Tube Reduce Lymphedema?


Does "Packing" the Tube Reduce Lymphedema?

I am doing my due diligence before I start a pumping routine. Currently, I am hanging for length, but want to incorporate pumping for girth. I have some concerns about lymphedema or the “donut” effect. I am wondering if by packing the tube, there will be a reduced risk for lymphedema. I know that people want to pack the tube to encourage length. If packing does not limit the “donut” effect then I would prefer to use a large diameter cylinder, say 3 inches, so my penis would not touch the sides. No lubrication of the penis would be required and therefore no clean up. Of course the seal at the base of the cylinder would have to be flanged inwards to prevent the testicles from being sucked into the cylinder. I have attached my rendering of a 3 inch ID cylinder that has a machined seal on the inside:

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I’m guessing you mean lymphedema. I believe it’s pretty much caused by using too much vacuum.

Today I pumped in my 2.25” tube (manual, still waiting for that XL3000) at 3”Hg, and now, about
5 hours later, I’m still hanging very fat and full. Less is truly more, funny how that works.

You might want to check out the thread on Condom Pumping, where the idea is that condoms will
squeeze back on the shaft so that no lymph can build up. I guess if you pack your tube, the tube
will do the same thing the condom does.

Man, when I get to the day I pack a 2.25” diameter tube, I think I’m going to walk around town naked!

Also, why would you not use lube on your penis while pumping? Cleanup shouldn’t be that hard.

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Packing does not necessarily limit the donut effect. As luvrocket says, the donut effect has a lot to do with high pressures and long times in the tube. You can pack a tube slowly with a blood filled cock and have no donut, or you can pack a tube with a lymph fluid filled skin and get a donut.

Nice graphic of your cylinder idea. As long as you pump correctly with your design, you can avoid the donut. Just use pressures in the 4-5 range to start off with and limit your pump sets to 10-15 minutes length.

Even with your design though, you will have to use lube, at least at the base. This will allow your base to continually slide into the tube as your pump session goes on and your length increases. With no lube, you will feel a lot of friction and pull of the skin at the base where it contacts the base of your tube. No lube will greatly restrict your length gains inside the tube.

If packing doesn’t reduce lymphedema, then I might go ahead and make a large diameter tube (3”) with adapting seal rings. As I hopefully increase in girth, I can simply switch out to larger ID seal rings. I have attached an animated gif showing the idea:

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I think you should at least sign up to be a member of Thunders Graphic Design Team.

Hint: Have well rounded edges on your ID seal ring inserts.

Thanks gprent101! I am an engineer, not necessarily an artist.

I just did a quick search for cylinders and found one that had a 3.5” ID with an elastic “one size fits all” seal. I wonder if anybody has tried a similar product?

Now see, your graphic depicts a quality cylinder, but that cylinder you just looked up is probably crap. I bet it is made of thin wall plastic tubing and those elastic seals are just the worst and wear out quickly, especially if exposed to baby oil or Vaseline.

What you need is a thick walled cylinder similar to what lapdist sells, with a heavy gage plastic insert, like what your graphic shows.

Really the best way to go, is to buy a cylinder that fits properly and requires no insert. Your cylinder size would probably be a 1.75 or 2.0 inch diameter, depending on your erect girth. If you need sizing help, just provide me with your erect girth. Pump sites tend to recommend cylinders on the small size, so be careful there.

My erect girth is 5 inches with 7 inches of length. I already bought a mighty vac hand pump at AutoZone last week. If you could give me the recommended cylinder, I would appreciate it.

I plan on pumping for 3 sets of 10 min. at 5in Hg. I started hanging with a Bib hanger a couple of weeks ago. I usually do 6 sets of 20 min. with 6lbs. I am wondering if I should pump in the morning and hang afterwards or visa versa?

The best size tube for you to start off with would be a 9X1.75. This would take you up to a girth of at least 5.5 inches. You might be able to make the next size tube work, a 9X2.0, but you risk having a problem keeping your balls from being sucked into the tube. A 2.0 diameter tube would take you up to a girth of 6.3 inches.

Now, how much do you want to spend? A cylinder from lapdist goes for $70 plus you would need male coupler for $8 and some vinyl tubing. Or you could buy one of those gravel cleaner tubes from Petsmart for a lot cheaper, but I don’t know how to connect one of those up, or how those tubes seal at the base. You have probably read that a lot of guys use these tubes.

Gentlemen, please don’t use the thin walled stuff without using some kind of thickener on the insert end. It cuts into your skin bad. I found some clear vaccuum tubing that goes with A home depot vaccuum system. A 3’ section was very cheap. On the inserting end I used 2 part epoxy to attach a piece of 2 inch pvc screw-in plug that I cut the center out to 1 &7/8” before attaching to the end. It happened to be a perfect fit on the outside of the thin tube. On the other end I used the same plug with a hole drilled in the center of the square and a threaded brass hose end connector epoxyed in it. For my 2”x1/4” walled tube I ordered a clear plumbing tube at the local specialty plumbing fixture shop. The only drawback is it sold only in 10’ sections and is somewhat expensive. I have 8’ left over. To cap it off I used the epoxy and a round head 2” pvc cap with the same brass connector. When I learn how to post a picture of them I will,to ease understanding. Both work well with olive oil and clean up easy with soap and water.

I received my cylinder from LA Pumps today! I did two sets at 5 in Hg for 10 minutes each. My flaccid was much bigger afterwards. Unfortunately, I did get a very slight donut effect (lymphedema). Yes, I am cut. I am going to use peforeal’s approach of using SELF-ADHERING ACE BANDAGE tomorrow. People with lymphedema of the legs and arms use bandaging successfully. Check out the following website:

However, it seems that the lubrication would mess up the bandage. Speaking of lubrication, any suggestions for a water-soluble lubrication that I can purchase at a drug store. Buying lubrication is going to be very embarrassing for me. I liken it to buying condoms for the first time as a teenager. I can see it now, “price check on isle 3 for sex lube.”

Buy the Target or Walmart equivalent brand of KY the sells for around $2. The people at the check out counter don’t give a shit what you buy, so don’t let it bug you.

Before trying the wrapping approach, just try pumping at 4 in hg for a while until you get used to the pump. Make sure you also pump up slowly. Stick with the 10 minute sets. Your very slight donut effect may have been no donut at all, just normal pumped effect, but try the 4 in hg for comparison.

Thanks gprent. I will go to Walmart tomorrow and buy their generic brand KY. While I am at Walmart, I am going to buy a timer so I don’t have to keep looking at the clock while I pump or hang.

I will try 4 in Hg tomorrow. I will let you know.

On a different note, I shaved my pubic hair today before pumping. When my wife saw me without my “short and curlies,” she thought I was a freak. She knows I hang, but doesn’t know I pump. There is a certain cultural connotation to pumping. I just told her that I wanted to do something crazy to surprise her.

Hanging after pumping to reduce lymphedema

What if I hang right after I pump? I can kill two birds with one stone since I wrap with Theraband when I hang.

Possible routine:

1) Stretches (2 sets of 30 seconds in all directions)
2) Pump at 4 inch Hg for 10 minutes
3) Hang for 20 minutes with 6 lbs.
4) Pump at 4 inch Hg for 10 minutes
5) Hang for 20 minutes with 6 lbs.
6) Pump at 4 inch Hg for 10 minutes
7) Hang for 20 minutes with 6 lbs.

I will clean up with a hot wash cloth after each pumping session. This clean up would serve as a warm up prior to each hanging session.

I wouldn’t combine hanging and pumping like that, because even if you pump properly and get no donut at all, your cock is still swollen with blood and is a bit sensitive. I think you would find it very uncomfortable and might even have a negative effect on your pump result.

If you were to do a marathon session and combine them both, I think I would get the hanging out of the way first, and then move on to pumping.

But, take it easy, because both hanging and pumping are rigorous PE methods and combining them just might be too much for you right now.

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