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Damn! I packed the tube at the first session!

Damn! I packed the tube at the first session!

Hey guys!

I did my first 10 minute session today and I really loved it! Unfortunately I packed the tube at the base at only 4 hg or so. Midshaft and at the head I had some more space but the base was completely packed. I was 100 % sure I had ordered the correct size. Originally I had decided to buy a 2” tube but after reading some posts here I got the impression it might be too large so I ordered a 1 3/4” tube. Unfortunately it was a bit too small. I guess I can still use this tube for some while but I want to order a new tube today. Should I perhaps even order as large as 2 1/4”? My EG BASE is 12,3 cm and 11,2 cm at the head.

Another thing that surprised me was that 6 HG which was the maximum pressure I used seemed very low. I hope I`m looking at the right gauge?:-) I had imagined pumping to be a more intense experience(which I guess it can be if you pump at higher pressures) but I guess it`s better to play it safe.

It was also a very passive exercise, once I had reached 6 HG there was not much to do except looking at my dick and admiring it:-) Do you multitask when pumping?

On a sidenote, I want to give some props to LA-PUMPS. I had to wait a week and a half for my pump, but I live abroad so I think that was to be expected. I`ve noticed some of you complaining that they are late answering their emails, that was not the case with me. They answered all emails within 24 hours and even gave me 10 $ discount because their ordering system was not up running for a couple of hours. I guess they have gotten better at customer service:-)



Packing at the base is good because it helps maintain a good seal and also keeps your balls out of the tube. You can still continue to use your 1.75 inch tube for quite a while until your entire shaft becomes fully packed. Once that happens, you can consider ordering the 2.0 inch tube, not the 2.25. You will find that the extra 1/4 inch makes quite a difference in tube size.

Continue to play it safe and stay below 6 in hg. If you want to up your routine, do two 10 minute sets and eventually do three 10 minute sets.

When I pump, it is not passive at all. I am either milking the tube or doing kegels, and I always wrap the tube with an electric heat pad to stay warm. To milk the tube, just grab the tube and move it up and down on your cock in 1/2 to 1 inch strokes, enough to see the pressure fluctuate a couple of ticks, but not enough to break the vacuum.

Thanks gprent101, you always seem to have a good answer!

I will incorcorporate milking/jelqing in my pumping sessions! Damn, I really understand what you guys are talking about when you say that pumping is addictive! I can`t wait to do my next pumping session!



A couple of questions:

What is better, jelqing before or after a pumping session? I know it`s encouraged to jelq inbetween sessions but I want to include a 20 minutes jelq session either at the beginning or end of the workout. I haven`t pumped today yet, but when I jelqed post pumping yesterday, the dick seemed very veiny and I almost felt like I had to be more careful when jelqing than usual. Any ideas?

When I have reached my maximum pressure say 6 HG, am I supposed to just stay there during the whole session or should I release the air and pump up again now and then?



I tried doing a milking exercise in my home made tube, but it gives me donuts for a while. If I leave the foreskin in the tube along my shaft then the donuts are quite big and last 12 -24 hours. So I limit the milking to very small movements.

Found a great idea for a pump rather than sucking the tube.

I have an old dental water jet unit. I took the water bottle away and put the connecting tube in the water inlet. and switched on.

It’s great! There is not a huge amount of suction because after a while the pump cannot increase the vacuum. So over extending the unit doesn’t happen. But it’s just enough to give a good pull and gets my unit to fill the tube.


Ren -

What about splitting that 20 minute jelq session into 2 10-minute sessions (one before pumping, one after). Or, if you take Gprent’s advice and add another 10 minute pumping session you could Pump for 10, jelq for 10, pump for 10 and then jelq for 10.

That is my current pump/jelq routine and it works great. A couple more weeks at this level than I plan on adding an additional 10 minute pump sesh. Good luck!

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