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Broke my Bathmate Help appreciated, video inside

Broke my Bathmate Help appreciated, video inside

Hi there!

Just bought a Bathmate Hydromax.

Had my first test-run yesterday. Now today again. But I am not sure - something doesn’t seem right.
I fill the bathmate with water. Put my penis in, pressing the thing against my body/pubic bone.
Now when I pump, water comes out and I feel a vacuum. But only for a fraction of a second.
Then air seems to come in from the top inside the tube and vacuum pressure is gone.

I made a video showing the effect (go to 00:25 to see the bubbles, then at 00:45 the same effect but slower)
Link removed

Thanks a lot for comments and stuff,
I am feeling insecure here.

(Did I do something wrong? Is the thing broken? I have no experience)

Thanks !

Argh, I tried it out and it worked, let me try again:
(Forum here fucked up the link bigtime - EG /you/ it turned into /you/ and more)

This shall work:

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I can’t get your link working but I believe mine broke in the same way. It would let air in through the pressure release valve. In may case though I was shaking it dry a bit after a session and it slipped out of my hand, hit the ground and cracked the plastic around the valve. From then on it would release water when pumping but would let air in from the pressure release valve. I ordered another one.

If you haven’t made a bone headed move like me and yours is just leaking through the pressure release valve I would say as for a replacement from whomever you purchased it.

Good luck.

Upload your videos and pics here please.


Sorry for the video-problems. It seems like dropbox deleted the video in my account (?? Because it’s porn? - Anyone know of a service that doesn’t delete ‘porn’?)
I wanted to upload the video here, but the thing is 20mb instead of the used 10mb (need some time to work around that)

I contacted the seller and he says he will contact the manufacturer first.

Tried to upload the now 8mb file here, there was a failure message (“Invalid Post specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the webmaster”)

Another try with dropbox, this time in .zip
deleted link

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Upload your videos and pics here. Hit the preview post button then in the next window the manage attachment button and select the file from your pc.


(It works. I can read your video)

I had the same problem with my Bathmate, but it was not a new one. I solved the problem by removing the head and turn the gasket over (The head is a bit different on mine because it’s an older model).

But your device is a new one ; you should contact the seller, in my opinion.

On the uploading thing: I click ‘manage attachments’, a new window opens, I choose the zip file under 10mb (in this point 8mb) and I click upload. Then it uploads. Then failure message: ‘Invalid Post specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the webmaster’. Sorry I didn’t really got it until now that you want no external links.

I just tried the bathmate again. At first it was the same - air came in from the when I pushed water out. Like Pontiuspolet in his thread (Broke My Hydromax Bathmate In Less Than A Month : : : Iz Can Fix) while pumping I ‘fidgeted’ with the valve a bit, I think I just pressed down on the little stick a bit - and suddenly it seemed to work again.
The pumping worked, I just had sealing problems. This time air bubbles didn’t come from the top, but from the bottom. So I just got a sealing problem, I guess just too much hair.

Thanks for the help!

Argh, tried again and the same. Water gets out at the front, but then air gets in. I guess I can try to fidget around again but I will talk to seller again.

Ps would be interested to get this uploading thing working. (But can’t post in the forum ‘forum’)


Originally Posted by ThunderSS
Try making your vid a zip file. 8 megs to look at a leaky Bathmate is a bit much anyway.

What I tried to upload was a zip-file of the video (failure message: “Invalid Post specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the webmaster”)

Pontiuspolet saw my vid and helped me out bigtime and this solved my problem,
Thread here: BathmateHydromax - how to get a good seal

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