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Broke My Hydromax Bathmate In Less Than A Month : : : Iz Can Fix

Broke My Hydromax Bathmate In Less Than A Month : : : Iz Can Fix


I know, I know, I know..

A. I should still be following the newbie routine, what on earth did I buy a pump for?

B. Even if I did break from the routine, I should NOT have bought a Bathmate


Alas, but I did.
Day 15 (or something) of use (and, okay, I had been using it in the morning and at night)
And I go for that one last pump to get my in tube length up to my normal NBPEL and ..
WOOSH .. I pump down and instead of getting that one last little bit of vacuum, instead I get a huge influx of air in to the tube.
I figured I somehow broke the seal at the base.
I refilled and reattached. Same story. Two half decent pumps, and on the third, *woosh* air rushes in to the tube.

I check the base (the bellows) for holes or rips, but at this point I’m already feeling sad ..
I see nothing of note, make sure the comfort seal is on correct, inspect one last time, fill and reapply once more ..
One or two good pumps, then *woosh* again .. In rushes the air ..

What is going on?
The valve is jacked up?
And how is air even rushing in to the cylinder in the first place? I thought it was full of water?
I’m so confused.

I *think* I’ve read on here that at least a few people have converted their bathmate to use with a break bleeder pump or something (from Harbor Freight)?
Is this correct? Can this be done? Because now I feel like the sad idiot with $160 worth of crap-tastic plastic, when he was just getting the hang of pumping.

Sounds like the valve is somehow malfunctioning.

You can convert it to use with a brake bleeder pump. Just pop the end cap/valve off the end of your bath-mate and insert the brake bleeder hose in the hole.

Whoa Whoa hold on there don’t do nothing to it just yet.. I don’t think its broken:) What model do you have? If you have the new hydromax x30 then your pump just might be completely fine. The new version bathmate hydromax x30 has a comfort pad on the bottom that comes off. Now I don’t have one yet because I just ordered mine but I did bunch of research an reviews and people have had similar problems pumping to he max. They said the comfort pad was awesome but when they took it off they got a better pump and they felt the 30ish % more and with the comfort pad still on it wasn’t a strong and had a similiar problem. Now again I don’t have one infront of me but I’m sure if the comfort pad is off you won’t have that problem. The only CON to that is when you take the comfort pad off you lose a inch length so the total would be 8.5 inches of insertable length and with the comfort pad its 9.5 I believe. But then again if I remember correctly it attaches on and off and about breaking the rules eh who cares I heard people pump with a erection when they first got it everyones different though its not recommend. I heard its best to take it slow go in soft for 1- 2 weeks then half, then hard ect to be safe and start with 5 mins the go from there

Also things to think about are you in the bath? When in the bath you get the best result and it shouldn’t have a air problem.
Whats your NBPEL?
Are you using it correctly? Ect

just a quick reply, in case anyone else “broke” theirs as well.

a. it was definitely part of the valve mechanism malfunctioning

b. knowing enough about hand pumps to be dangerous (i pump spray chemicals for my job) i assumed it was a fairly simple mechanical “failure”, in that it was probably “jammed” and not releasing properly or something. These things (valves) are supposed to open and close (derdeeder) so it was probably stuck open (i’m guessing)

c. *what i did to fix it* was simply to begin using it as normal — fill, attach to pubic base, and pump … but instead of allowing the cylinder to pump down smooth and uninterrupted, i fidgeted randomly with the pressure release button on top (which toggles the valve, i’m assuming)

d. i only had to properly do this once or twice, and bada-bing-bada-boom, it was just fine. By “properly”, i mean, the first time or two i pumped the cylinder i wasn’t even sure what to do. or how i was going to fix or solve anything. But as soon as I made concrete in my mind the notion that toggling the release “button” may do the trick, and then pressed it down with enough force to get it “on the line” between releasing pressure and not while simultaneously depressing the bellows — as soon as i did this it corrected and was “fixed”.

And just to remind what the original problem\symptom I was encountering, I was depressing the hydromax bellows and water would initially squirt out of the tip as it is supposed to when the bellows is actively being depressed, but as soon as the bellows was released — which should then start creating the vacuum — instead, air was rushing into the cylinder instantly back through the valve and i would cry.

and i was with my pubic bone under water in the bath tub, fyi.

Bought the hydromax 30 and the first time I used it the valve pieces came out. After replacing them it leaks. I’ve been working on it most of the morning and I’m done. I don’t know if I’ll get another version or stick to the tried and true air vacuum pump. It really sucks though.

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