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BathmateHydromax - how to get a good seal

BathmateHydromax - how to get a good seal

Hi there!

This is about the water-pumps Bathmate or Hydromax especially.

I just got this Hydromax waterpump and am now beginning to use it.

I had problem getting a good seal.
Nowhere on the website or in the folder that comes with the product there was any mentioning of shaving or even trimming the pubic hair.
Now I kinda remember - shaving your pubic hair where the tube connects to your body seems the necessary route to go when using penis pumps.
As said there was no mention this anywhere on Hydromax (and Bathmate), so I didn’t think I had to do it.
Now the tube of Hydromax where it connects to body is of very big circumference. So this would mean pretty much all pubic hair shaved.
I have an operation scar in this area, and I really don’t find the thought of shaving all the time appealing.
On the other hand I also have dermatitis skin disease where too much bathing is not good. Well. If it has to be.

Pontiuspolet was great helping me out - the trick is to use it not in the shower but really in the bathtube, having the seal under water. This sealed it off.

How do you use your Bathmate/Hydromax?
Do you manage to get a seal not under water?

Best regards! Mike

Ps if anybody in interested on the package it says:
85mm width
295mm length
Max penis girth erect 56mm
Max penis length 200mm
Max vacuum air -0.25 bar
Max vacuum water -0.55 bar

Before I was a member here I got a Bathmate Goliath and tried it a few times. I found I had to shave to get a good seal. After that it got easier to use for me anyway. I’ve always used mine in the bath not the shower.

For the dermatitis I understand a 1/2 cup of bleach in the water helps and since I’ve started doing that no more urinary tract infections either.

Hope this helps.

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