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Bloodspots on shaft after every session

Bloodspots on shaft after every session

Been getting bloodspots on lower shaft(mostly left side), after every pump session for last week and a half.

Tried loweing pressure, 10 min sets, longer hot wraps, and messaging after session but i still get them. I always skip a day latley because of this, but it keeps happening. Lasts about half a day, then comes back when i pump again, maybe 10 min afterwards. Now im going on 2 years almost of pe, my instics say i should kill pumping for a bit,But i need some opinions first. Thanks for help.

Sept 2 2002 Bpel 6.8 Eg 5.5 Sept 2 2003 Bpel 7.6 Eg 6.0 Yeah i know...5 years..updating soon i hate mesuring...

What kind of vacuum pressure are you using? and what length and quantity are the sets you’re doing?

You say almost 2 years of PE - How much of that have you been pumping?

Do you ever get spots or discolouration from any other form of PE?

Perhaps you could try using a condom (or two) while pumping to see if that helps. Although with a high enough pressure even that would probably be negated.

Are you ramping up your pressure over time and are you using any type of heat around the tube?

Been pumping 5 months Lately 2 or 3 10/15 min sets. No discolor from other pe but some from pumping.

No heat around the tube, and i used to go to about 9 hg in pressure, but lately havent been going over 6hg.

Also note i didnt go to 9hg till after 3 months.

Sept 2 2002 Bpel 6.8 Eg 5.5 Sept 2 2003 Bpel 7.6 Eg 6.0 Yeah i know...5 years..updating soon i hate mesuring...

Try pumping up very slowly to your target pressure. Don’t go over 5hg for awhile. Milk the tube with slow 1-2 second strokes (Pressure fluctuation no higher then 7hg). Alternate kegeling and milking while pumping. 50 kegels followed by 50 milks continuous until pump set is over. Massage after coming out of the tube. I like wrapping the tube in an electric heat pad while pumping. Try pumping 6 days in a row with this lower pressure technique and see if things don’t improve.

Warm up! A 5-10 minute light jelqing session before pumping ALWAYS worked for me to prevent spots.

Also, follow Gprent101’s recommendations and you will have no problems with “red dot cock”.


Observe... learn from other people's mistakes.


Sort of in the same position as you. Some red spots on the front of the shafts, more underneath back to the base. Then a thin red line near the circumsion scar. Funnily enough, they show worse after a day off then after consecutive days of pumping. I’ve also had some dead/drying skin issues. But I don’t think these are brought on by too much pupmping but rather wearing the condom for too many consecutive sets and causing skin irritation,

Still, I’m being cautious and have put the pump on the shelf for 6 weeks (I’m in week two) and doing light manual stretching instead.


yep, try warming up first, and remember to “warm down” as well…a hot shower does great for preventing red-spotted dick.

Ret: I’ve been into pumping for 4 years or so and yes I get the same thing. Mostly, from pumping too long. This causes thrombosis (bruising) anywhere. I don’t think it is more of a time factor too quickly at too high of a vacuum that does the damage. However, there’s a gel from GNC called arnica gel that really does well. I would suggest that you massage your tool with pure Vitamine E (1000mg) a couple of times/day and try, think, experiment with Bag Balm (available at some hardware or more commonly at local feed stores. The stuff is great!!! It is originally used for cut on cow’s utters and chapped hands. I use it when pumping eventhou it is a little smelly but does help with healing. Great for jelqing mixed with a little baby oil. Steve

With vitamin E being a blood thinner, I have always wondered how it could possibly help with a bruising problem. Are you sure the vit E is not causing the bruising to occur more often and not less and to linger on?

All: The benifical properties of Vitamin E outweigh risks to most individuals. However, my post is to apply topically and not for everyone to ingest. It adds elasticity to the skin and is present in many hand lotions.

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin that exists in eight different forms. Each form has its own biological activity, the measure of potency or functional use in the body. Alpha-tocopherol is the most active form of vitamin E in humans, and is a powerful biological antioxidant. Antioxidants such as vitamin E act to protect your cells against the effects of free radicals, which are potentially damaging by-products of the body’s metabolism. Free radicals can cause cell damage that may contribute to the development of cardiovascular disease and cancer. Studies are underway to determine whether vitamin E might help prevent or delay the development of those chronic diseases.

The health risk of too much vitamin E is low (23). A recent review of the safety of vitamin E in the elderly indicated that taking vitamin E supplements for up to four months at doses of 530 mg or 800 IU (35 times the current RDA) had no significant effect on general health, body weight, levels of body proteins, lipid levels, liver or kidney function, thyroid hormones, amount or kinds of blood cells, and bleeding time. Even though this study provides evidence that taking a vitamin E supplement containing 530 mg or 800 IU for four months is safe, the long term safety of vitamin E supplementation has not been tested. The Institute of Medicine has set an upper tolerable intake level for vitamin E at 1,000 mg (1,500 IU) for any form of supplementary alpha-tocopherol per day because the nutrient can act as an anticoagulant and increase the risk of bleeding problems. Upper tolerable intake levels “represent the maximum intake of a nutrient that is likely to pose no risk of adverse health effects in almost all individuals in the general population”

Thanks alot to all replys. Will follow the milking kegel rec when i start back up tommarow.

Sept 2 2002 Bpel 6.8 Eg 5.5 Sept 2 2003 Bpel 7.6 Eg 6.0 Yeah i know...5 years..updating soon i hate mesuring...

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