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Very sore base @ top of shaft from squeezing...

Very sore base @ top of shaft from squeezing...

It’s about an hour after doing a 15 minute squeezing session (pan I think-start at base lubed, go up shaft about 1/4-1/2 way up and keep blood engorged in shaft and head for anywhere from 20 seconds to a minute per squeeze)… the base of my penis on the top of the shaft is pretty sore… I feels internal, are these damaged nerves (would be the worst)? veins? ligs? Is this dangerous? Sometimes when I squeeze near the base of my penis what looks like a really hardened vein pops out.. is this thrombrosis? How dangerous is this? I really do NOT want to do ANY long term damage, I’ll stop completely if this is the case. Any ideas?

This is quite difficult to work out.

The general rule is that pain is bad, but soreness (it’s all about what word you use) is ok, desirable in some cases. I have never had soreness at the point of squeezing before, and I do many different squeezes, along with clamping, so quite extreme in some cases.

Do a search on thrombosed AND vein and read about other member’s experience with them to try to ascertain whether you have a thrombosed vein.

Some questions:

1) Do you feel pain anywhere in the shaft? Tingling? Numbness?
2) Do you have any bruising or red spots in the area you were squeezing, or anywhere further up?
3) Is this vein hard all the time, or just when squeezing?

1) The only sensation is at the base of the shaft, on the top. I’d say it’s a tingling, feels like it’s been worked and sore type of feeling, not necessarily pain. If it got a lot stronger though I’d say that it would be painful… I don’t feel anything right now.
2) I usually have a good amount of red spots all over my penis after a squeezing session because I don’t warm up enough and it’s simply a lot of blood going in for a good amount of time… I’m going to get the normal red spots. However, I know these are really nothing to worry about and go away pretty fast. Never had any bruising.
3) I’m pretty sure it’s a vein, but I seriously thought it was a bone of some sort the first time. I never really though a little vein could get so big but I guess it is a vein? It pops up about 8-10 minutes into my squeezing session and I’d say probably stays for 30 min. - hour before going down. The sesnsations from question 1 usually last maybe a day or two after a session and are somewhat on and off, come and go.

Another note - I haven’t really had any decrease in erections/size of them… squeezing and kegels have actually done more good as I wake up a lot more with morning wood, have more uncontrolled erections (not a good thing!).

You are probably just sore from a hard workout. How long have you been doing this routine? If not for long, then maybe you are just going at it a bit too hard for your current level of penile fitness.

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