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Bathmate... is it ok to pump hard?

Bathmate... is it ok to pump hard?

I got a bathmate 4 days ago, and Ive been pumping quite hard, meaning that pumping untill no more water can spill out of the contraption, pretty much what it says in the instructions.

Now Im a bit worried that it might be a bit too much. Is there a possibility of causing damage and overdoing this? Im new to pumping, Ive noticed that my erection have gotten stronger at the base but weaker at the top ie glans.

Ive been pumping 20 minutes, like it states on the Bathmate, and it says its alright to pump 7 days a week.
Im curious if I dont have better morning wood, after those 4 days am I overdoing it?
Im really in a pickle cause I dont want to fuck up my unit obviously.
Im now on a brake, Im not going to pump today or tommorow. Hope I get better wood on monday.

Anyone has more experience with BM? Is a person who is using it supposed to get better wood straight away? Is there any poing pumping at lower pressure? Any insight would be great, thanks!

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If you are losing penis action at all; then you are overdoing the pumping vacuum.

Ease off. You have received warning messages from your penis

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How about start off light and work your way up?

10 minute sessions,mon-fri. Sounds healthy to start off with.

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I always seem to end up over doing it when I use my BM and then end up going back to air pumping with a gauge. I can say that for me, if I was pumping until no more water came out, I would definitely be going overboard.

I have been pumping for a very long time and contrary to what you may think, I have become more and more sensitive to higher pumping pressures instead of becoming acclimated to higher pressures. I now achieve my best results by far by sticking to low pressures of only 3 to 3.5”hg.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

Hi! I am going to share my experience about using this pump.

I started playing with this device somewhere around 9 months ago (not for long though) and I think it is a good stuff for a warm up. Every day I was pumping up to 20 min and it always ended a great “plumped” flaccid, but also a much bigger “pee hole” in the glans which I don’t know if it’s healthy. For some reason I have stopped using that device daily and started doing regular workout. After some time the pump was only “good” for me when I had no time for a workout. Several weeks later I stopped using it .

Can’t tell you if I gained anything from it, but what I can tell you is that I never pumped it too much, which means I stayed like 1-2 pumps before no water is coming out when pumping. Don’t force it cause it can’t be good for you. Steady increase the pumping time, like others said. I know you wanna get the results quicker, but take your time and take small steps, be safe : ). When I was using it, I was always listening to the “discomfort” indicator. For instance, when I am jelqing and squeeze too hard (just an example) .then start pushing the blood towards the glans and feel that “pain and discomfort” it means that I am overdoing it, same thing goes with this pump. Listen to your body, but .it’s hard to be consistent with it since there is no pressure gauge : / .

After a couple of months I found it in my closet and decided to try it. What I saw was the Bathmate can be actually a “decent” tool when you start pumping while fully erect. I am not saying that you gotta try it while erect cause whats good for me might not be good for you. Now the Bathmate it’s too small, I put it on while having 95% erection and after a few minutes it leaves the red marks on the base of my penis that looks just like the rubber on the pump.
It would be nice to have a bigger version of it just for fun, but I am going to keep doing manual exercises.
Hope this helps somehow and be patient while reading this since my English isn’t too good : / .


Reports are that there is a larger version of the Bathmate being developed. The one that we know and love is also known as the Bathmate Hercules; the new model is named the Goliath.

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Great! Thank you, Lampwick!


I recently received the Goliath model of the Bathmate and I am experiencing a lot of discomfort at the base. It is pretty painful to push it into my groin to pump water out. Then while wearing it, the discomfort persists in the groin area. Then when I take it off, I notice a slightly dark ring on my pubic mound. I like the product, but this base discomfort problem is getting to be too much. After pumping I feeling a burning sensation on the base area around penis where the Bathmate sealed against my body. This lasts for hours.

Anyone had this experience?


The key is to take it slow, just as at the gym you would not take up 100 lbs right away and start exercising but slowly ease into it. Every person has different pain levels and tolerance, so it is very individual. I know of men that can only pump once and they are in agency, and then again after a month or so they are at full throttle with no issues at all.

Dedication and time is the key ingredient in any PE exercise my friends.


I’ve read, researched, re-read, asked, looked at all of those different pumps. I’m convinced that just plain ole pumping with a heating pad wrapped around it and keeping the vacuum down to about 4-5 Hg. is the best method. I’ve been at this since this site started with Tom Hubbard—way back when we were almost banned from the whole internet.

Originally Posted by Tennsteven
I’ve been at this since this site started with Tom Hubbard


Running a Massive Co-Front.

Over 16 years ago, there was a website called “Tripod.” It may still exist but I don’t know. They kicked Tom Hubbard and the website off for showing Dick Photos. He went on to develop another site and started a whole new generations of sites dedicated to penis enlargement. He may have not developed this site. However there was a link to him very early in the life of “Thunders” on its original Home Page. I still think “Thunders” surpasses every other site for knowledge, support, and innovation. Don’t get me wrong Thunder—but Tom Hubbard is the father of penis enlargement.

I agree with that, but Tom was nowhere to be found when I started this place. I gave Tom room to add his own site here on Thunder’s when he finally showed up. We both worked on recovering as much of his old material as we could so that it didn’t disappear completely.

And the “getting booted” thing is news to me. Perhaps Tom or someone else can verify this.

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