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Anyone injure themself from pumping?

Anyone injure themself from pumping?

Just curious.

I’m pretty paranoid about what I’ll do my dick, with my past, and others reporting injuries on here etc etc. I steer clear of all PE, except for pumping, because to me it appeared beneficial.

And I still believe that. After about a month of low, 3-4 HG pumping I’m seeing subtle improvements in my morning wood, erections and flaccid hang. My dick does feel healthier. I don’t feel like I’m overdoing it at all.

But I’d still like some feedback. Thanks.

Yes, of course…you can injure yourself with any PE done with too much force. Its a pretty safe bet if you keep it at 5 in hg or below. And certainly if you start to get red dots, its the first indicator that you are just at the limits of your blood vessels ability to withstand the vacuum.

I recommend keep at the vacuum level you are at, and after your EQ becomes really great, you can begin to add some time.

If you haven’t already read it, this was my first post on Thunder’s.

I thought it might be helpful to alert beginners or anyone else who hasn’t (yet?) experienced it, of some of the debilitating and even dangerous effects pumping can cause if one isn’t careful.

I’ve been using a pump on and off for about 5 years and started without any useful instruction. I had to learn the hard way. Some of this may seem obvious to some, but if you aren’t aware of what CAN happen you can easily push too far from over-zealousness.

1. Pain is bad. If it hurts, release the pressure. Your dick is a delicate organ. It’s not like developing your biceps. The first result of too much pressure is blisters on your glans. If your glans starts to sting, back off the pressure. The stinging is the beginning of a blister. Also if you leave the pressure on for too long a blister can rise.
If you get a blister, quit. The damage is done and more pumping will only make it worse. I’ll break the bubble to let out the puss, and wash it. It will sting. I clear away the loose skin and immediately apply Neosporin to help it heal and keep it from drying out. Keep applying neosporin daily, it really speeds up the healing process. Healing takes about 2 weeks and it’s a good idea not to pump during that time. Blisters are very unsightly while they are healing, but eventually they will disappear completely.

2. Don’t leave the pressure on for more that 5 or 10 mins. Max. This is a biggie. In my beginning over-zealousness I would leave the pressure on for 20 to even 40 mins. This did not last long. I soon discovered small hard lumps along my dorsal vein and around the base of my glans. In a few days this developed into a full-fledged infection. My dick became sore and red and started to swell up. A couple days later it was obvious I was in trouble so I went to a urologist and told him what I was doing. He said that the blood trapped under pressure for so long caused white blood cells to collect and congest the veins. This created the infection.
He put me on strong anit-biotics for a couple of weeks. He said, left untreated for long could have caused major complications, and possibly led to amputation. He may have been trying to scare me but I believe it considering the condition my dick was in at the time.
This whole experience cost me $500.00 in doctor visits and medication, not to mention the embarrassment.

In short, continually release the pressure every few minutes, or pump while continually leaking pressure.

3. Prolonged pumping causes swelling around the foreskin just below the glans. To help reduce this I have read that wrapping the area before and during pumplng helps. I use a 1” elastic band sewn in a loop. It seems to help.

I’m sure there are other possible mishaps, but these are the ones I am familiar with. It has taught me to become much more conservative with my pumping regimen.

You can injure yourself from pumping. I don’t know if I can say that I have. The closest I got was when I developed a small red spot on my corona from one pumping session without proper lubrication, and I took a little while off just to be on the safe side.

I can take a little credit for that, but only a little. When I started pumping, it was before Thunder’s Place existed, and I was pumping without a gauge. Even then, I tried to avoid excess, but that’s difficult to say substantively without a gauge to know what I was doing.

When I started pumping systematically after joining Thunder’s, I did have the little red spots on my shaft (petechia) from time to time early on, but don’t get those any more.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

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