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Anyone Have This Issue While Pumping?

Anyone Have This Issue While Pumping?

So i have been pumping for almost 3 months and its great i actually really enjoy it. So much so that its about the only PE i do now, which i should probably add stretching and jelqing back in but thats a separate deal. The problem i have been having is that my scrotum attaches to like the middle of my shaft and not right at the beginning of the shaft.

Not sure if that happens to other people but i havent seen it when watching porn. This sucks for two reason #1 it pulls my balls forward when erect which makes it look smaller from the side big time and #2 when im pumping it will pull up a good bit of skin no matter how much i try to keep it out of the tube and what ends up happening is the tube gets packed but not because my shaft is expanding but rather my skin is filling the bottom half of the tube.

So i dont see much girth growth in the tube and also the underside of my dick and that skin that is jammed in there bruise easily. At first i could not understand why the bottom of my shaft would get purple dots or bruising while i got none on top of my shaft. Now i am 99% certain its because all the pressure there is causing the brusing and since up top im ok it never gets dots or bruises.

Anyone else had this issue? I wish there was some procedure i could have done to cut that skin off and just have it attach to the base of my shaft as normal. Oh side effect #3 which also sucks is when going balls deep its quite painful since it pulls up my balls up my shaft and so im hitting them with every thrust.

Turns out there is a surgical procedure to reduce turkey neck. Here is one option I found with a quick google search:


The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

Ahhh awesome now that i know the term i was able to find a few places that do that. Will definitely look into doing this as i feel that i will have a hard time adding girth through pumping while this keeps doing that. I get very little expansion girth wise after a pumping session. On a positive note i have grown just about .75” in length since i started PE on halloween last year. A chunk of that was probably better eq and newbie gains but im definitely still growing with the pump well.

Would it make sense to go to a bigger diameter tube to account for the extra skin being pulled in?

Check out our cylinder sizing chart to see if you need a size change.

Selecting Your Cylinder Size

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

I got some of that because I made really good gains. I was able to reduce it to an acceptable level by stretching the skin toward the base. I read about it somewhere and it worked!

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I have a similar turkey neck which always gets pulled in when I am pumping, even when the base of my dick is packing the cylinder. Actually, the webbing contributes to the packing. After many years of pumping, my scrotum has been significantly enlarged resulting in lower hanging balls which I actually prefer.

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