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Advice needed

Advice needed

Just got my pumping setup a few days ago, and am really happy with it.

It’s the one from lapdist, and the tube from pumptoys with the rubber seal at the bottom.I love this tube.Fantastic to be have a measuring system engraved onto it.

Maybe you good folks can help me out with my questions:

1) Do I have to use lube before getting in the tube, as I just tried it without there, and got a perfect seal with no pressure drop??

2)Do I have to shave the area aswell? For the exact same reasons as above:good seal, no pressure drop

3)Is it ok to 2 x 10 minute sessions at 5 hg per day including ten minutes of dry jelquing after each session even though i’m only in my first week.

The reason I ask question three is due to my previous experiences with clamping, I guess that I should be able to handle it with no problems, but I wanted to know if pumping is an altogether different pressure?

Any help greatly appreciated!

I’ve read the 101 post already, but I am presuming that the reasons for shaving, and lube, are for the reasons of getting a good seal with no drop in pressure.

Seeing as I am getting a good seal, with no drop in pressure without doing both of the mentioned things, i’m wondering why then is it necessary??

There is no way you can expand to your full potential without lube. Without lube, your skin will stick to the inside surface ot the cylinder as you expand and it will be quite uncomfortable.

I don’t care if you shave or not. You figure it out for yourself after a couple of sessions.

You can try to do two pump sets right off the bat. If it turns out to be too much, don’t do it. Someone else with clamp experience thought he could jump right in to the deep end also, but after his first pump session, he decided he was a pumping newbie and went back to the pumping 101 schedule.

Just a word of caution!

I thought I could handle higher pressure since I’ve done some extreme clamping. Not so… I ended up with blisters on my glans that are just now healing. Please take it slow. After a couple of weeks I’m sure you’ll what you can handle.

Good luck and happy pumping.


Lubing the member is necessary, lubing the seal isn’t. I just shave and get a good seal.

Thanks for the advice folks!

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