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Advice needed for ligs injuries

Advice needed for ligs injuries


Am eagerly waiting for my new BIB hanger to arrive to start hanging.

Have been doing some stretches and jelqing for a year now and ordered the hanger to enhance PE. My gains, i reckon is between 0.25 to 0.5 inches. I did not really measure it but maybe around 5 when i started.

While waiting for the hanger, I recalled that I have torned one or two ligaments on my ankle and this led me to my quest for advice from you guys. I have the following questions / doubts.

1) Has anyone here torn a penis ligament. If yes, what are the results, impotency ? pain while erect or having sex?

2) What is really the function of ligaments in a penis? How many ligaments are there?

3) How flexible are ligaments?

4) How to avoid breaking the ligaments?

5) What other injuries are worst than tearing a ligament?

6) Any other comments or remarks are welcome.

Thank you.

Hi willgrow,

1) I don’t know if anyone here has torn one. A ripped lig should cause serious pain.

2) See the attachment in this post.

3) They stretch some, but not nearly as much as muscle.

4) Heating helps ligs stretch without injury. Heat or not, applying too much tension will injure them.

5) Accidentally slamming your dick in a car door. There are others. As far as PE goes, rupturing a corpora cavernosum would be a wicked injury, requiring surgery for repair.

If you are careful and use common sense you aren’t likely to suffer any injuries from hanging.

Warm up first and apply heat during each set except your last.

Start with light weight and monitor head color, temperature and sensitivity during your sets.

Don’t hang longer than 20 minutes per set. Some guys prefer 15 minutes or even 10.

Work up the number of sets gradually until the time you have available each day for hanging is filled. Then increase the weight as necessary, in small increments.

Hi Hobby,

Thanks for your helpful reply. It has given me better understanding of my doubts.

Great people like you make the difference and raise the standands.

I tore a fundiform ligament on one side and it was not pleasant. That whole side of my penis became swollen and turned black and blue. It was very tender to the touch for 2 weeks. After that, a hard knot formed under the skin and is still there now, over 2 months later.

It hurt, but didn’t stop me from having sex, but alarmed my wife. She thought I was nuts when i told her about PE and after this is now totally convince that I’m nuts. This injury wouldn’t have happened if I had warmed up properly before stretching. I was doing manual BTC stretches and just plain pulled too hard.

Now that I look back, all the signs were there to avoid this injury. We all know what it’s like to stretch ligaments in the rest of our bodies, like the achilles. The same feeling happens in your dick, and you instinctively know your limits. I just didn’t pay attention to my limits and took it too far.

Sometimes greed doesn’t pay off.

I'm hung like Einstein and smart as a horse.

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