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A little help making a better seal on my homemade pump..

A little help making a better seal on my homemade pump..

Hey guys,
I just made my first using a medium sized gravel cleaner, pump from a auto parts store. So far, I have yet to find something that will create a better seal against the base of my cock. So far, I’ve tried; plain old electrical tape, a rubber seal like which kinda resembles the end of what you would see on a ‘toy’ penis pump, and then more electrical tape on top of that.

I am 100% sure I’m not losing any air in any connection on my pump except for where the base seals to my skin. However, I just can’t figure out what kind of material I should use to get this done right.

So far, I can get the pump to work and pump up my cock for a short time, but the pressure inside the tube drops very quick and I have to repump just to maintain a certain level on the guage.

What can I try next to solve this issue?

I made the base wider for comfort, but even before that didn’t have any problem keeping a seal. Trim or shave (don’t shave immediately before pumping) where the tube goes and use some lube. I use hand lotion, smearing some around my base and a little on and inside the rim of the tube.

Well, I’m stumped then b/c I am clean shaven around my base all the time. I’ve tried to lube the area pretty good with some KY, too.

I have also reinforced any other areas where the seal might not be 100%(where the top plastic piece attaches to the cylinder itself, and to where the tube connects to the cone). I don’t know what I’m missing here, but from the way I feel the air escape at the base I know that is where I’m losing the pressure.

I think I’ll try the base widening approach tomorrow.

Get a bicycle tyre tube. Snip a 2” long section and fit it 1” over the end, then tuck the other 1” inside the tube. If it is still too loose put another layer of tube on. This also acts like a cushion. If you put soft material, tissue or cotton over the rough/sharp edge before the tube it will further cushion it.

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Well, I finally got around to getting one of those foam kneeling pads this past weekend.

Turned out that was the problem, I made the base with the cushion and used epoxy on any place that might have leaked, too. It worked perfectly and it’s pretty comfortable. I also picked up a pump from an auto parts store, so I’m ready to go now with my homemade pump.


I use shave cream as a lube. this is not an original idea I picked it up at this url will carry you to “Try Shave Cream”

I put small amount of shave cream over my dick and some inside cylinder at base. As vacuum begins forming shave cream over base of my dick foams up to create a good seal. As shave cream has antii-microbial properties, I only clean my cylinders out every 6-8 weeks.

OR eon

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