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Made My Pump Today!!

Originally posted by rambler
tigerbass, did you say you pump in college? What about your roomates?

Ha, The good lord has blessed me with my own apartment. Definatly had to stick to manual stretches and jelqes in the shower when I lived in the dorm.

Originally posted by Wellcum

Thanks for the pump. Could you come up with some genius ideas for hanger that is just as easy to make? I check most of them in hanger's forum but couldn't find one that is satisfying.



I can’t take the credit, I definatly used other people’s experiences and ideas.

B1 helped a ton.

Haha, I tried hangers, the sad truth is BiB is the only way to go, that thing is an amazing peice of work.

Originally posted by avocet8
Man, you mechanically-inclined people do save yourself some bucks. I admire all of you your cleverness. For me, screwing in a light bulb maxes out my mechanical talent.

Mechanical Engineer Major, with dreams of putting it to practical use being a Navy Seal.

While we are on the topic, any idea how to make a knock off mushroom pipe?

I know how to use glue, but don’t know where to find a donut shaped clear plastic to connect to. Or better off, just a ready-made mushroom pipe.


Originally posted by Wellcum
While we are on the topic, any idea how to make a knock off mushroom pipe?

I know how to use glue, but don't know where to find a donut shaped clear plastic to connect to. Or better off, just a ready-made mushroom pipe.


I’ve actually thought about making my own cylinders out of PVC, the only problem is you can’t see your weener through it, so you could have to go by feel and time.

I’ve also considered looking around walmart for a plastic drinking cup made of thick plastic and making a cylinder out of that. I drill bit, some tubing and a little glue I don’t see why it wouldn’t work.

on line

You can order all of the parts on-line if you’re embarrrassed to go buy them in person…and…I believe Pet-Smart has a 20’ vacuum tube you can buy if the length thing is an issue

Quick Start Cylinder Bottom Seal Solution

As any of you know who have purchased the ProQuatics Deluxe Gravel Vacuum cylinder, the bottom edge (the part that you press into your pubic area) is quite rough right out of the package. Some here have flared the tube using heat, others have glued cushions to the bottom, and some have dipped the tube in Plastidip to fashion a cushiony seal at the bottom. I didn’t want to fuss with stoves, flames or glue so I searched the plumbing aisles of Lowe’s and Home Depot for some type of rubber seal that would slide over the end of the cylinder tube.

I finally found something close to what I was looking for at Home Depot. I purchased a Proflex Specialty Coupling by Fernco, part number 3001-150. This consists of a cylindrical rubber coupling surrounded by a wide metal adjustable band clamp (it’s intended use is to join “1 1/2” CI, PL or St to 1 1/2” Copper or 1 1/4” PL”). I pulled the rubber coupling out of the metal band clamp and slid it over the end of the ProQuatics cylinder. It was a perfect tight fit. No flames, no glue, no waiting for Plastidip to dry. The coupling was priced at $6.42 plus tax. I purchased the coupling, took it home, set aside the metal band clamp (not needed for this use that Fernco never contemplated) and could instantly start pumping in comfort.

The rubber coupling has a inside ridge at the halfway point that serves a stopping point for sliding the coupling onto the tube. I selected part number 3001-150 because it had a thicker flat-edged cylinder wall on one end that would provide more cushion.

The rubber coupling provides a fantastic seal. However, overall, this is a satisfactory solution, at best. There are two inside ridges on the thicker end of the rubber coupling and then the center inside ridge at the halfway point. After you pump up in the tube, these three inside ridges leave temporary lines on your dick shaft and you can also slightly feel the center inside ridge while pumping. For those looking to slightly decrease the diameter of the ProQuatics cylinder at the base, this is an easy way to do that. The rubber coupling has served me well the past few weeks until I get some workshop time to try the Plastidip seal solution.

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Hey guys: Looking for a comfortable cushion at the end of your ingenious tubes? You can buy Silicone seals made for pumping at a very reasonable price at and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. They also have a non= oil based lubricant thatis great . Called Glyde.

Good luck and happy pumping!

PlastiDip Seal Cushion with Heat?

Finally got around to trying the PlastiDip seal solution for making the ProQuatics gravel cylinder more comfortable. I took my second (unused) cylinder and dipped it per b1nzen48’s instructions:

b1nzen48 - Attention pump builders- Seal solutions

I haven’t had a chance to use it yet; I hope to try it out to tonight. I had been using MagnumXL’s heating pad technique with my other cylinder that had my rubber coupling seal solution. Has anyone tried using a heating pad with a gravel tube that has PlastiDip applied to end? I was wondering if the heat would make it soft or even melt it.

J Meister "Building a phallus worthy of worship."

Cylinder seal for homemade pump

I am wondering if anyone has come up with a comfortable seal for the aquarium gravel cylinder? I have gone out and bought the items described, but the bottom of that cylinder is a killer.

Mine is pretty comfy. I epoxied about a 1/2” slice of 2” schedule 40 PVC pipe around the base and rounded the edge. The rim is a little over 1/4” thick. The only downside is you need some basic tools: saw, file and sandpaper. I used a belt sander.

I’ve read some other solutions. A search should bring them up.

I bought a MityvacII and made a 13/4” ID acrylic tube to my specs. The cylinder is actually quite comfortable without any seals. Infact the sealings is just fine (may be because I am clean shaven, that’s why). I don’t even need the Mityvac anymore, I can use my mouth to get upto 15hg (guestimate) easily. Water pumping every day for 15 mins. (No, sorry, I don’t monitor the outcome, as long as the wife is happy, I am happy!)

I added a mushroon shaped collar on the outside and it is perfectly comfortable. I could pump 3 or more hrs at a stretch without any soreness in the pubic area.

If any of you guys wants any help, send me a note:

Happy Pumping!

What kind of pressure can you get with your mouth?

How quickly does the pressure decrease using the clamp thing?

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I picked up my pro-qautics tube a couple weeks back and really like it. I’m just using mouth suction right now. You guys saved me quite a bit of money. I hope to get my mighty vac (saving more money) this week to regulate the vacuum I’m using and keep it more consistent. I want to stay in for the long haul.

My tube was hurting at the base also. I just got some sand paper and sanded the sharp edge down and that seems to work pretty well. I think I would like to step up to a slightly wider tube though because it’s slightly uncomfortable (not from the edge) and I would like to work girth too.


wondering if anyone is still using a handmade pump? I bought the aquatics vacuum tube and have used it twice, nice to not shell out major bucks to see if I want to do this. Everything is fine, except for the ring around the base of my shaft where the tube is in contact with flesh. Anything I can do to avoid this?


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