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Quick meassuring question!


Quick meassuring question!

I have such a high lot and curvature that my semiflaccid state
is about a quarter inch longer then fully erected lenght.

What would be the most correct meassurement?


Good question rymdrattan. I’m going to say measure both. This way you can keep track if one grows and not the other. Also, if you see the difference between the two measurements start to get smaller then you know the curve is straightening out. At that point you can decide to continue (if you don’t want the curve) or work in a different manner to keep the curve. I’m not sure which direction your curve goes, but I hear an upward curve is great for stimulating the g-spot in some positions.

As for the official measurement, my ego wouldn’t allow me to go with the smaller number. :D I’d say use the semi-erect measurement as the official one.

Why don’t you use a tape meausrer (the kind a seamstress would use) to get the length when you are fully erect, just to be sure. How about the girth, does it change too?

Does anyone else have the same or higher girth in a semi-erect state than a fully erect state, because I think I do.

I get more length when I measure in a semi-erect state with my penis at 9 o’clock. Weird, huh? I would say it is a good half inch longer at 9 o’clock than it is at 10 or 11. I’m not sure, but I think my increased girth at a full erection may take up some of that slack. Does this make sense, anyone?


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That does make sense, Horsehung. My dick is much longer when I pull on it flaccid than when erect — close to 9”. Maybe this is common with large girths?

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Dude, the reason your semi is bigger is because of its exit angle. Try taking your erection and pushing it downwards towards the position of your semi. You will get a larger measurement. Whenever you measure erect you have to always do it at the same exit angle.

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I also have a curvature but my penis seems to point to the right :) (flaccid , semi erect and rect state) .

I’ve noticed that if I measure the right side of the dick while erect the length is 6.5 BP. If I measure from the top it’s also 6.5 BP but if I measure it from the left side it’s about 6.8 BP. So should I go with 6.5 or 6.8 ? :)

Also my girth seems to be the same in semi erect state as in the fully erect one.

What’s kind of odd to me is that the shaft isn’t curved to the right..the curvature comes from the shaft’s exit point from the body…does anyone else have this problem ?

Also the length seems to be bigger if I measure with a measuring tape than with a ruler.I don’t know how that is possible but measured from above with a ruler NBP is 6.3 and measured with the measuring tape it’s 6.5 NBP. I’ve measured this way quite a few time to make sure but I still think this can’t be possible.

Oh, maybe that’s what Horsehung wasn’t doing, Tube. It’s funny, when I discovered PE, my dick grew almost an inch overnight — simply by pushing my erection down to 9:00.

I actually want to achieve a lower erection angle, for exactly this reason. A 9:00 erect dick looks WAY longer than when it’s up high.

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How easy is it for you to move your dick back to 90 degrees horizontally (straight out from your body)? Can you measure holding your dick like that? If so, I would take that measurement.

Stevie when I measure myself my dick is 90 degrees horizontally, the shaft is almost straight but it points to the right, so instead of forming a 90 degrees angle for the right side the angle is about 70 degrees. that’s why if I measure it from the right side the length is shorter than from the left side. Does this make sense ?

Yes it makes sense, but I don’t understand why you can’t simply move it from 70 degrees back to 90 for measuring. When I have a semi and I’m not touching it (that’s hard to do BTW :) ), it usually falls to the left a bit, but it’s easy to hold straight for measuring.


I’m working on my last (measured) pic. So I have your advice to measure straight out, (90 degrees), which is what I have been doing all along, rather than when it is fully erect. It’s easier to measure it this way, anyway, and then get the pic. When I send the photo with the tape measure, I don’t want people say I’ve been cheating. (Of course, some will anyway). Sticking that ruler against your pubic bone fuckin’ hurts.


"It's not the getting there but the going that's gotta be good." Varg


Well I’m certainly looking forward to that Horse. The best thing you can do for yourself to preemptively eliminate some skeptics is to take and post a series of photos from the same photo session. Snap the pics from the top, bottom, side, wide, and any other angle you can think of.

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