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Avocet, Quick Question on Pumping

Avocet, Quick Question on Pumping

I just received the vacu-tech 2X9. I am pretty impressed with the trigger gage—easy to use. I have done a few 10- minute sessions at 4 to 7 pressure. As an almost three year veteran of PE, I cannot see why I waited so long to pump. Okay, so I bpught the wife a fancy vibrator and I splurged on myself (She still does not know I PE, go figure). I cannot see that pumping in addition to other PE strategies would not be totally enhancing to growth.

Although my 2 inch tube is slightly large, I think it will do nicely in the long run. My base pumps up immediately filling about 2 inches up the tube.

Overtime, will the entire shaft fill that tube (girthwise)? If so, how long will this process take?

Following Avocets excellent and conservative advise, I will take it slow.

Hey, vivace; glad to hear it arrived.

It’s normal to see girth packing from the bottom up. I can’t tell you how long it will take to pack the whole thing. Everybody’s different.

If you’re looking for girth, though, do exercises that are specifically for girth between your short pumping sets. You should see gains faster with the pump than you would just doing regular PE without one.

You may not hear an exclamation from your wife because PE gains are usually so slow. As you gain gradually, her body is accomodating gradually to your changes.

However, since she also has a new toy and you may sometime exceed its size (or maybe you already do), she may begin to feel the differences and ask you what kind of vitamins you’re taking. If you outgrow this cylinder and go for the next size up and want to stay in the closet, buy her then a bigger toy than the one she has now. She may not even catch on to any change except the difference in sexual sensation because of your increased girth and just think you’re becoming a sexual ace. :-)



I also have the Vacutech 2x9 cylinder. Mine’s actually only 8 1/8” long inside, 2” diameter at the base where the flare is, and 2 1/4” diameter everywhere else. Does yours measure the same?

How long will it take to fill the tube? I have no clue, but it will be a while for me based on my experience so far. I’ve had it for over 3 years, but only recently have started using it consistently with my PE sessions.

LOL, its true, its true!

Avocet: As far as packing the tube, is it safe to say that in time, I will eventually pack the tube (Girthwise)?

Also, what girth routines do you use in between sets?

And, I am now doing 3-ten minute sets. I am varying the pressure (4-7) during these sets as I read that this works.

When can or should I increase the set time or number of sets?

I can make time to pump everyday, should I?

As far as the vibrator (which has many interesting and variable attributes—doesn’t make coffee though) is slightly smaller all around than I am with the glans being about the same. When I went into the store,,,,three young ladies immediately and simultaneously greeted me with huge smiles and a relaxed demeanor—definately a Victoria Secretesque sales pitch. I said I was a bit embarrassed so let’s cut to the chase and show me the best selling vibrator and the one that most women had commented positively about and (I can’t believe I said it) which one do you have or would you like. Of course I had to buy something at that point. The cost was about 90 bucks and I left with a smile on my face.

Don’t increase pump time or pressure for now. You are a newbie. Not a bad thing to be, but you want to follow newbie rules until you got your cock conditioned. Damage it and your wife will only have her vibrator to play with for awhile.

I still like jelking for girth, and length for that matter. No single exercise gives such good stretch and shaft width expansion. Plus the glans fills up to good capacity during jelking which it seems to me assures that the chances of uniform growth are better. I alternate jelks with modified Uli squeezes (work up to these). I used to do Horses but got discolored (dark) patches on the underside of my shaft and quit them.

Pumping every day - like 7 days a week? Give yourself two days off sometime during the week. I don’t know that it matters if they are consecutive days.

Interesting, your comments about the adult store. They are less and less these days the dark and sleezy places they used to be. Clerks are usually knowledgeable and helpful and it’s fun, really, to walk around and look at what’s available. And, the more questions you ask, the more you learn, so good for you for being upfront. $90. Wow. I hope batteries were included!



I had a similar experience with the pornshop saleschick. I asked her about feed back on the model I was buying for wifey. She smiled, slightly blushed then told me that it was far superior to dildoes, plain vibrators, or even those with clitoral nubs (I got her the rabbit pearl). Of course she tried to make her answer sound like it came from friends or cutomers, but she wasn’t able to keep it in third person consistently;)

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

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