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Wrapping - Theraband only or with cloth?

Wrapping - Theraband only or with cloth?

Hi all,

i am currently hanging with a BIB starter using 1 pound.
I wrap 4 times with the blue theraband (extra heavy) around my penis. Nothing else.

Then i fix the hanger.

Is that ok? Or do i have to use a piece of cloth under the theraband?

Will -theraband only- decrease my sensitivity?

Thanks, SandmannPV

Sure, why not. As long as it doesn’t stick to your skin and causes pain. Thera-band, when new, is covered with a powder that wears off in time. As you go up in weight, you’d probably adjust your wraping technique.


I have tried it both ways. When I wrap, it is with a lycra-like strip of material that I usually wear as a head band when cycling.

So far, I have not developed a preference, but both methods give a good, secure hang.

I am new to hanging and still in the experimental stage…reading all the Bigger posts and such.

The one thing I have not perfected yet is the dreaded bunching and pinching when too much wrap, penis is crammed in the Bib. Still looking for that just right combination of wrap, Bib spacing, tightness, etc.

Baby powder works as a good release agent. Powder up before your theraband-only wrap and the unwrapping is much more pleasant.

Happy hanging.


be back soon

My first few weeks of hanging I used theraband only since I had enough trouble getting that right…finally I tried putting some cotton sweatshirt wrap underneath the thera and it improved comfort levels immensely…experimentation is key here.

Ok guys, thanks for replies!
Baby powder is a good idea!

I do it currently THIS way:

I have fixed a piece of cloth on my piece of theraband (same measurements) with pattex.

Hope that doesnt irritate skin……

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