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Bib Hanger- gripped better without wrapping...

Bib Hanger- gripped better without wrapping...

So I’ve finally stepped up in my routine to include hanging. Tonight was my first attempt at using the Bib hanger. I’ve read the tutorials on wrapping and got the supplies neede :theraband (came with the hanger), cloth (cut up an old shirt), and medical tape (to tape the wrappings).

First attempt at wrapping felt snug. Roughly a minute after having the wrap done (just the bottom layer- the cloth!) my penis glans begins to feel cooler to the touch… just slightly. I became weary but continued to put on the theraband, then the hanger. I the hanger WITHOUT weight on it pulled the wrapping off- so even with the wrapping too loose, my penis began to get cold?!?!?!

Second attempt, I tried with more wrapping, and a little more snug… again my dick got cold- before I put the hanger on. I even tipped the glans up and directed the blood away from it (like the instructions). I was flaccid as well, and just out of the shower.

Third attempt I said ‘screw this’ and just tried the hanger on with no wrapping. It gripped my skin nicely. Nice enough to try some weight. So I hang for a little bit just to test it out. After 3 minutes my dick began getting slightly cold with what felt like a little bit of pressure in the glans.
My foreskin was also curling over my glans slightly. I am circumsized.

Is there anything I can do or try? I’m going to just keep practicing and go easy with it until I get it right. Argh… I should have done the manual exercises earlier today I don’t wanna get injured so I have to skip them tonight :(

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I have no idea right now what else you could try. It is very odd that you began to get cold without any stress, etc. Do you have any circulation problems?

Without a better understanding of what is going on, I can only recommend that you go very slow. Perhaps five minute sets to begin, slowly increasing the time of each set. Don’t be afraid to try out a bunch of different things. Plus realize, that over time, your soft tissues will become accustomed to the stresses and become stronger.


Hmmm I’m not sure either. There could be the simple fact that it’s a mental thing. I was deliberately THINKING “Oh my dick’s gonna get cold… Oh it’s gonna get cold just watch” and it slowly began to. I will continue to do my manual routine (which has not given me a hair of gains since last November) and then I’ll just gradually keep it up with the hanger. I know this thing’s potential- so there’s no way I’m going to give up on it. I might try some ace bandage for wrapping with just one layer. Any more help- please just post away…

PEing since Jan 1st, 2003

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