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Wench: Long sessions?

Wench: Long sessions?

Hey all,

I just had a thought, I was wondering if it had any merit within the PE community. I currently hang with a wench, but would it be possible to use it to hang for hours at a time, making it into a sort of ADS? If you loosen the wench, and apply small weights to it, you could effectively wear it for hours at a time. The looser fit would improve circulation, meaning you don’t have to take it off every 20 minutes, and the lower weight means the setup wouldn’t slide off your unit. Is this something worth trying?

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The wench was designed to be multi purpose. I’m sure I remember in it’s original design brief, talk of it being able to be used as an ADS with an elastic band (theraband or similar) to provide traction, with the band secured to a strap or belt above/below the knee.

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