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very easy-to-make hanger

very easy-to-make hanger

I went to Home Depot to get what I needed to make a Bib Hanger and came across something call “PlumbQwik”. It’s made out of black rubber, is about 4 inches long with 1-1/4” diameter, and has a hose clamp at each end. It’s used to connect two pipes together. The brand name is Fernco (#P1056-125). It costs about $5 and is adjustable enough to be used by a lot of different-sized guys.

It is also the easiest way to make a Hanger that I’ve seen yet. (Forgive me if someone already beat me to it).

You can use the diagram and instructions for the Bib hanger to make it. One of the great things about it is it is soft enough to cut easily with a utility knife, and is rigid enough to keep a tight grip on your penis (head size may make a difference for other people). It took me less than fifteen minutes to make and I used the hose clamps it came with. The only other things you need are an S-hook, a chain and a weight. I’m starting off kind of heavy with 10 pounds, but I’ve been doing alot of manual stretching, so it doesn’t feel like too much weight. All I’ve used to wrap my dick with is toilet paper a couple of times around to keep it from getting pinched when tightening and haven’t experienced any discomfort. Don’t cut it short because the longer it is, the better the grip will be. I use a ratchet driver to tighten/untighten the hose clamp so it goes on and comes off very quickly.

Good luck and post a message if it works for you.

Some pics please !

Sorry, but I haven’t drawn a picture of it, and, the way I draw, it probably wouldn’t do any good.

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