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Review of the BIB Hanger - is it worth it?

Review of the BIB Hanger - is it worth it?

After being involved in PE on and off for several months, I finally decided I wanted to make a committment to have a bigger penis. I started at 6.2 inches erect length (Not BP), and 5.5 inches erect girth. My current goal is 10.5 inches with 6.5 inch girth.

The Bigger is Better hanger caught my attention all those months ago, but I never went for it due to price… until a few weeks ago. My reasoning was that there was a plethora of knowledge on how to make your own hanger and instructions on how to hang right here at Thundersplace and at (among others), so why should I buy a device that costs over $100? But I decided I wanted to at least give it a try. BIB seemed like an honest guy and the device seemed reasonable in its design and operation. I was also too lazy to go out and buy all the materials for a homemade hanger. :)

So I ordered the Bib Hanger on November 11. I received it 3 days later which was such a pleasant surprise. I even received an email - I think it was from BIB - who told me my order had been shipped.

It was nicely packaged and included info on where to get instructions on hanging (at Thunder’s). I skimmed over the instructions (how hard could it be to figure this out?) and began hanging immediately with 5 lbs of weight - but quickly went up - see below. My routine included doing jelqs in the shower - 500 the first week, but then upped it to 750 the second week, feeling I could benefit more from that.

I noticed during these first sessions that my skin felt pretty uncomfortable and that the hanger was SLOWLY sliding down my penis, causing the Theraband to jut halfway across the glans. This was highly uncomfortable and I was becoming frustrated, thinking that the device was naturally uncomfortable and difficult to manage. I tried readjusting the wrap, position of the hanger - anything I could to make it more comfortable.

Thank goodness for this message board because I found exactly what I needed to know in order to make the hanger more comfortable - I simply needed to adjust one of the screws on the bottom of the hanger. That made ALL the difference - instant comfort and a REAL HANGING feeling. I hardly (no pun intended) noticed it was there. What a great resource this board is!

Today is December 10, 2003. I have now had the hanger for nearly a month and have hung almost every day, 40-50 minutes per day, split into 20-25 minute sessions based on how my penis felt. I rested about 5 days. I am now 6.5 inches erect length and 5.7 inches erect girth - that’s a gain of roughly .3 inches length and .2 girth. During the first week, I hung at 5 pounds, but quickly realized I could put on more weight without hurting myself.

This may shock some people and I can just hear the naysayers, but I quickly went up to 12.5 pounds by the second week. I just felt like I could get a better stretch with this kind of weight - I’m not being foolish, and my speculations were correct. My body reacted without pain and I could feel a really nice stretch. I just listen to my body.

So a gain of .3 inches length and .2 girth in just under a month… I’m sure if I had more time to dedicate to this activity that I could have a solid .75 inches or even 1 full inch increase in length and who knows how much girth.

So all in all, is it worth it to buy the BIB hanger and do the Jelqing exercises?

Absolutely. Guys, get the Bib hanger. I am so psyched about this increase in my size. My penis feels HEAVIER in my pants when I’m sitting down and I know it’s just going to get heavier and bigger and longer. It’s meatier and more engorged when flaccid. The BIB hanger is comfortable (with the proper settings) and does what it is supposed to. It is very well-made and will arrive on your doorstep quickly.

The BIB hanger also simplifies (for me) the PE routine. All I do is hang and jelq. Pretty simple, eh? I do not feel the need to do any other stretching or exercises aside from these two activities.

I also believe that an hour of hanging with this device will do a lot more good of an hour of manual stretching. This is only speculation, but hanging takes less effort and my previous attempts with stretching didn’t yield good results and tired my hands out. With the hanger, you are passively making your unit bigger - manual stretches can be tiring. I prefer the “easy” way to a larger penis. The BIB hanger is one such easy way.

So make the investment in this marvelous device. A lot of thought was put into it. It is comfortable (when you find the proper settings for your penis) and moreover, it WORKS.

I expect to reach at least half of my goal within the year. We shall see what happens!

I will keep this group posted as to my gains. I have taken pictures and will upload them bi-weekly.

Wish me success!


Good Luck, keep us posted on how it goes.

Once I get back in to hanging after the finals this week and next, I want to get a ton of audio books and a set of ear phones. Learn and hang at the same time.

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

Does the Bib hanger target the tunica or does it work only for ligs ?

Nice post large333!

I’ve been hanging with my BIB hanger for a month now, and I love it. My flaccid has improved already, and I’m looking foward to seeing what it can do for erect gains. Good luck with your progress and keep us informed. :up:

mr huge_,

It depends on what angle you are hanging at. For ligs, hang downward angles. For tunica, hang upward angles.

Does the Bib hanger target the tunica or does it work only for ligs ?

It can work on either. Depends on what angle you have the tension pulling (between the legs, over the shoulder, to the right/left etc)

If you do a search you’ll find much info.

Totally 110% worth it! It still puzzles me how people let something like a little $$ keep them from being happier or making a big life changing impact for them. Then at the same time they spend at least a couple hundred $$ a month on total junk that is most of the time doing nothing to improve their lives, have thou$and$ in household debt….etc. How could it not be worth it? LOL.


You kind of answered your own question. It’s the best piece of PE equipment on the market. Anybody that has the time to hang and doesn’t is not growing as fast as they could, and the Bib is the best hanger. I was hanging right out of the box with no problems, some people have had wrapping problems but those things are to be expected hanging weight from your dick is not suppose to feel 100% comfortable but the bib is about as comfortable as a hanger could get. I tried making a few on my own and while I could hang with them I couldn’t hang with that much weight or with the comfort of the bib.

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I have never regretted buying mine.

It is also good for manual stretching; I simply allows you to pull much harder than you could with the limitations of your hands grip.

It is astoundingly adjustable, which makes it a little hard to master. Once you find your settings, the amount of tension you apply to your penis will be limited by what you consider safe rather than what your hands can muster.


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