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Too much weight


Too much weight

I know that some here mention that 5 lbs is something of a staple weight, but I used it tonight and it felt like too much. I’ve been hanging for 3 pounds for about a week now and it seems to be doing fine. Maybe it just didn’t feel comfortable on my dick. IDK. Any thoughts?

I know many say 5lbs is like the staple weight but I have never agreed with it, When I am not conditioned I get a good work from 1-2.5lbs, and I also get fatigue from the 2.5lbs. I usually go up about 0.5lbs to 1lb a week and sometimes I do not go up for 1 week and a half just depending on how I feel about it.

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I hang for forty minutes divided into two twenty minute sets, once daily. I never go beyond 5lb and 2.5lb pushes my unit into unwanted fatigue.

You can’t compare the weights others use for hanging that easily. Not everyone uses the same hanger and everyone has their own hanging technique. There’s wrap amount, tightness and location. The percentage of the weight taken by the skin differs per person and most importantly each penis is unique.

5lbs is not much but if you think you’re getting a good workout there’s no reason to increase the weight. The less weight you need to gain the better :)

What device are you using? I’m currently on the same weight but for 3-4 hours a day using a vac hanger. How long are you hanging for?

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You have to listen to your unit. If it feels like to much weight than it is. The trauma that you will put on your unit if you continue the 5 pounds will more than likely stop any gains.

I still believe that the bib hanger places unnecessary force on the skin, and, in turn fails to stress your unit’s internal structures without ramping the weight up to 15lb +

I use a silicon sleeve which creates a vacuum pulling solely on my glans/internal structures; it feels to me that a force exceeding some 10lb would tear my glans off.

This is the comparative differential we’re observing: vac-hangers vs bib hangers.

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Now to answer your post. Go with a weight which which works for you, it is better to start low than high.

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Im gonna have to start hanging im stalling

since you wont be able to stand a weight which gives pain to your penis fora longer time, the question will answer itself. too much weight is bad and you should just use what is the highest possible weight without any problems..just providing a good stretch. Even if you will stand high weight you wont make this for too long and all you will get is damage and as i experienced numbness and scar buildup

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I should just start using the vac hanger. Can somebody give me a link on how to make one?

Vac hanger? Anybody?

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