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Thinking about hanging but have questions

Thinking about hanging but have questions

Ok, so I’ve been reading these forums off and on for about 2 1/2 months now. I’ve been doing manual stretches in every direction for the past 2 months almost every day and jelqed infrequently for about 2 weeks. I can’t say that I’ve noticed any growth and am most likely going to start hanging soon.

If I started hanging within a few weeks, I could hang for about 5 months but then I would not be able to hang at all for 8 weeks due to a job. Is this a bad idea to start hanging for 5 months and then not be able to hang for 2 months? I’ve read that the penis toughens up after PE and so gains would be harder. Should I just wait 1/2 a year before I start hanging so that I can hang constantly without a break or should I hang for 5 months and then stop for 2 months, then resume hanging? I will still be able to do manual strecthes during these 2 months though.

Also, I’ve seen about making hangers on here. Are there any all-day stretchers that are cheap and easy to make? I’m also considering using an ADS when I’m not hanging but would like a simple and cheap 1 to make. Any recommendations or instructions?

I would go ahead and start hanging. 5 months is a fairly long time, and if you stop for 8 weeks that doesn’t mean you can’t do other exercises to maintain what you’ve gained. Plus and 8 week rest from hanging might be good, ya never know.everyone is different. There are a lot of threads concerning your question about ADS and other hangers. Try the search button and you’ll find a tone of self made devices.


I’d suggest completing the Newbie Penis Enlargement Routine before even thinking about hanging. Not conditioning your penis properly before advancing to hanging could result in injury.

Hey buddy

I think you’re finally ready for the Wicked Awesome Max Gain Pro routine

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If your not staying consistent and got a great manual work routine going for you that you have seen gains from, you will most likely not see any gains from hanging either. First you need to come up with a consistent game plan and stick with it, if you want to start hanging go for it and start out with 2.5lbs. 5 months is a hell of a good stretch to hang you can accomplish some pleasing results in that amount of time.

PE Goal: 7.5" NBP x 5.8" MSG


I’d say read this; it’s telling you something important.

You really do need to have a consistent routine to get results. The manual routine may seem tedious and hard to sustain, but that’s the key to this practice.

Most folks, me included, got their best gains from the Newbie Routine. By your own admission you have been giving it a half-assed attempt.

The devices will not help you unless you know what you’re doing. Newbie Routine for three months - minimum. :leftie:

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I am a big fan of hanging. But I would not recommended it for you at this time.

If you already had 4 months of diligent, hands on, PE with no results? Then I would suggest that you give hanging for 5 months a go. But that is not the case.

In my opinion hanging is one of the safest forms of PE under ideal conditions. Part of those ideal conditions are the experience of many months of both stretching and jelqing. Without masterful self monitoring skills hanging goes from safest to most dangerous in a heartbeat.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

I just want to warn you if you think hanging is an easy PE exercise.

There are many guys that even quit hanging because they never mastered attaching the hanger.

Personally, I became very proficient with my hanger on my second and third attempt at hanging, but still, it is a very time consuming and demanding exercise.

If you have not gained anything manually, it may be because you have not done it correctly or been consistent enough.

Only 2 weeks of infrequent jelqing?

There are several guys on this forum who`s gained over an inch in length just from jelqing with relatively much, much less work than a hanging routine.

Think it over.

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