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Thinking small (psychological barriers?)


Thinking small (psychological barriers?)

Those of us who have had success love to tell how great it is to have a bigger dick. But I find from time to time my unconscious mind still struggles with it, as if I’m still programmed to “think small.” For example, I’ll get out of a warm bed in the morning and be shocked at my “obscenely” long hanging cock in the mirror. I’ll feel like saying “oh my god” out loud (actually have occasionally…in any case, within moments it shrinks an inch or so, probably just from my being up and moving around).

A corollary to this is the disappointment of pulling it out to pee and thinking “it’s so small” in the mirror, only to compare it to a discarded toilet paper tube and realize, no, it’s actually longer than that same tube that used to dwarf it.

Here are some other examples:

- feeling something warm on your thigh when driving and thinking “what’s that doing over there?” (the head of my penis could never even reach my leg before - driving, I was only aware of my penis when it turtled)

- almost wishing your penis wasn’t so “obscenely” visible through “nice” trousers

- being startled awake at night when your hand in your crotch connects with what must be “some other guy’s” dick?

- feeling and measuring obsessively because you can’t completely accept the gains are for real?

I know it’s sounds like I’m completely hung up, and certainly my early upbringing was not one of celebrating your body. Just curious if others have similar body image and perception issues, how they manifest and what, if anything, you do to deal with them…and the big question, do you think such unconscious mental conflicts are holding back your gains?


I can identify with everything you say, except I’ve always been that way but didn’t
know it.

In fact, I just had a “big” moment in class, if you know what I mean, and now I’ve got to go to antoher
with even more hotties. Man alive how they stare, transfixed.

I stilll think small just as you say. I keep thinking, hehee, that it will go away and I’ll be average.


Certainly masturbation is a whole new experience. I got most of my gains (2 + inches) within about a year and haven’t yet got mentally used to having a lot more to play with. A bit like jerking off with somebody else’s dick (!).

Flaccid gain is very recent for me. On those especially good heavy hanging days I’m still very self-conscious of myself in my own slacks. Do I dress to hide it or let it show?

Shaving before a mirror is still very often a “wow” experience.

On the whole, I tend now to “think big” most of the time. This is a very great boost in confidence for me and an encouragement to keep up with the PE. I feel that getting gains is maybe as much a mental process as doing exercises and that “thinking small” is likely a negative to growth.



Same for me. I have always been that way but didn’t know it. Maybe some kind of unconscious denial. It all come out one day when researching some penis enlargement sites, with there marketing BS, of bigger is better and always thought I was under average but found out through the research that I wasn’t. Still after some good gains I sometimes see myself as small. It’s all in my head, kind of like people with anorexia, only reversed.


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That’s great well put I never really thought about it but it’s all true
I find my self adjusting my dick to look smaller in pants sometimes in certain setting never though I would be doing that. At night I often grab it and I’m like you fat bastard. and it is a joy to have sex now alone or with company my dick is built, it’s like looking in the mirror and flexing and having six pack abs.


Phat9 said”In fact, I just had a “big” moment in class, if you know what I mean, and now I’ve got to go to antoher
with even more hotties. Man alive how they stare, transfixed”

Do you mean you had a boner in a class and the women saw that you were hard? Or do you often notice them staring at your package when flacid, whilst they think your not looking?

I’ve gained 7/8” in just 2 months and after every pe session I measure repeatedly and just shake my head in disbelief. At 5 1/8” nbp I always used to say to myself “If only I could just have one more inch!” Now I’ve just about got it and man I’m walking 3 ft off the ground, I just feel great. But it’s winter here in MD and on cold days I just shrivel up into nothing and it doesn’t really bother me because I know that after I pe, I get to measure and see what’s really there!!! Man it feels good to know you’ve got more and you’re getting more. But yes it does mess with you psychologically- Later- Wantingmore


“you fat bastard” - LOL!



But when driveling boring stuff about supply, demand, and Gross Domestic Product
(yawn), and they begin staring down there, transfixed, and I lock eyes, OMG a
small blood trickle flows there, adding a bit more turgidity to the flaccid.

It swells but is not hard.

A few times I was getting a mini boner in the past, and in the right pants that can be very
embarrasing. One time it happened and I know the bulge was totally visible, no matter where
they looked, and I was semi hard trying to get my mind off the blood flow. I was like that all
day and there was not way to change pants. I saw some girls in the back giggling and talking
to each other.

Usually, it’s no problem but a girl who stares enough and is an accomplished crotch watcher will start
to pick out the “outline”.

What is weird is I am depressed. It’s much more a problem when I’m happy and sort of horny.

I can usually control it to where it’s not a problem, and being 51 makes that too easy.

My BIGGEST moment ever--October 2001

My “biggest” moment was at a football stadium urinal this past year.

You know, one of those long L shaped basins where you just walk up unshielded and
pull it out and piss into the stainless steel basin. It was halftime and it was jam packed with about
50 men.

It was drizzling rain and we were way ahead and my jeans were slightly wet, and I dunno, was sort of “grabbing”
my Peter in a way that started a blood trickle. Not much, but steady all during the first quarter and the flow continued into
the second quarter of the game. I was not the LEAST bit horny in any way either. Nada. I felt some swelling in my jeans but what they hay.

The swelling stayed and just sustained itself.

Then I had to piss. BAD.

When i entered the big bathroom, I walked up and a surge of blood went to my dick involuntarily, and when I pulled
it out, I had the biggest fucking damn “flaccid” hanger I had ever ever seen, it was gargantuan to say the least and I
had my max thickness……..(I can get thicker turgid than hard, Dance reports the same phenomonon).

Anyway, it was hanging way way down and and off color and it was just there for all to see.

Eyes began to pop, heads were craning, guys began to look, and I became aware making it swell even more and usually
in public like that, I don’t look overly big, though very ample still. Not this time and embarrassingly, I
discovered when I pulled it out (I could hardly get the damn thing out, no kidding) I had ZERO control over
it, and I am not 21.

Every damed fucking eye in the whole place, over 50 men, stared and gawked and
one even shook his fucking head……..then, self conscious, I couldn’t pee and the damn
base swelled uncontrollably to about maximum 8 girth to boot, making it look even bigger. I had
my foreskin down on top of all this, so my swollen, turgid flaccid cock was hanging a full
nine inches. You know, gravity helps. Guys standing on the back side of the “L” shaped area literally
turned around and faced me looking over their shoulders, and were even saying :” look at that.”

But, it “appeared” to be 12 inches to those not versed in cockology standing away from me and given that my dick
was partiallly inside my pants, the optical illiusion was thus.

I still couldn’t pee and I sat there a whole minute as even new guys strode up and just fucking stared
right at me in disbelief. I was turning red faced and trying to force the piss out, which only made the veins
pop out more.

I finally manged to force it out and I had to strain and bend the thing back on itself to get it back inside
the zipper on my jeans.

I hurried out.

When I left there were three men standing by the door who just gave the most incredibly disbelieving
look, and I clearly heard one of them say as I passed by: “….fucking 12 inches man…….”

As I went to the concession stand, more guys joined them and they were still talking.

Then, I had to go again in the fourth quarter, AND IT ALL HAPPENED ALL OVER AGAIN. This time, though, the
urinal was not jamed packed. The stares continued.

I’ve got to run.

That is a classic! It actually makes me feel sorry for guys that are so way over sized. It can’t be nice having guys looking at you as if you’re a freek, every time you go to the men’s room. Those women in your class probably only look so much because your bulge is so obviosly big, even when fully flacid. Wear dark coloured trousers(pants). White reveals everything.

I wonder what those women are thinking when they stare at your crotch. Maybe their thinking, damm I want to find a man that has a big dick like his, to give to me.


dunno what they think

no one wants to date me

pity pity thru the eyes of depression


That’s funny, you should have winked ;) at the guy next to you.
You would have scared the shit out of him. Hey I noticed the same thing I get fatter when I’m just a little fluffed “turgid” than fully hard.


That would have been great! :)

Give him a wink and a little “smooch” manuver. :)

20 bucks says he would have ran away screaming. heh heh heh

Tom, 1quest,

you’re right, the same thing happens to me, it’s like reversed anorexia. The same thing happens - again - in bodybuilding, when you sometimes feel like you were before, even if you’ve grown quite a lot. It’s also, I think, a matter of neighbour’s grass, when I see another man’s flaccid - oh, it’s big - while I’m actually bigger than him…

MK9 (make it 9 !)

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