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The AFB Hanger

You were right bro I had a few twinges the first, and second day. I’ve used it about four days, and its really cool I cut my training time by 1/3. I have the wrap, and tightening down now so I’m probably gonna have the rest of that inner dick real soon. How much is in there 2”? I had already seized .5, so 8.25bp here I go. Main goal will be filling loose skin that causes some veins to bunch up into a little cluster. Its not noticeable erect, but sure is flaccid. I’m growing a ridiculous amount of veins which is probably a precedent of girth gains.

Was wondering about hanging longer than 20 mins with the AFB. As there is no discoloration or cold or pain. Seems like it would be ok but haven’t found much searching the site.

I think the 20 minutes is a general rule to be certain you avoid any tissue death or nerve damage. If you have some experience, monitor your penis and can say with 100% certainty that blood flow ain’t constricted, I’d say it should be safe to do longer than 20 minutes. Vac hangers seem to do a lot longer sets.

I have similar experiences with my Bib hanger. Sometimes everything feels great after 20 minutes. Other times I really feel like taking it off.

Hi, AFB hanger question.

I just built this hanger and it is more comfortable than the homemade bib hanger, but I’m not sure if I’m using it correctly.

I have the back of the device, (the shorter threaded rod and wing nuts) closer together than the front threaded bolt so it created a v-shape then I tighten down the front rod and wing nuts, but I find I can really clamp it down, so it’s really vertically squishing and flattening my penis shaft maybe a .5-.75” gap is this correct? It doesn’t really hurt and has a good grip with wrapping and without, but I’m not sure if that is correct form or is bad for penis health? Should I wrap thicker so it’s not so squished? I hung for 15 minutes just to try with 10 lbs and no issues, but by compressing so much is it going to help /hurt the stretch?

Hope that makes some sense .
Thanks in advance

Sounds normal to what I do and have read. After tightening I like the V’s small end at the top. The bottom a little bigger. But it is tight and needs to be that way to hold on. Be sure you are clamping the sides of your penis not the top and bottom.

Just knocked this little bad boy up.
Still many months off adding hanging into the regular routine and going to use this time while on the newbie gain train to get the “feel” for hanging.

All advise is openly welcome.

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This hanger helped me so much! I was using Bib’s original hanger, and due to its circular pressure, I was getting a bruise, due to fluid accumulation almost every 4 days of hanging. I’ve made great gains with Bib’s, but now I will try this new one, thanks.


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