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The AFB Hanger

Your technique is more important than the weight. You might want to check if you don’t get a lot of skinstretching. There was a time I hung 10+ Kg and I later estimated about half of that tension was on the skin. After tightening the hanger more and reducing skinstretch to a minimum 6-7Kg felt heavier than the 10+ Kg I used before.

Bend over is similar to hanging SO, but sitting in a chair using a pulley is a lot more comfortable.

Hello Guys,
I saw this thread and decided to make a hanger of my own. I havent used it yet but I intend to in a few days.

Let me know what you think of it!

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Originally Posted by steve_guk

Let me know what you think of it!

For me it looks perfect.

The wooden sides look good and so does the cord. I don’t think it will matter for comfort whether you use foam or not because when tightened even the soft foam will feel hard. From the looks of it the foam might make the sides stickier which could prevent some twisting. Also if the hanger would break, which I hope it won’t, the foam will prevent splinters :)

I can’t tell if you used wingnuts on the other side but even if you did you would need a tool to keep the bolts in place when tightening. You could secure the bolts in place with nuts on one side and use wingnuts on the other end. That would be enough to start hanging. After a while you will prefer wingnuts on both sides, perhaps even glued in place at one side.

Good luck!

Steve_guk it looks better than the one I made. Good job on the home made hanger.

Looks better than mine.

I am just using a paint mixing stick that I cut.

Looks good Steve - Well done!

So how did it does it work?

I’ve found that instead of two holes, making one a slot makes it hella easier to use: - bad link

Great stuff!

I glued a wingnut in place at the end of the front screw what I mentioned in my previous post. I did not like at all but it was worth trying :) I replaced it immediately with a new screw.

Very nice work Piet. I like it to much it’s very easy to understand and it’s very professional the way you talk to us and show the 3D graphics to explain! Thanks for your thread.

Originally Posted by sixinchman
Well I got around to making one.. Here are some photos of it.. I used 5mm zinc threaded rod. Aluminum for the sides. 30mm by 5mm I think and cut to about 10 cms long.

To attach the weights I just drilled a hole in a small piece of aluminium and tied a shoe lace round some zinc rod. You can see this in image 4
The fabric on the sides is cut from a cheap gym bag.

I’ve hung with it a few times so far, at 1.5 kgs, it feels quite comfortable, all I use is a sock, not wrapped, just loosely around. I’m uncut and don’t seem to have any problem hanging at this weight.


Hey man, good job…Could you tell me what’s the measurement of your hanger, that looks great!

I’ve seen on tom Hubbard’s link that there is an AFB hanger made out from toothbrushes !! Then I made a similar one with writing pencils.
Is that OK?
I would like some advice, since I am just starting with this hanging stuff.I did’nt made one out from PVC (as the original in Tom’s “workshop”) ‘cause it is toxic..
Is there any advice you can give me?
I’ve read a lot, yet I still doubt about some things.. :S
How safe and effective is this hanging stuff?
Well.then I will long on your answers..

Thanks, beforehand.

The latest two hangers I made were 3cm wide which I liked much better than the 4cm version I have. 2.5 cm would probably still work too but narrow hangers can get uncomfortable with heavy weight. The sweet spot is probably somewhere around 2.5-3cm imo. When you use toothbrushes or pencils the sides will dig in further than you want and you can easily get bruishes when moving up in weight to about 4-5Kg.

PVC is toxic? I made several hangers using PVC and gained with these but the problem with PVC is that it’s not rigid enough. It will bend around your penis when tightening. Rigid sides will give the best grip, the better your grip the safer the hanger. You can cushion the sides if you want to with a thin layer of rubber or perhaps leather (haven’t tried that yet), too much cushioning will cost grip. The surface of the sides should remain smooth for optimal comfort.

Hanging whether you’re using a noose (very dangerous) or a decent hanger is effective as long you’re patient and have the time to put into a hanging routine.

I’m thinking about making a hanger out of things from my basement. Since I stealth PE most of the stuff has to basically be there which it is. Is there any substitute for the wing nuts? I suppose the beauty of those is you can un-do them with your bare hands. And the nylon cord, could that be made out of rope or some other material like that, so long as it’s strong?


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