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The AFB Hanger

Originally Posted by Syd 117

I’ve been using the AFB hanger for 3 months. The hanger has always twisted slightly to the left ( or looking straight down on it counter clockwise ) does it really matter if it twists a little?

I don’t see how that matters personally.

Nor I, unless it’s extreme, as it was with the Bib when I reviewed it many years ago.

Originally Posted by Tom Hubbard
I think we need to define terms here. I expect for most native English speakers, “twisting” in this context suggests rotation around the vertical axis (“Y” in the diagram I have attached). Creating a (laterally) curve in the Y axis we would more naturally call “bending.”

Bending will cause twisting, when forces are applied in a three dimensional space, because the veritcal force is not perpendiculare to the ground; you could have seen that in some circus acrobats show, they take advantage of that, rotating around a vertical rope. My curve is at midshaft, when I attack the hanger at the base there is no twisting. The twisting is more noticeable with high weights.

In most of cases twisting isn’t a big issue.

A way to avoid the twisting is to make use, instead of weights, of a thick elastic band, the kind used for fitness training or for bumping jumping etc..

If the weights are properly balanced I don’t think the AFB twists any more or less than any other hanger. It is worth ensuring that the weight is nicely balanced though. The penis does twist a little but I think it’s just where it wants to go, naturally, kind of like the side you dress*.

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Originally Posted by marinera

you could have seen that in some circus acrobats show, they take advantage of that, rotating around a vertical rope

I think that’s angular momentum (like when you try to flip a tennis racket in the air and it inevitably rotates on the perpendicular axis), and not exactly the same thing, but I must also say I’ve never understood the twisting, and equally that I am no student of physics.

Originally Posted by memento
the side you dress

Didn’t the tailor ask James Bond “on which side do you carry yourself?” That sticks in my mind, since I remembered wondering at the time, “how do you make it go to the side?” No idea specifically which of the psychopath-centric movies it might have been. Perhaps we have a Bond movie aficionado/scholar present who can bond this trivia into our penicentric database…?


Thank you very much, proper wrapping already seems to make a great difference. Used to only view it as a simple formality till now, but now that I’ve done it more properly, it helps a lot.

Glad to hear it. It makes all the difference.

There’s a very good wrapping article here: Wrapping for hanging, girth and traction, if you need more pointers.

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Absolutely Brilliant :)

Hanging 15lb with my home made AFB. Nice, simple design. Thanks Tom, even if your not around to hear it.

Hi guys I just gathered the supplies for this hanger, and I want to add mouse pad material at the attachment point for cushioning my penis.

The main issue I have is I’ve never hung so I dont know how its going to feel when I strap in. What id like for someone to advise me on is whether I should make the attachment point concave, or leave flat.

Does it matter if it contours to the shape of my dick if it has about a centimeter of the neoprene material. It would seem safer correct?

You guys nevermind that last post I’m stupid.
Also would it be a terrible idea to place the hanger horizontal if I was to do base hanging?

There’s no nerve bundle there right, and as long as I’m flaccid the nerves and arteries wouldn’t be under too much pressure to injure given that I’m gonna make the attachment point concave.

There is the urethra.

Well that’s pure jelly it can accommodate, or anyone report injuries? Irritation, bleeding what’s the worst that has gone down? Guys have injured that from pumping, and forceful stretching right?

Blood from urethra, chances of inflammation, faster hypoxia. Why hunting troubles?

Oh okay its just that you know there’s that length master that everyone acclaims, so I thought that maybe I wasn’t gonna develop issues.


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