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Should I hang?

Im going to be starting my PE exercises again over my 6 week break, ive never done them for more than a week straight so obviously i cant expect gains. Should i first start off doing the manual stretches and manual jelqing? Or since the hanging is such a good method should i use that as my stretching technique.

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Any responses?


I think people are concentrating on Kerions issues since this is his thread on a slightly different topic.

My recommendation is to start with manual stretching and jelqing first, get yourself back in condition and then start hanging if you want. Just my opinion.

oh ok, sorry… i just figured since it sort of related to his topic id ask.


If you have the time hang, just start off light. You can’t beat hanging for length gains or base girth.

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I started hanging about a month ago. I am actually hanging as I write this. I recommend it because you can browse Thunder’s Place and PE at the same time. I use the Bib Hanger. It is easy to use and I have had no problems with it so far.

I would also recommend doing Jelqs and Ulis in your routine.



I, too, would advocate hanging if you have the privacy.
I just added hanging to my routine a couple weeks ago, and am pleased with the process.

Just go easy for a while, best to err on the side of safety. Go slow and think long term.
And be consistent for crying out loud, on and off PE will do nothing but frustrate you.

Postatem obscuri lateris nescitis.

i saw a picture of a guy wearing the bib hanger and it was attached to something pulling it penis out straight. I thought the bib hanger would basically hang your penis downward. Also it looked like it was stretching alot of skin for the most part, instead of getting right behind the penis head and pulling that. What about stretching upward?

I’m sure if you search a bit, you’ll find info on all type and manner of hanging: straight down, straight out, over the shoulder, between the cheeks, etc…

You need to be careful clinching right behind the head, as you mention, as there are some nerves that could be injured.

Read this info

Postatem obscuri lateris nescitis.

Hi Python, hanging is a great choice, but should be performed in moderation when starting.

The pictures you saw illustrated SO (straight-out) hanging. It’s usually performed by using a pulley system at a certain angle. The purpose of SO or OTS (over the shoulder) hanging is to stress the tunica, opposed to hanging BTC (between the cheeks) or straight down which stretches your ligs. You can choose which type of hanging is appropriate for you by finding your LOT and reading this thread.

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