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My situation


My situation

This will be long, but I feel a great need to bare my soul to people who
might understand and are or have been in the same boat and can offer insights
and support.

I am 33 years of age, in great physical shape. My penis is 4.4”NBPL and almost
5”BPL. 4.3” Girth. For the last 13 years, I’ve not had sex. I’ve been with 3 girls,
and all 3 have had many complaints about my small size. “I can’t feel anything”.
“We need to talk, my last boyfriend was a bit larger and there were sensations, I
can’t come when I’m with you”. “Oh my god, that is so tiny!” Etc, etc, I don’t
want to recall all those bad times. The one that is burned in my mind was this
amazing girl I was in love with. She was sweet, and nice, and had all the qualities
I looked for in a woman. She made me think of marriage. 5’1”, so I thought here’s a
girl that could be satisfied with my size. It was going great, but after 4 months
she broke up with me. I asked her what the problem was, and she explained that
she just doesn’t get excited about sex with me, there’s no sensation at all and
she feels I was just something that would get in the way of a real, normal sized
man to spend her time with. I was devastated.

I decided to not have any more relationships after that. Another woman commenting
on how tiny I am and how most other men could please her could drive me into
suicidal, depressing thoughts. I recalled how it was, I remember the women not having
orgasms with me, or even enjoying penetration that much. I felt lost in a vagina,
not touching all the walls and it slipping out so easily and shallow trusts.

As time passed, I discovered my life was too bleak and lonely. At 33, I’m not finding
many reasons to get out of bed, or suceed in life, to come to my empty house. So
I started to look on ways to fix my problem. Another relationship that ends in sex
is a no-no, another comment on how small I am compared to all previous lovers would
really affect me greatly. So I started researching. I found Big Al’s site, and others,
and have done the routines outlined there and here, religiously. It sounded like people
were having sucesses, even men with normal sized 5.5 or 6 at start were getting over 1”
in gain. My spirits soared.

I dreamt of having a 5.5” penis. A within the normal range one. And I could go out
again, and able to please some women out there. It’s now been 7 months since I started my
routine, mostly Big Al’s FMOI and II. And I’m still 4.4”/4.3”. I am beginning to panic.
Life over 35 alone while being alone for more than a decade is not something I am
looking forward to. I ordered a bib starter hanger, and took a vacation from work so
I have the time and privacy to do the exercises. I need to know if I will reach 5.5 in
the next 7 months, if this site and big al’s are not just a joke to lift the spirits of
guys like me or if there’s something wrong with my penis, that it started so little so
a proportional gain of 1” will be much harder to achieve than one who started at 6”.
Since my gains have been non existant, and it will take so long to reach my 5.5 goal,
I’ve begun to really worry about some posts I’ve read here. Men with 6, 6 1/2 length
penises and 5” girth being told by their partners that more is better, and more pleasing.
Some men hitting bottom, and the cul-de-sac, giving their partners great orgasms. I fear
those feats are forever out of my reach, and even if I do gain my 5.5 length and 5 girth
goal I will never be as satisfying, even putting a great effort and a lot of time
into improving myself.

So I come to you, the PE community, to ask for advice and support. I feel I’m at the end
of my rope, and I might be seeing things distortedly because of my special situation. I need
to know if it’s possible to be happy with a 4.4, or 5” penis, and that a partner can forego
the easier orgasms with their previous partner and choose me, over others. In my limited
experience, it seems that strong feelings are attached to good sex, and after having it it
is hard for a woman to erase those experiences from her life to go and spend her time with
a less satisfying lover. I need to know if I should go out there, and suffer humiliation
because there might be a chance some women will prefer me and be truly happy with my size.
I will continue my PE routines, and will hang during my vacation. But I’m beginning to feel
truly desperate. A couple more years of my life alone will … I don’t know. I’ve bared my
soul here. From the bottom of my heart, tell me if there’s something I’ve overlooked. And
please be frank. I need real answers I feel, not more hopes. Thank you for reading this.

Well, there are no guarantees, but it is working for me and most other guys here. I don’t come here just to waste time.

So, to start off with, just what exactly is your routine and the frequency of it?

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.


Welcome to the forum. Check out YGuy’s stats, the man is a PE god and his starting position was similar.

Without trying to make light of your post, some people are harder gainers than others. This forum wouldn’t exist if PE didn’t work, the money to support it comes from donations and you can bet a high proportion of those are from people who’ve gained.

I don’t know the exercise routines you’ve done or how commited you were to them, I’m not a member of those paysites but, if you’ve exhausted manual PE methods, hanging is a good bet. You don’t need a Bib to hang, there are loads of hangers here you can make for a few dollars.

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First of all welcome to the forum and thanks for sharing your story.

I’m sure you will get lots of responses. I’ll try to make this short.

I understand how you feel I didn’t have near the amount of sex I feel I should have in my lifetime because I felt I was inadequate in the size department it affected MANY aspects of my life. It still does but I am gaining much more confidence since I’ve slowly been seeing gains. They aren’t commune as fast as I was hoping (like some of the pay ads claim) but they are happening.

First, is it possible to be happy with a 4.4 or 5.0 inch penis? OF COURSE IT IS!!! There are many women out there with different wants and needs and you can have great sex with many of them

You were only with 3 of them for gods sake. There are many ways to enjoy sex, orally (which is probably the way most women achieve orgasm), through intercourse, with toys, fingers etc. and of course probably the best using a variety, like bringing her to orgasm orally first then engage in penetration.

Do us a favor and post your routine I don’t think a lot of people here are familiar with big Al’s routines by name, it will help us if we know what you are doing and how much.

This stuff does work, it takes a long but it works. I mean it’s not like someone is trying to rip you off here by selling something that doesn’t work IT”S ALL FREE INFORMATIONS. You’re only in your early 30’s, I’m in my forties and have gotten benefits that you could enjoy for 10 extra years.

Look at some of the guys gains over time (like Yguy) he started off at 4.5 x3.5 and I think now the data size chart shows him at 8 x 5.6 (he may be more now) it takes a long time months or years but it can happen.

Post your routine and we will try and give you some suggestions

My routine:

First 6 weeks:
15 warm up
15-20 min jelq (3 second strokes) not full erect
5 min warm up
10-15 min manual stretches every direction
10 min warm up
2 days on/1 off

Next 3 months:
Upped jelq time to 30-40 mins
Upped streches to 20-30 mins
5 days a week, 2 week break after 10 weeks

For the last 2-3 months:
30-50 min jelqs
30-40 min stretches
twice a day on mons, weds and sats
4-5 days a week, rest depending on how tired it feels
DLD Blasters 3 times a week

Took a break of 13 days, now
started hanging this week, 7 pounds, 2 10 min sets in the evening.
Began routine of jelq again in the morning.

My goal is 5.5” length and 5” girth (25% more length).
Hoping it’s enough when I get it to have normal, low pressure (on that
regard) sex that satisfies her well enough to not have to
dwell too much on that issue, and past lovers.
How long it will take doesn’t matter, or so I tell myself.
Used to take measurements every weekend.

I am very grateful for your warm comments and support.
Very very grateful. I’ve explained here more than I have to my family
and friends, regarding my lack of liasons for so long.

Can’t say you haven’t been putting in the effort and time, maybe almost too much. Now that you have had a break and are starting something totally new in the hanging, you might just spark a growth spurt.

Now that you are hanging, maybe just jelq once a day, more in the 30-40 minute range. Doing too much in a one day period might slow your progress.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

After 7 months with no results at all I’d be tempted to look at hanging. So I think that you made the most reasonable move. I’m not sure about doing both kinds of routines Since I never resorted to hanging but it seems reasonable to do some of both. I do think that I would probablly limit the jelq session to 30 minutes though. I don’t think you should focus on the chest thumping post about the cul de sac etc. My wife and I had a quite satisfactory experience when I was modestly endowed and couldn’t reach it. Read the Collected wisdom posts, especiall Yguy and SS4’s posts.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!


I think you may be overtraining. Here’s a suggestion - try breaking up your PE throughout the day. See if you can’t get in 4 daily sessions of 50-100 dry jelqs each, and some very forceful stretching.

Also, what is your LOT? That can be a key factor.

Try doing a set of 50 blasters each morning, followed by 50-75 jelqs. Then, do 2 other sessions of high angle (tunica stretches) & 100 dry jelqs during the day. Then, before bed, try another 30-50 blasters and 100 dry jelqs.

Try this every other day to start.

Drink plenty of water, don’t take too much caffeine.

And don’t lose hope.

I’ve had dry spells (plateaus) for up to 5 months - I mean nothing at all for a 5-month stretch. Yet, I’ve seen a recent jump start of nearly 0.4” BPEL. All in all, I’ve gained nearly 1.4” BPEL and about an inch of erect girth. My wife sure as hell notices the difference.

Keep with it, you may be a slow gainer. And why set a ceiling of 5.5” as your goal? You might well get 6.5” - or more. As was mentioned, read YGuy’s post. His gains certainly aren’t common - or even likely - but they’re clearly possible.

Time to get busy.
First off, get rid of any negative thoughts,
Forget the past, your future is you with a bigger dick period.

Have you tried pumping?

I think I’ve yet to hear someone say the’ve gained
nothing from pumping, try this site if you haven’t,
Also, be sure and read everything in the pumping section of this forum before you start.

I think you should also look into an ADS device such as this,

You should try this device to supplement hand jelqing, don’t overdo it
with it though, many prefer to use it on the sides of the penis as opposed to top and bottom,

Your routine is like 95% jelqing.
Some people see great gains from a routine such as that,
but I’ve also seen many people state here that it took months
to see gains from jelqing alone, that’s disheartening,
glad I pumped and power jelqed
before I ever just did manual jelqing by itself.

Look at it this way also, it really isn’t whether PE works or not,
it’s a given, it does, did I know that, or believe it before I found this forum?
NO, to both, now I both know and believe, because I’m approaching
fast, a one inch gain in length myself.

I’ve invested under $500.00 and the time, well we all know we probably
would be just watching the tube anyways, which hell, you can do while you PE anyway!

Personally I prefer a little mood music, Aerosmith or Led Zep
does it for me :)

I think most guys would agree, the only time better spent is when
your using your new, improved tool on the woman of your choice.

If all this fails, there is lig surgery, the price is high though,
around $4000.00 and you absolutely must follow the Dr’s orders
post-op, involving hanging and stretching.

For girth there is alloderm surgery.
I think if I’m not mistaken, there are currently two members of Big Al’s
which have had the surgery, you may want to check out their posts.

Personally I view surgery as a last resort, but if I were you
and the size of my penis was affecting my life in such a profound way,
here would be my plan, I would try all these things, for the next year, if nothing happened,
I would definitely be looking into the surgery.

Either way, the enlargement of your penis is assured, exhaust the
knowledge on this forum, you’ll never be sorry you did.

Hey kerien,

Good job ordering the bib hanger, it should almost definitely get you some gains. I don’t want to say definitely ‘cause I don’t want to get your hopes up too much.

I also PE’d for about 6 months before I got any gains. Also like you, I was doing 30-50 minutes of jelqing which was way too much. If I were you I would cut down to say 20 minutes of jelqing and add maybe 15 minutes of stretching. I finally saw my first gains when I added some good stretches I found on this site.

Soon after my first gains, I made a hanger and got some really good fast gains. I actually reached my goal within only 4 weeks of hanging! My goal was only about 0.5” inches longer, but that’s still pretty good for only 4 weeks.

Don’t go nuts over there and hang for too long or with too much weight though. I only ever went up to 7.5 pounds for 3 sets of 20 minutes a day.

So, good luck and I hope you get your hanger soon!

Hey kerien,

My heart goes out to you, brother. I know how it feels to think your cock is of inadequate size. But I realised very quickly after I found a quality woman that size really doesn’t matter that much to a woman.
Sure, there are people who will argue with me out there, but I am only speaking from experience.

Listen, I have a fairly large piece of meat between my legs, but only one woman I have ever been with has preferred my cock over my tongue. And NO woman has ever preferred my tongue over my brain.

Spend time doing your PE routine. You’ll get a bigger cock. But spend even more time reevaluating the types of women you have been out with in the past and the type you want in the future. If your cock is what turns a woman off, then that’s not the type of woman you need to be with in the first place.

Good luck brother. You’ve come to a great place.

Of all the things I can say this is the most important: You have arrived at the forum that is going to change your life. Welcome to Thunder’s Place.

Goingforit makes a point that you must not overlook. The opinions of three women aren’t much to go on in a world of three billion- and I beg of you not to let those negative interactions lead you to think self-destructive thoughts. There is something very earnest in how you come across so I believe you when you say you are getting desperate. But keep in mind at all times that nothing is final and you truly do have the power to turn this issue around.

For the time being let me relate this:
I have a friend - my best friend in the world - who has a penis smaller than yours, both in length and girth. Despite the fact that I’ve told him about PE he has no interest in enlarging his unit. This becomes even more incredible when you take into consideration that his wife is a very big woman who has had four children - all delivered vaginally. And the story becomes even more incredible when you consider that her ex-boyfriend, the only other man she ever had sex with had a nine inch dick. I kid you not: A big ugly nine inch meat cock.
Want more? This friend of mine and his wife have the most fulfilling sex life I’ve ever heard of. Remember, this is my best friend - I’ve known this guy since we were 10 years old. There are no secrets between us. She LOVES his cock. Can’t get enough of it. He’s used it in and on every part of that poor woman’s anatomy. He’s even shown me pictures of her delightedly sucking on it.
None of this happened with Mr. Nine Inch. His dick was worthless because it was attached to a miserable, unimaginative mind. But in his defense, the chemistry between him and my buddies wife just wasn’t there - the pieces of the puzzle didn’t fit. But between her and my buddy everything just clicked.
And my friend suffered lots of insults and humiliating comments from women before this cosmic connection. Not every experience ended in embarrassment, but enough to hurt him. The only difference between my buddy and you is that he didn’t quit at three women - he kept ‘plugging’ away until he found the right one.

But enough of that. You get my point.

You are dead-set on enlarging your penis. If you really want to you will. Your current routine is not working. You’re interested in a more specific approach.
Hang. Hang your ass off. It works. You’ve started but you need to do more. Stop jelqing for girth gains and religiously devote yourself to length gains via hanging. You’ll always have time for girth work later.

Good luck.

Welcome to the forum kerien. Hanging is a good way to gain lenght for sure. You could do more though… 2x10 minutes will not get you anywhere. You need to increase the time you hang.

You know what? If you keep consistant, I personally guarantee that you will reach your goal AND more. Talk to you later.

"Be aware that there are several schools of thought here as well. Some seem to go with the hard and heavy approach. The sessions are brutal. You can hear them talking to their dick: You better grow mofo or I will punish you even harder tomorrow! Others seem to favor a more tender approach. Always listening to what their member is saying while massaging it gently and singing to it with a soft voice. If it is moody and not happy with new behavior, they always listen and are very understanding."

Hi man. Welcome.
You are going to win. Be sure of you.

Only few tips:
Do a lot of hot hot warming with water.
THis expands your cells.
YOu can do some stretches in between if you want.
Nothing like heat to work ligs.
Stretch every direction, also laterals very well.
Use also a-stretch, and dld stretchs and Vstretch

Squeezes, use everything
read more and more on the forum!!!!!!!

Work your BC.
Medium stroke, only BC (read well article of westla, its important)
YOu can gain some more good erection doing that
and more blood, more gains….

Use arginine, 1 gr morning , 1 gr before bed.
Also zinc tribulus, vit e and so on.

Hanging can be good.
I dont do that, but I gained more than one inch
in 1 year and a half
You can arrive at 5 and 1/2 and after you See the next step.

Surgery….last possibility, in my advice
Work for a year very serious and after you decide.
Better try with natural way.

Try to have a good mental attitude.
THink good eat good, do do some gym

Have your ormones levels checked?

Do you have personals problems
in your life? Try to resolve. Raise your libido
raise your energy.

In one year you HAVE to reach your goal.
Keep you in contact with us.
Never surrender.
YOu are in the right place, here.

Best luck, bro


Kerien, definitely work your way up to using alot more weight while hanging and increase your time/sets. Warm up first of course using wet/damp heat. I use a rice sock or a wet washcloth that I microwave for about 60 seconds(careful hot) and compress it to the extreme base/pubic bone area of my johnson as well as the shaft. Incorporate manual pulls throughout the day to “remind” your johnson where it needs to be. Hang, hang, hang. Jelq lightly in between hang sets to maintain normal bloodflow. Also be patient and don’t hurt yourself. I’m always very careful, but here lately have been pushing the edge a bit and am starting to see better flaccid hang and some erect gains. Currently I hang 17.5lbs and plan on increasing that to 20lbs very soon. Try to keep your routine simple. Hanging with light jelqing between sets.


Today I will take negative thoughts and turn them into positive and productive actions. 7.00 BP x 4.75 GOAL 9.0 x 6.5

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