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Quick hanging question

Quick hanging question

I’ve been hanging for about a 1 1/2 years now with pretty good success. I’ve had my bumps and bruises, but have really settled in the last 6 months. I consistently hang between 5-15 lbs for sets of 20-30 mins. My wrapping technique seems good. Finishing my wrap with a thin wrap of latex has proven the difference for me. It has allowed me to hang up to 20lbs with little or no pressure in on the gland. I use to really get a lot of build up which resulted in having a huge dark head at the end of my sets. Horrible, I know.

My question is this:
I’ve focused solely on BTC (sitting in a chair with my legs on my desk) or standing up and hanging straight now. I’m now messing around with:
1) straight out (I’ve rigged a pulley under my desk so I can sit and work while hanging straight out)
2) Over the shoulder (again, sitting in my chair with my legs stretched way out in front and my unit pointing up towards my chin)

In both of these positions I’m getting a tremendous amount of pressure in the gland. When I’m hanging the glad is hard and very purple. Is there some trick to these positions? I’m getting lots of good fatigue in a short amount of time, and my BPFSL has popped 1/4”, so I want to stick with it but not at the expense of doing damage.

Oh, and my device is home made. I use 2 pipe clamps with the flanges connected at the topside and bottom side of my penis. The bottom flange is completely closed with the top almost wide open so I get a good “v” shape.

First, do not do 30min sets. 20mins is max.

You want the hanger very tight in the OTS and SO positions and you can attach a little far away from the head and see if it makes a difference.

I don’t know what your hanger looks like, but do you know that bib hanger works opposite of that? In the bib hanger I get best grip with /\ instead of “v”.

Also try get the hanger so that when the weight pulls the hanger, your shaft and head in front of the hanger curves up a slightly. This seems to give better grip too instead of straight pull. Problem with the straight pull is that the hanger tries to pull straight over the shaft.

Hanging through the year 2012. Check my log.

Sounds like a AFB hanger. If you feel too much pressure on the glans you may be doing one or more of these mistakes: 1) the hanger is placed too near the base; 2) improper wrapping - start wrapping from the top, so the blood is pushed away from your dick, so to speak; 3) as Mister007 said, the larger end of the hanger should be ahead - at least for most of the penises, basing on their shapes.

Thanks for the replies!

2 things
1) I’ve never heard of Bib hangers being applied in a /\ shape. I’ve always thought that was bad because it puts pressure on the main nerve. V seems way more comfortable to me.
2) to marinera - Wrapping from the Circ scar to the base was another real “ah-ha” moment for me. That along with the latex wrap. The latex wrap allows way more friction for the hanger to hold on to without squeezing the hell out of my unit. When I hang BTC, some time I reach down and my feels completely pressure or blood build up at all. And thats with 15lbs. Anyway, Ill try and move the hanger closer to the tip on SO and OTC to see if that reduces the pressure.

Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks again

Oh, and my hanger does work similar to afb. The only difference is that rather then have 2 flat pieces against the side, the pipe clamps actually for around the curvature of my unit

Bib hanger has top blood channel where the dorsal nerve and vein sits without pressure at all.

Hanging through the year 2012. Check my log.

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