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My question is about hanging

My question is about hanging

I feel very honored to be hear. I have heard so many great things about this website. My question is about hanging. I am new to PE. However, I have been trying out several of the many different exercises recently. So it is possible to gain while hanging? Is Jelqing just for girth? Last question, After PEing for so long how do you continue getting gains?

Thank you, and again I am truly honored to be here.

Thank you, morenmore

Do not stress about anything, just "Live Well"

The stickies will give you a huge amount of info about the different exercises.

Hanging is considered an advanced workout and you should not jump right into it without going through the newbie routine and seeing how your body reacts. Jelqing can be done for both girth and length. Progress for many of these veterans seems slow, but definitely progressing. My guess it to change it up, there’s always room for growth if you shock your body.

Hi Morenmore,
Hanging can give great length gains if you have the time to devote to a consistent routine.
Hanging 101

Jelqing is for length and girth. Depending on your level of erection while jelqing, it can benefit the girth more (more erect 75%+), or the length more (less erect 50%).

As for your last question, we all hope our PE gains are permanent, but most of us think we need to do a short maintenance routine to insure gains.

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Thanks Fellows

Do not stress about anything, just "Live Well"

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