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Purple head spots when hanging

Purple head spots when hanging

Every time I hang recently, I’m getting a purple ring around my pee hole. I did a search and found that these are permanent for some members. Should I be worried? It goes away a few minutes after the hanging session, but I don’t want to risk a permanent injury. Please help!


I know what you mean lostracco. That purple ring is because the blood circulation is cut.

What weight do you use and for how long? Oh, and are you circumcised?

I’m using about 10 lbs straight out, up, or otl. I am also circumsized. I can’t think of any reason this should be happening, I haven’t adjusted the hanger or added more weight in a while, only different angles. I’ve taken a 2 day break from hanging and doing only manual excercizes. Maybe this will relieve the condition when I go back to hanging. What did you do to solve the problem?


Does your glans get hard during hanging?

Re: piet

It gets purple cold and filled with blood toward the end, so yeah I guess it’s harder than usual. The ADS I’m wearing also seems to engorge the head. I’ve taken a break from hanging because of this, maybe I’ll chalk it up to decon. Hope they don’t come back farther down the line.


Your hanger has a cockring effect, blood comes in but can’t get out. So it gets harder and harder during the session, colder because the blood doesn’t circulate and you get discoloration from the pressure.

I keep my glans soft by avoiding pressure on my glans and keeping my hanger tightened all through the session so it won’t slide. This requires the occasional retightening.

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