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Too much pressure in head while hanging

Too much pressure in head while hanging

I have been hanging for the past 3 weeks. My problem is that there is too much pressure in the head of my penis when I hang. It seems like the hanger pushes the blood in the head and keeps it there. I have tried many things to stop this but nothing seems to work. Anyone else have any opinions on this?

It doesnt hurt, but can be uncomfortable.


Have you tried pushing the wrapped bundle forward, somewhat over the head, allowing the blood to excape back toward the base? Just hold it there for a few seconds, then pull the wrapped bundle back, and immediately attach the hanger.

Are you having any problems with a partial erection before hanging, or after wrapping?


Also, you could try what I do right before tightening the hanger. I wrap, put the hanger on…think of dead kittens and, squeeze any extra blood out of my glans/front of my penis. I then tighten. Just another idea.

A suggestion

I have a 12”x1/2” strip of sweatshirt material that I wrap my head with before applying any other wrap. This is wrapped on tight and secured with a piece of tape. Then I put on my wrap and hanger. Once the hanger is good and tight I remove the smaller wrap around the head. I have no problems with trapped blood in the head and the hanger is usually very comfortable. Although occasionally even this method can leave me sore.

My 2 cents.

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Very interesting….you wrap the head…..

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Thanks a alot for this info. YOu know now I think of it, a partial erection could very well be the case. For me there is a very fine line between 100% flaccid and 90% flaccid. I will try that head wrapping idea. Thanks again. Ill let you know how it works today.

Yes..BBS I wrap the head initially to keep the blood out of it. Then I unwrap it after applying the wrap and hanger to the shaft.

Never argue with an idiot...they drag you down to their level then beat you with experience.

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