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Penis head growth - Please help!

Penis head growth - Please help!

Is it possible to significantly increase the size of the head in terms of its girth?
The operative word being “significantly”. I know significant doesn’t have a particular value but lets say at least 30% extra girth is significant.

Are there any solely Head Enlargement focused exercises around? Can any one recomend any?

Thanks guys

From personal experience, when I increased my shaft’s girth size half an inch, I noticed the head also got bigger with it (girth and size). I’m sure some specific methods do exist, but I don’t know off the top of my head.

Maybe jelqs starting mid shaft and holding at head?

If you find the magic answer please let me know… I need lots of help in this area..


Pumping with a wrap below the head causes it to temporarily inflate larger than any other PE exercise I’ve tried. I come out of the tube, unwrap, do a Uli, and am amazed at the head size. Measurements (a paper towel tube is a good gauge) confirm it’s a lot bigger.

It shrinks some over the following minutes, even if I continue the Ulis. This leads me to question whether permanent gains can be made from this technique. It may be helpful if combined with other methods.

Head growth is possible

Hey Beast,

I been doing PE for 2 1/2 years now and I think I’ll finally chime in because head size is what I’ve been focusing on for the last year. I been lurking in this forum almost since I began PE’ing and I have learned alot. I initially (and ignorantly) started PE by purchasing access to a PE website. This certain website opened me up to PE but I soon found this forum. The result has been, well, a pain for my wife but a greatly enlarged member for me (less than 6.25” bpel to more than 8.25” bpel).

TO ANSWER YOUR QUESTION: Yes, you can increase the girth or volume of your head (if veteran don’t want to read any further, my solution has been thera-band wrapping).

I started PE with manual stretching and jelking. At least for me, jelking was not an efficient method to increase overall girth or head size. This is because after 30 minutes of jelking, I would start to have a build-up of fluid around my circumcision scar. But regardless of the fluid build-up, I don’t believe that jelking for overall girth or head size is nearly as effective as wrapping with thera-band.

I initially bought thera-band for the bib-hanger. However, I found that the way that I wrapped for hanging also was an excellent wrapping method to increase head size (credit should be given to early uli wrapping threads).

Despite the advice you hear on this forum or from any source, your own member dictates what is best to achieve your goals. I initially read the old and classic threads on uli wrapping. The advice for hanging or uli head-wrapping stated that your wrap should leave an inch or so between the end of the wrap and your head.

With respect to wrapping for hanging, I found that when I left any room between the wrap and the head I quickly had a huge build-up of fluid (this may be referred to as the donut effect). This may have been because I was hanging 15-20 pounds. However, I found that I could virtually eliminate the fluid build-up and more importantly, the pain, by wrapping closer to the head.

The fluid build-up for hanging has left permanent engorgement on the underside of my head. This is because, for hanging, I could almost never wrap close enough head on the underside of the head to prevent fluid build-up. You have to understand that the tissue of the shaft and head are different types of tissue. I have found that the shaft can quickly build-up fluid and such build-up can result in permanent engorgement of at least the exterior skin tissue. Permanent enlargement of the shaft tissue may be desired by some but I want my head size to increase before I worry about my overall girth.

Now, with respect to wrapping for increasing head size only, I found that fluid build-up of the shaft was still an issue but the build-up was not quite as severe as it was during hanging. Wrapping very close to the head has virtually eliminated the problem for me. With respect to effectiveness, my method of wrapping has resulting in a satisfying increase in head size.

STEP 1: I begin with a 24 inch strip (1 ½ wide) of doubled-over cotton tee-shirt material. I start at the head and wrap down till I have about a 3 ½ long wrap.

STEP: I then start at the bottom of the wrap with a 17 inch (1 ½ wide) strip of thera-band (grey color code) and wrap to the head. The whole wrap at this point is fairly snug but it is loose enough to allow for significant engorgement. I wrap with slightly decreasing pressure as I approach the head. The wrap by itself at this point will probably allow the head to remain more engorged than normal but it should not be tight enough to allow for prolonged head engorgement.

STEP 3: For prolonged head engorgement, I finish with a 5 ½ strip (1 ½ wide) strip of thera-band that is tightened at the bottom of the wrap (the end of the wrap closer to your body).

This acts as the tourniquet for the whole wrap that allows the head and upper shaft to remain extremely engorged. After applying the tourniquet wrap I grab the shaft below the wrap and squeeze to force blood to move above the tourniquet wrap and engorge the head. Note that the tourniquet wrap is loose enough to allow you to force blood up to the head but tight enough to prevent it from leaving the head. You may need to do a few kegels to force blood up to the lower shaft.

With the method of wrapping described above, I believe that you should remove the short tourniquet wrap after 10 minutes, squeeze the head to remove all the engorgement, then squeeze below the wrap to force fresh oxygen rich blood to engorge the upper shaft and head. I repeat this several times before reapplying the tourniquet wrap for another 10 minutes.

Twenty minutes is the often stated limit that you can apply a tourniquet without having the initiation of tissue death. After 10 minutes of a extreme engorgement with a tight tourniquet, my head will start to turn bluish. Since I head wrap on a daily basis, I have decided to play it safe and replenish the head with fresh blood every 10 minutes. It would probably be a good idea to more than that. I figure that if I cut the stated tissue death time limit in half, I should not have any long term complications.

As for as the duration of the wrap, I have found that I can keep the main wrap on for an hour and a half if I keep replenishing the head every 10 minutes. After an hour and a half, I start to have fluid build-up because of pinching of the shaft skin due wrinkles in the cotton base wrap. If I take the whole wrap off, I can resume after about a half an hour or after a hot wrap.

I try to do a “hot wrap” after a full daily session. My “hot wrap” is actually a hot soak. I bought a plastic cup that is about 5 ½ tall. This is deep enough to immerse my entire flaccid shaft. I run bearably warm or hot water and soak it for ten minutes. I’ve found that this type of “hot wrap” is superior to wrapping with a warm soaked cloth. The temperature is more constant and the warming is more thorough though out the shaft.

It seems that the tissue of the head tissue is harder to permanently enlarge than the tissue of the shaft. Due to my previous strenuous hanging, I have a very noticeable permanent enlargement of shaft tissue next to the head on the underside my head.

The enlargement of my head has been harder to retain. I notice that if I go for several weeks without head wrapping, the enlargement of my head starts to subside. I don’t believe that the head reverts at all to its original pre-PE size but there is a noticeable subsidence.

I was worried a while back after I did some strenuous hanging with 15-20 pounds for 20 minutes at a time. My head lost some sensitivity that was similar the sensation that you have with sunburned skin that is about to shed or flake off. I stopped hanging and head wrapping for about a week.

I eventually resumed head wrapping and recently noticed the same loss of sensitivity after extended head wrapping sessions. I believe that the loss of sensitivity is not due to tissue death or nerve damage. In retrospect, the loss of sensitivity was probably due to the extra long wrapping sessions that might have caused a sensation similar to fluid build-up in the shaft. That is, the area of fluid build-up in the shaft will be enlarged but the same number of nerves in that area are now responsible for a larger area.

The loss of sensitivity was troubling at first but I believe that shortening my daily sessions will alleviate the problem. I believe that an hour a day is long enough for considerable progress but not too long to cause the loss of sensitivity problems that I experienced. Thinking back, my problems were probably a result of wrapping for several hours at a time.

In sum, I believe that causing the blood vessels of the head to be extremely engorged through wrapping is the most effective and trouble-free method of increasing your head size. It is very satisfying to remove the wrap after 45 minutes of head wrapping and seeing your head remain in an abnormally engorged state for the next ten minutes. I never came close to achieving that result with jelking, no matter what technique I used.

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Originally Posted by renoir
It seems that the tissue of the head tissue is harder to permanently enlarge than the tissue of the shaft. Due to my previous strenuous hanging, I have a very noticeable permanent enlargement of shaft tissue next to the head on the underside my head.

The enlargement of my head has been harder to retain. I notice that if I go for several weeks without head wrapping, the enlargement of my head starts to subside.

I’ve said this all along. The tissues of the glans do not lend themselves to enlargement in the same manner as those of the shaft.

Also, keep this illustration in mind. The blood in the two main erectile chambers of the shaft is separate from the blood in the corpus spongiosum and glans.


Great first post. I bet you’ve been waiting for years to whip that one out!


Thanks a lot guys, and Renoir thank you very much. I really do appreciate all the help i get from every one here at Thunders!

Renoir, great post, and welcome to Thunder’s Place now that you’ve decided to join up. Your BPEL gains are quite impressive (enviable would be a better word). Did I miss your stats on girth and head size, before and after? Looking forward to seeing your pics.

Don’t focus on just the glans for head size, the CS also plays a role in head size.

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