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Piet's new hanger


Piet's new hanger

This was my third attempt of making a hanger this week and amazingly it worked :)

It’s a wide Hubbard like design with in the middle lines cut out forming ridges for a good grip. After it was finished I tried on some weigth, I thought it was still around 6kg (13lbs) with what I tested a previous hanger. It was feeling pretty comfortable so I wanted to go up and then saw it was already at 10kg (22lbs) hehe….it works :D

The pvc, 0.14” thick, was flattened after heating it in the oven, for making the holes and the lines I used a soldering gun.

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Hey Piet,

Look’s plain, but simple (10 kg eh? That sounds really promising for a cheap-ass hanger like that!).
I think I’ll actually make one of those after I’ve hit my girth goal. Thanks for sharing your PE ideas, and good luck with your own goals.

The old AFB hanger I had been using up till yesterday was only 2.7cm wide, qua comfort with the new one it was like I dropped down to half the weigth I had been using before.

My other attempts were trying to press in ridges in the pvc and glue pvc pieces to the inside to form ridges but those didn’t really work that well.

The cutting out of lines to form ridges can also be used for the bibclones :)

Looks nice. Cheap and simple; those seem to work the best.

Are you saying that the new (wider) AFB is more comfortable than your old one?

Yeah, there now is a lot more grip on the shaft putting less pressure on my glans and my skin gets less sore.

Anyone wants to see it in action? I just made a pic hanging 10,5Kg from it :)

Please post a picture of it in action. Nice work!

Here’s a better picture of how the hanger looks like. I’ve been using it about 3 times a day for 20 mins at a time and I love it.

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Hmmm. Good idea to use a nylon strap and connect it in between the top and bottom pieces. I’m going to try that…

Hey Piet,

Last time (ok the only time) I built one of those hubbard styley hangers I found that it really dug in badly. From your in use pic you don’t seem to have that problem, do you just use a lot of wrap?

btw thats some serious skin stretch on the in use pic.

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Yeah I use a sock and the hanger is pretty wide.

With my old hanger I had to attach it close to my base to prevent it from sliding over my glans or putting too much pressure on the glans. Here I’m already wearing it further up my shaft with less skinstretch compared what I was used to and I’m carefully trying to move it up my shaft. It is probably a whole lot easier for cut hangers :(

Looks like you are using the skin to prevent it pulling over the glans though from the pic (I guess that can;t be the case with all that weight). I think mine formed a V towards the glans making it much nastier.

>It is probably a whole lot easier for cut hangers

Maybe. Even with my production Bib hanger it was hard to get it comfortable.

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Nice of you to share your PE device with us.

Since I am at a plateau, I made your hanger and tried it on.
( What the heck ;) )

So here are my findings:
when I put it on (mid-shaft), immediately the hanger slided towards the glans.

Hanging was comfortable, but now it comes: the penile skin is taking most of the load, and the tunica the least.

When I look at your picture, I see the same thing happening: you are able to hang such a big load because the skin is taking the bulk of the load.

So what i am afraid of is this: in the end you will end up with a lot of loose skin and marginally larger dick.

What do you think, Piet?

By the way: I don’t want to steal your fire and mean no disrespect, but I think this issue needs to be addressed.

Vriendelijke groeten

ps I am searching for a good hanging device also. When I think I have one, I will post mine….

Thanks for trying it out. I should point out the measurements I used could be off for most. My flaccid girth is 5” and I recently had to take off a little of the short sides to be able to close it tighter. That’s also the most important thing you have to do, tighten it as much as possible.

The way I tighten it I have to pull real hard to even get it near my glans. I’m still looking for the best setting (tightness and location) in order to get the best stretch without the least chance of growing skin. I may even make another one with the holes closer together. I do think it’s working for me though.

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