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Piet's new hanger


From the action pic you look to be pulling a shit load of skin, especially from your abdomen and surrounding area.

Either you have very loose abdominal skin in general, or something doesn’t seem right….

When I use the BIB, the skin pull is usually concentrated to my dick for one, and then maybe the pubic area at the most.

IOW, I agree with the guy who questioned how much “internal dick” are you grasping with your hanger….can you feel your tunica being pulled tight when you use it?

Just my thoughts……..

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That picture was taken the day after I made the hanger, I was still betatesting my hanger and looking for the right spot to attach it. I will make a better picture.

Lately I’ve been using a shorter version of my hanger with the holes for the screws 0.5cm closer to each other. This one allows me to tighten it even more for an even better grip.

I’ve been attaching the hanger closer to my glans, this does require me to use a little less weight about 2 lbs. Those 2 lbs would else be carried by my skin. Even though I can feel my skin is being stretched less it looks pretty much the same.

Btw I don’t think my skin is being overstretched even in that pic most stress is taken by the tunica which becomes as hard as a cable during hanging. The design is basically an AFB by Hubbard which already works for a lot of ppl, so just because I stretch a little more skin than I should doesn’t mean the hanger doesn’t work because it does :p

I wonder if a folded version could make it even more comfortable.


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