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Piet's new ridge hanger


Piet's new ridge hanger

I was still enjoying my hanger with grooves but I liked to try out something else. This hanger is equipped with ridges made of flexible PVC hose material, I used a double layer for extra thick ridges. Hobby suggested to use a hinge like the BIB and two screws at the front. With the hinge on it doesn’t work correctly yet. Without the hinge it works really good.

For anyone interested in building a similar hanger it definately takes a while to put this together. If this doesn’t discourage you here are some instructions.

PVC tubing with a thickness of 3.5mm
At least 30cm of PVC hose
A piece of rope or a strap if you prefer that
A bunch of screws (just look at the pics :p )

This time I made the sides 4.8 x 10 cm, cut the sides out of the PVC tubing and flatten them in the oven, if you don’t have a tool for drilling holes you can use a soldering iron, the bottom ridges are 4 x 6 cm and go around the sides, the other ridges are about 1.2 x 6 cm.

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With the hinge on it seems to look alright at first sight (1&2). The hinge stays almost closed when I attach it to a PVC hose (3) however when I tighten it more so the sides bends the hinge opens (4). The bigger the girth I use it on the more the hinge opens (5). Has anyone an idea how I could fix this? I think this setup just doesn’t work with sides which are supposed to bend, if the sides were pre-bend I think the hinge would stay closed. what do you guys think?

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Piet, I love the ingeniousness of it, but it looks like the screw heads on the inside might cause some discomfort. Have you used it yet? If so, how much weight did you hang? Was it comfortable?

I’m not too sure about what you can do with the henge. Maybe if you can find something else to make it function. Preferably something more flexible. At any rate, very inventive, keep it up! :up:

I made a similar hanger recently. For kicks, I used all the hardware from my Bib Starter, nut for nut, bolt for bolt, washer for washer, and transferred it over to homemade sides of flat pvc. I was curious. What would plain sides with Bib hardware be like? Would it function at all?

Did it work? Yes.

Was it as comfortable as the Bib? No.

Two major issues stood out when testing it with light/moderate weight:

1) The leading edge of the hanger that sets on or near the sides of the head was too narrow and sharp.

My idea for improvement was to line the hanger with leather and extend it to wrap around the leading edge, which would both widen and pad it. I also considered reshaping the edge to better match the contour of my glans prior to attaching the leather. I like Piet’s tubing solution, which seems even simpler, but I haven’t tried it.

2) The sides seemed a little too flexible, which I thought might be remedied in part by using two top bolts instead of one. Two bolts should allow for better grasping of the internal shaft and also more precise toe adjustment in this case. One bolt doesn’t seem to be enough with such flexible sides.

I didn’t have any problem with my hinge splaying. Piet’s hinge is approximately the same size as Bib uses.

In chat (yes, we have chat here), Piet and I figured his pvc being more flexible is likely the cause of his hinge widening. I’m not sure what pipe he is using. My hanger sides were made from slices of white, 2” schedule 40 pvc pipe, heated in an oven and mashed flat.

IMO, mine turned out to be about the minimum rigidity needed at these dimensions. I didn’t hang with it long enough to see how well it holds up with repeated use. A thicker material or a double layer of the pipe may work better. I wouldn’t recommend using anything more flexible than what I tried, especially for those of us who crank a hanger down quite tight to get a good hold.


I doubt those bolt heads inside cause any trouble.

I attached my straps to the sides the same as the Bib hangers, with the bolt heads inside. I didn’t have any other lumps, bumps or lining inside the hanger. The bolt heads looked like they might be uncomfortable, so I decided to pare them down a bit with a grinder. I did, but in the process the bolt heads got hot and sank into the plastic a bit. They countersank (or is that sunk?) themselves. Perfect. They still protruded slightly above the surface, but I couldn’t feel them at all when hanging.


I’ve got a solution for you,although its a little more work for you.

When you flatten the PVC, bend one end over so the PVC is an “L” shape. Do the same for both sides and then join them together so that they are “back to back” and then attach the hinge on the underneath of the “feet” of the “L” shapes. In this way, the hinge will already be fully open (laying flat) so it will not tend to open when you tighten the screws as it does now, but will still allow you to “open” the hanger to put it on.

What do you think?


I think you have the making of a nice hanger, I also think Andrew might be on to something if what he is saying is possible

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Yep I think that’s the way to fix the hinge opening problem. I could even do that at both sides of the hangersides |___|, the middle would still bend to the shape of my dick. I haven’t tried making sharp bends in the PVC I’m currently using so I might experiment with some new sides so I can hang hubbard style for now without having to worry about maybe messing up my hanger.

I hadn’t hung in a couple of months so I started back at 7.5kg. I’m able to hang with the hanger attached higher up my shaft because of the better grip the ridges offer. It feels really good. The heads of the screws are buried withing the PVC hose ridges I wouldn’t even feel them without a wrap. It takes a little longer having to tighten 4 screws but that’s a little price for a better grip.

This hanger design has one fundamental flaw. It will put pressure on the dorsal nerve bundle. Any hanger that applies pressure on the top and bottom of the shaft can potentially damage this delicate nerve area. That’s why Tom Hubbard designed his to be worn in a V shape with the wider part of the V at the top of the shaft.

Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!


I went through much of the same processes that you are going through when I developed the Bib. I also tried the L thing to get the hinge completely out of the way. I could never make it work on an adjustable basis. IOW, I could make it work for one setting, but not for a range of girths, and not for any toeing properties. The final design made the hinge close early in the tightening process to help prevent pinching, then the materials, plastic and bolts have to bend to complete the tightening.

You need to make the two sides static in relation to each other, even using four bolts. The giving nature of the penis shaft and wrap will let the penis flow through the hanger if they are not static. You can do this easily using hex nuts on the bottom bolts on the inside of the half without the hinge.

Next, you have to realize this one thing: The stress HAS to impact somewhere. IOW, the hanger has got to be solid to cause the compression where you WANT the compression. Where the compression will do the least damage to important structures. When I built my first prototypes, about a hundred of them, I would use three layers of heavy schedule PVC so that there would be no bending whatsoever. Just as you want the two halves to be static, so also do you want no bending whatsoever in the plastic to keep your shaft from flowing through.



>It will put pressure on the dorsal nerve bundle. Any hanger that applies pressure on the top and bottom of the shaft can potentially damage this delicate nerve area.<

Looks like it will put pressure on the sides to me, isn’t that the point?

Yes, it will put pressure on the sides but since the side are perfectly straight, putting pressure on the sides will drive the top and bottom of the shaft up and down into the bolts. This is a no-no. With the BIB, there is a buffer zone on the top and bottom that prevents this. Also the BIB design is more tubular in shape than straight as well

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Jelktoid, like Memento said the pressure comes from the sides. The PVC is not solid so it will bend to the shape of my dick BBS. In the picture of my grooves hanger I let the side bend the other way and you can see it got permanently bend after a couple of days. I reversed the sides for this version, this way the sides are more rigid and don’t get permanently bend but they do bend.

Thanks for looking at it BIB. The bending of the sides does have the advantage it forms to my dick but at the cost of not much control over the rigidness. Longer sides or thicker dicks make the sides less rigid which reduces the amount the hanger can be tightened because the sides rather bend more than close in the last steps of tightening. There’s not much you could do about adjusting the rigidness in my design except changing the directions to which you let the sides bend (e.g. reversing the sides). So yeah I agree for a better hanging experience you would need preshaped solid sides. Unfortunately there’s no one shape fits all although I’m sure the BIB does a good job for a wide range.

I see the hinge more as a luxury feature for a hanger, it does make life easier but it works well without one.

I’m going to use the hubbardstyle version for now while I’m going to let all this info sink in and work it’s way in a better version ;)

Last edited by Piet : 04-24-2004 at .

Btw for my current dickshape the relation between the bendability and rigidness of the hanger is just right. I feel like I can go up a lot more weight comfortably. But like BIB sort of says this will not work as good for just any dickshape. More girth requires slightly more rigid sides, less girth requires less rigid sides for optimal results.

I made a PVC hanger which was too flexible. Instead of doubling up just squish a tube flat and drill through it fully. Has anybody made a wooden hanger? Could be a good medium to work in. I have a metal hanger with a hinge and predicted problems like you are having. I bend the hanger on both sides equally near the hinge so when it is fully closed to say 1/2” it is all parallel. When I close it and it is too big or small I take it off and rebend. Like you say the hinge is really only a luxury so you have less screws to mess about with each time you attach it.

I have made my own tugger which works great. I made it so I can just barely fit my skin over it, it no longer needs an outer cone because of this.

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The topridge going over the edge turned out to be too round to get a good support from the shoulders of the glans. I tried folding a piece of PVC hose double and attach it only at the inside but the shape was a bit weird. So now I made the topridge like the rest and made sure to smooth the edges of the PVC hose material. It works great like this although I could have used slightly longer ridges. I am hanging 3-5 times a day for 20 mins with 5kg.

Here you can say the hanger in action:
Piet’s ridge hanger and pulley in action

Below are some pic of how the hanger currently looks like.

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