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New Bib Hanger users


A report at long last on my hanging following my disclaimer (previous post) about why I am continuing to be an inherent lurker here …

I thought I would give my report at the tail end of my first reports after receiving my first bib so many years ago now. I like to be mysterious and hard to find :) Those who want to will …

Sooooo, I’ve really been continuing to have a lot of fun with hanging. It does seem the best way to add length and bulk to your penis, after the initial stretch you get from first doing jelq, or pumping or whatever. I started at 5.5 inches when i first started pumping maybe 8 years ago now, and i am now 7.25, and i think over years hanging will be possible for me to sometime reach 8”. my glans has gone from 1.5” across to 2” … the girth of my penis has seen the most growth. it’s volume of course is markedly increased, if not it’s overall length.

I follow with great interest some of the threads and the blossoming of ideas that has happened lately on this great forum. For example, I really got into cable clamps for awhile. However, I am still sooooo glad I have my Bib (both large and small sizes) … I use them both regularly. I have had my most serious injuries of all time using these cable clamps, so for me and MY penis at least, they are not the answer (until an improvement over the Bib comes along — there must be something somewhere, no?) … but they remain a viable alternative, as long as I do not overload them with too much weight.

By the way, I usually always use the clamps in pairs, to relieve the stress of a single clamp on the skin of my penis. And as a wrap I use terri cloth tennis wrist wraps that you buy in most sport stores (sometimes doubled). I use smaller clamps for the shaft of my penis, but I have also used the largest size for putting around my balls and dick together and have managed to hold up quite a lot of weight this way (again with a double clamp and doubled terri cloth wrap). To hold the weights I use the “s” hooks which I find on those rubber trucker cables, which I put between the terri cloth wrap and the clamps.

I use different weight depending on if I want to be mobile (2, 3, 5, 10 lb. dumb bells with thereband loops to attached the weights to the s hook. Or if I want to sit on my couch or opposite it on my bed in my bedroom, I use a double pulley system with plate weights that is really neat. I will describe this rig in more detail if anybody is interested. It is great because with the two pulleys, I can get a great pull from the floor which I believe gives me the most effective stretch in regards to my personal LOT. Luckily I live alone so I have total privacy for all this PE work.

By the way, regarding LOT: I REALLY appreciate all the information about this and how much time and effort everybody has put into this, both anatomically and regarding the physics of PE. It’s what’s given me the most hope in terms of having “potential inches or centimeters” more than anything else in the lean years while I have been stalled at 7” on my way to 8”.

Some other hints on my progress. I ALWAYS use rice socks to make sure there’s adequate warmth. I think is essential for any routine. I should just break down and buy an electrical heating pad, but for some reason I like the rice socks. They also add additional pounds to my hang and just feel good.

Sometimes when I’m on my couch hooked up to my pulley system I use my cam hooked up to my tv to monitor my penis (especially my glans). I am convinced you can never monitor the state of your penis enough during a hang, especially if you are hanging a lot of weight.

I have forty pounds on my pulley system, but since it is a double pulley system I am only lifting a maximum of 20 lbs. When I am holding the maximum weight I really monitor my penis. I have had too many instances when I forget what’s going on and end with damage. IT HAS TAKEN ME YEARS TO REALIZE THAT MODERATION IS PROBABLY THE BIGGEST KEY TO SUCCESSFUL GAIN. MY INJURIES HAVE SET MY ROUTINE BACK MONTHS AND I DON’T LIKE THAT (sorry for breaking the rules with the all caps, but I want to drive home what took me so long to learn). It is the same way with pumping, by the way, which I still do a fair amount of, i.e., lower pressure over longer time is the best way to go!

Unfortunately I am not a precise person and a lot of the people’s overly complicated routines described here soon drive to tears of boredom. I understand that that’s what they need, but for me, PE and my success with PE is a result of a certain “feel,” as much of a cop out as that seems. Each day is different. There is no real set consistent routine that I follow.

I still use my light-weight neoprene wrap with great success, but I have found (partly through this site) a great new wrap which has allowed me the best hangs of my life. This in large part is what is driving me to report here. Basically I use a thin sheath of cotton material which I cut from women’s hair bungies (you know, what women use to tie back their pony tails). I happened to find a pack of twelve or so for very cheap in CVS one day. I pull this towards the base of my cock as far down as possible. They I wrap with the expensive medical tape that I learned about here (also available at drugstores like CVS). Damn, I’m forgetting the name of this stuff. Basically it’s very stretchy, porous, and sticky. In fact, if you don’t handle it right, it can get in quite a tangle. The best thing to do is to condition it several times when it’s new by wrapping it against itself and them pulling it apart, inhibiting somewhat it’s tendency to cling to itself so tightly. (Also learned this tip here, btw.)

I can really get a good grip on the base of my cock this way. The Bib doesn’t ride up and cover/damage my glans. I’ve only just beginning using this wrap system, but I like it the best so far. It’s kind of involved getting it on and off, so I only use it for long hangs (say 3 sets of 20 minutes).

For shorter hangs I use my light weight neoprene. This was material I cut from samples sent with my spring/fall kayaking wet suit for repair. Basically I don’t use hand sewn tubes of the neoprene anymore, but simply wide strips of it that you wrap around your shaft like theraband, but without the clinging and bunching of the theraband. There’s quite a bit of slippage for me still with the neoprene and I can rare get a whole 20 minute hang with a full 15-20 lbs. of weight.

Here’s another tip that I use as part of my routine (especially for long, involved hangs). In between sets I strap these various vibrators to my penis to stimulate it back from the shrivelled, “beat” look it has after a tough hang, and to get ready for the next hang. These are basically the vibrators that women use to stick up there twats;) The best I’ve found is the double set of “egg” vibrators. These are often very cheaply made and burn out soon. The best brand I’ve found is “Hollywood Exotics.” Another key is not to set them on the “high” setting, but keep them on low for longer life. The double egg vibrators cost say about $12 - 15. I strap them onto my shaft just below my glans with the same terri cloth tennis wrist wraps that I mentioned above. Never put the eggs directly against your skin, unless you’ve got it there for a very short period of time. It’s best to keep a barrier between the vibrator and your shaft, as sometime the eggs heat up very hot.

Here’s another tip. This is what I use for hanging smaller weights from my penis, which is sometimes all I do in a session, or which is sometimes what I do as a pre-Bib-hang, or which is sometimes something I do as a post-Bib-hang in order to maximize the effects of my Bib-hang.

I have this set of seven leather snap-on weights that I snap on my dick over cyber skin sheaths. They’re like weighted cock rings with snaps. A small ring, then a larger one, then a larger one, etc. sometimes four or more for a total of life 5 pounds. They stay on GREAT! These devices I have managed to find at fetish fairs or on the web. I have never seen them spoken about here. Sometimes I wear a single smaller ring all day long. I have tried the golf weights, by the way, and I am not impressed. I have almost ALWAYS had a bruising result from using them. Leather I think if probably the best material to use directly against your skin. Cyber skin too is the best I think. I am hoping to buy some nice strips of think, supple leather someday and try using that as a wrap for my Bib.

Anybody who is interested in these leather snap on weighted cockrings, let me know by posting here. I think I can dig up the websites where I purchased them. Also, if you’re not familiar with cyber skin, let me know about that I can discuss that more here too.

Well, I’m worn out about now, so I’m going to stop my tips but I’ll check back in soon and see what’s up and post some more of my ideas, k?

Thanks for listening, and … keep on hanging!

Bill (now in Boston, not Washington DC)


Hey bill,

Read the Forum Guidelines.

Just kidding. ;)

I don’t like to wade through poorly written posts, trying to decypher the latest script kiddy slang. A person can be expressive without …., or THIS, or even this, can’t he? As for the pink triangles and your other points, I’ll let someone else answer that.

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Howdy Bill.

Nice posts.

From what I understand, Thunder wants to make his place a very user-friendly site. And because there are visitors from all across the globe, the posting style here is pretty strict.

English is hard enough to understand when you speak it :) , let alone in informal message boards, so it is easier for the non-English speakers/writers to translate, decipher, etc. when proper language is used.

As far as gay discrimination is concerned, I am sorry you feel that way. I am not gay or bi, but I know that there have been candid threads in where man-on-man relationships and sex have been discussed. I don’t ever recall these posters ever being flamed for it.

I have no problem with gay discussion at all, and most of the posters here I bet feel the same way.

Feel free to start a thread with any topics you would like and I’m sure there will be an interesting discussion that follows.

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<<Bill Read the Forum Guidelines LOL>>

Thunder, well said! I figure I break the Guidelines with every post in one way or another, 9 times out of 10 (well, I don’t post THAT much to be able to figure a percentile).

Just like 99 out of 100 days are bad hair days for me so to speak. :)

Your all acceptance of my eccentric English, especially my extreme wordiness and lengthy meandering posts over the years (not to mention all of the free incredible information I find on your great site) — these alone would make it extremely hypocritical of me to criticize anything here.

Also, I have been really pleased at how the group has grown in the years I have been onboard. I went overboard in some of my criticism in that penultimate post. I have never really found any personal gay discrimination against me. Just a sort of “not really feeling free to act the way I would like because of the way you straight guys were.” Anyway, it’s less and less so that’s good.

That plus realizing lately how many of the guys on this site were probably more bisexual than I’d ever imagined (maybe it’s just my imagination, maybe it’s Brokeback Mountain or something). Bisexuals using homosexuality against certain people like me, that really irks me, man, and that is the sad history of a lot of anti-gay discrimination. And I’m old enough to remember it, to me, and a lot. And it happens still. Apparently for example the guy that pistol whipped Mathew Shepherd in WY was a bisexual. Blimey now that’s sick.

I will try to do more posting and be more forthcoming (and more concise). OMG a miracle, MILAGROS!

Y”all are great, and I love this site!!!!!! Thanks!


PS I maintain the all caps emphasis is a valid structure of English. I’m not so sure about the all lowercase style though … ellipses … hmmm … why not … why be so limiting …? Let punctuation be fun!!!!!!! I happen to be into neologism and correct punctuation and spelling very much. i like ee cummings too :) (I am the master of the parenthetical, much like I am the master of the wrap.)

PPS I would pay money to help keep this site going, if it came to that. It’s awesome and you’re awesome. Straight guys are probably the most awesome friends we gay guys every had, and they don’t get thanked for it enough.


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So why don’t you get active in some of the gay topic posts down at the bottom forums?

We don’t need another ee cummings. :)

And all caps is proper English for newspaper headlines and book titles, things of that sort, maybe even ransom notes, if in a pinch for time. Other than that, I harp about trying to do as well as we can as a coutesy to the readers and especially the readers that are just learning English.

Use these to get creative:



If you need help with the smilies, just page roussie, he is the inhouse pro.

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Thanks Thunder, you’re the best. I’ll try to keep my posts along the lines of standard English. Should I say the Queen’s English? Hahaha! Plus I’m going to TRY to post more.

I’ll eliminate the all caps, once I learn how the other guys bold or underline th words they want to emphasize!



People bold/italic/underline/change the size of the font by using vB code.

Here is a good list of vB codes you can use.

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[b]Mucho Gracias Amigos![/b]

I think I got it.


Originally Posted by ThunderSS
That’s the same list as here remek, but without the cookies:


It’s a standard vB page.

I’ve always wondered where that list was. I guess you would have to read the forum guidelines for that! ;) Doh!

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Originally Posted by ThunderSS
Yeah, something that you of all people should do. Read your faq on your forum, it helps a lot to know what you are telling others. Not that I do this by the way.

Hehe, you call that thing a forum!?!

I’ve got a vbulletin sticker and enough members to start a pop-rock band. Look out Black Eyed Pees, here ETP comes!

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