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New Bib Hanger users

Just got my hanger

I just got my hanger. first of all it’s beautiful and it just took 4 days to ship it from US to sweden. exelente work. Now i will try it out for a couple of days to see how it works best.

I will keep u updated

My Goal: 8"x6" - Currently: 7,5"x4,8" |-| Gains So far: Lenght: 0.5" Girth: 0" - Just going for girth ATM


> I just got my hanger. first of all it’s beautiful and it just took 4 days to ship it from US to sweden. exelente work. Now i will try it out for a couple of days to see how it works best.<

I am glad you like it and that it took little time to get to you. But I must say, there is a Bibhanger lost in Canada (or the US), somewhere as I write. Not all the hangers get there as quickly as yours. Especially international orders. Sometimes the mail is great, and sometimes it sucks.


3 weeks of using the bib starter

For an update to my earlier post, I sent my bib back and got a bib starter. Must say this is much much better. I would suggest the starter for anyone considering buying a bib. Unless you are quite large (length or girth). I was about 7x5.5 when i tried the regular bib and it was just too big for me to use.

Thanks Bib!


I’m glad that you got an exchange. However, maybe you should have hung on to the regular and bought a starter. That’s what I did. I hang with both the regular and the starter. The starter is great for hanging close to the base to really hit the ligs. However, the regular is great for hanging straight out and over the legs to stretch the tunica. I use them about 50-50 now since I really want to get the tunica stretched.


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

lurker and new bib hanger back to report

well dudes, bill in washington, dc, here,

i’m back to report, and am having a lot of fun with my new bibhanger.

first, i found a great wrap, but i forgot the name of the product (damn, i hate when that happens). basically you can get it at very well stocked pharmacies —like with canes, wheelchairs, bedpans, etc. — it’s in the ace bandage section — and it is like a roll of very thin foam rubber that you wrap under sports wraps — like ankles and wrists and such — for better comfort. anyway, i’ll try to remember the name and report.

it’s the best! very comfy — and the bunching up doesn’t hurt that much — and it’s easy to wrap and stay wrapped as you wrassle that bibhanger onto your friggin’ dick.

secondly, i gave up hanging for like almost two months. i think basically i was trying to hang too much too fast. have you heard that before? basically still i can’t hang ten pounds, but i do eight or so.

damn, i guess i just have a wimpy dick or something. you 15-20 pounders amaze me. keep it up …

and i’m finding a little half hour here and there (sometimes even before work) to hang, and sometimes i do like three half hour hangs or so on the weekends or evenings. (nobody but me chez moi, so privacy is not an issue here.)

so, basically my best routine is big’s method of hanging heaviest weights in the beginning of a hang and then going progressively down til you’re just hanging 1-2 pounds for maximum extension or solidification of your gains or whatever you call it.

so, i definitely think big’s right on that — though my tendency in the beginning was to start with light weights and go up — so it’s been hard, but heartening, to break this habit.

lately i start with 1) 5 pd, 1) 3 pd, and 1) 2 pd = 10 pd — jeeze i guess i am up to 10 pds already. kewl. then i shed 2 or 3 pounds after 10 minutes or so; then go down 2 pd or 3 pd more pds for after 10 more minutes; then go to 3 pd or just 2 pd for the last 10 minutes. i even have a 1 pound fishing weight i slap on there at the end sometimes. 30 minute sessions seem to work, but a lot of time i cut out at 20.

all along i try to keep a real good eye on the look of my cock head. i use a mirror propped on the floor for this. plus whether it’s cold or not. i do tend to get the little pinprick bruises on my dick head, especially after the heavier hangs, but they aren’t that bad, and go away after a couple of days. i’m gonna be reading up on all of the new threads about this. i can’t wait to learn some new info … seems like there’s a lot of new and interesting posts these days.

thirdly, actually i’ve been have good workouts hanging weights from my balls AND dick inbetween my sessions with my just my dick and the bibhanger — it seems like a good interim activity — and my dick and balls together can really hang a hell of a lot of weight i’m finding — and it helps to max out my penis and scrotum size. i can tell i’m getting some real good “lig pull.”

plus for some reason hanging this way makes my dick “puff” back out and lose that gnarly, pained look it has after a long hang — so that i’m ready for another bibhanging session after a 20-30 minute penis/balls hang.

(to wrap my dick/balls, basically i wrap around those weight anklettes (with velcro straps) that runners train with. You can get them pretty cheap from sports authority or wherever. They also have these nice donut ones that go on first (which only weigh about 1 pd). i’m not sure, but i’ll bet i’ve been hanging 15-20 pds. from my balls/dick this way.)

(i’m not gonna go into the intricacies of my ball/dick hanging routine here (kinda off topic), plus you probably gotta have big lowhangers like me for it to work or whatever… let me tell you, i’m a friggin’ genius when it comes to whacky ideas about how to hang weights off my penis and testicles …)

so, i’m gonna keep up the routine and measure my gains on christmas, as planned. i promise to let y’all know. it would be a nice christmas present if it was 8” huh? but i’ll settle for 7.5, no problemo.

fourthly, i’m seriously thinking of getting the bib starter, just to have another hanging option. so big, if you’re reading this, let me know if you have any and what’s the price. i really like just hanging say 2-5 pounds off it, and i’m thinking the less clunky starter might be right for me, i dunno …

fifthly, i’m still looking for local hangers to hang with. i dunno, it seems like a perfect thing to do while sharing a six pack or joint, or whatever, sharing tips and stories, etc., especially with an experienced hanger. i don’t know if that sounds weird — nothing gay at all here (though i myself do happen to be gay), i swear, just good ol’ male companionship and passing along of information, right?

sixthly, one idea for the basic bib hanger design, big. i think maybe an improvement would be to have the screws which hold the fabric loop more toward the front of the hanger (i.e., towards the side that opens, with just the one screw). you’d have to build out the body of the hanger somewhat for that, but your angle of hang would be more central or something, i dunno, just an idea.

seventhly, and heaventhly,

over and out, carry on, dudes! have at it!

bill in washington, dc (a neologist, yes!)

new e-mail:


back from vacation/hanging break

hey dudes,

well first make sure you let me know if i’m overtly breaking of the forum rules. sorry, thunder, about the word “dude,” for example, dude!

sorry about the no-initial-capital letters of my post, sorry if i’m being overly sexual while i hang weights off my friggin’ penis! i swear there is no sexual interest in my desire to hang with other dudes, purely to shorten the slow educational curve.

to tell you the truth i have learned it is better to have absolutely no sexual interest while i hang. one thing i have learned it helps a lot to JERK OFF FIRST before hanging, as all the engorged blood in the head of your penis can really can mess you up with tiny broken blood blisters in the glans. (finally i got it thunder!)

also, the interest of course is getting a larger member for LATER with your partner, right?

and yes, the bib is genius. pure unadulterated genius.

i haven’t measured it yet, but when i look at it fully erect, it seems definitely 7.5 inches, up from 7”. i’m keeping a prety good diary about the experience. i’m still waiting to measure it at christmas, to see if i got a nice present from myself. 1/2” extra dick, thanks to big’s hanger. (i ordered a “bib junior” just to have some more versatility, so i’ll let you know how that goes.)

number one thanks go to big. you’re awesomest.

i have a feeling it won’t be eight inches by christmas. but if i keep trying and if it is eight solid (undiminishing) inches by NEXT christmas, i.e., 2003, then i would be a very happy dude over here, hehehe…

i have been coming up with a lot of ideas and theories, for example, the power of hanging light but over longer periods of time. all’s i can stand right now is 10 lbs for like 20 minutes then my dick is dropping off. occasionaly i get 15 pounds on for like 10 minutes or so.

i will post some of these ideas later when i am less of a lurker. i am going to try the “vibrator” idea (using a vibrator next to the hanger while hanging for stimulation now — i just read that interesting post). i am on my second set of 10 lbs. at the tail end of a long holiday family break where i couldn’t hanging very much at all (til now).

it’s firday so i’ve got all weekend to go.

talk to ya later, dudes (and any dudettes out there).


correct e-mail (since hotmail is not allowed):



Thanks for your kind words. Sounds like you have things going now. I hope you stick around and post more, especially your ideas and theories. I still maintain that we have only scratched the surface of PE.


3 months using BIB

I’ve been using the BIB Hanger for a little over 3 months, and think it’s a fabulous tool. I’ve had 0 problems with the wrapping or the device itself. I had it up and running 5 minutes out of the box. For the wrapping, I ended up sewing a section of thera into sort of a tube, or open-ended condom. Roll it up, unroll over the shaft, wrap one more layer of thera and: absolutely 0 slippage and very comfortable and also fast, about 20 seconds actually.

I’m hanging 20 lbs BTC 20min X 3 per day and will be trying SO soon. Gains have been 1/4” so far in flacid non-bone pressed length. Looking forward to steadily increasing weight and positions.

Also, I’ve been using the BIB for manual style tension pulls of different styles. The BIB is so easy to put on, and used along with a small but heavy duty scale I can do JAI style pulls in BTC, UTL, SO, or straight up (SU?). This feels really good, and saves my hands from getting really tired. Also provides a large degree of control over angle and amount of pull(weight).

Anyway, I’m just starting out with the BIB but am convinced it’s a brilliant invention. And BIB’s follow-up response and support is REALLY great!


Re: 3 months using BIB

Originally posted by 9soon
I ended up sewing a section of thera into sort of a tube, or open-ended condom. Roll it up, unroll over the shaft, wrap one more layer of thera and: absolutely 0 slippage and very comfortable and also fast, about 20 seconds actually.

That’s a good idea.

No cloth wrapping at all? So rolling on stops the skin getting caught in the thera?

Four Weeks With My Starter!

Well, I have just completed 4 weeks of hanging with my new Bib Starter. Used it the last two weeks of my first month of serious PE’ing (ending 10/30/02), and got 0.38” BPEL gain and 3/16” EG gains. Just imagine what I might have gained if I wasn’t a Vitamin C addict?! LOL. Just kidding, Bigger…just kidding!!! ;)

Hopefully, when I measure again on 12/30/02, there will be more gains to report.

I want to add ADS to my routine, and just watched the excellent tutorial by lil12big1. I think remaining in an extended/stretched state longer will be helpful. For the past couple of days, I have been doing the “wrap” for several hours after I finish hanging, and it shows promise for flaccid hang.

As far as getting acclimated to hanging and my routine…I initially struggled to get the hanging wrap down. That’s going pretty well, though I’m not 100% satisfied with it some days. Started out hanging 2 lb. and was nervous even with that puny weight in the beginning. Quickly went to 2 Kg (4.4 lb.) and worked up to 3 sets of 20 minutes. Am currently at 4 sets of 20 minutes using 4 Kg (8.8 lb.)

With my starting length and girth, the Bib Starter was the right device for me. I still don’t know if I am getting much lig stretch. I can feel the ligs tugging, but continue to get a lot of skin stretching (it bunches up above the circumcision scar after several sets of hanging). Hopefully, that will change for the better, soon. I have played with different attachment points, but prefer it further back, for now, to avoid that pressure on the glans that comes when I move the hanger forward. Have played with the toe adjustments, and that has helped a lot.

Oh, I hang sitting the first half of each set, with the strap SO, and the weight hanging over the front edge of my desk chair. Then I stand the last 10 minutes and alternate squatting with my hands on my knees and then standing straight up. I swing the weights forward and back, side to side, and in small circles. I get good fatigue by the end of 4 sets!!

I’m a complete green-horn novice at hanging, but I like the potential it offers for serious long-term gains. I plan to continue hanging indefinitely, along with pumping (stop your hissing…I heard that. :chuckle: ) and manual exercises, like jelqing, stretches, and squeezes. I am in this for the long haul. My starting measurements were 6.125” BPEL and 4.5” EG. I have a 12-month goal of 8x6”, and I won’t even tell you what my long-term goals are (but they would put me in the HUGE arena. hehe).

Thanks for allowing me to be a part of the “penis pulling society” at Thunder’s. So glad I found this place!!! :)

Sorry for the long post!!



I won’t be content until I’ve earned the name!

Reply to Memento re thera

Hey Memento -

I’ve never had any problem with slippage or grabbing of skin or any problems really with this technique. Have to make sure the sewing is really strong though, otherwise it’ll fall apart after a few days. Also, I think correct sizing for width is important. I started out using two of these “thera condoms” (what’s a good name for this anyway?), but learned that only one was really necessary.
Hope that helps.


Sorry - forgot to add that I don’t use any cloth and yes, the thera just rolls right on without any pinching.


coupla ideas

initial report on the bib starter

well, christmas billy got his bib starter last night which, in addition to his regular bib, will no doubt prove a very useful tool indeed so, he slapped it on this morning before work and he is SO GLAD he got it, dudes. allright!

i started with 5 lbs. for 10 minutes then went up to 10 lbs. right away and it seemed to take it very well.

(has anyone hung weights in the shower before? does hanging weights in the shower as one hurries to get ready for work indicate that one is COMPLETELY obsessed with PE or not? hmmm?)

i really like the bib starter’s deisgn — it is so friggin’ cute! i dunno, maybe i’ll end up liking it more than my bib, which is so big and clunky — not that big and clunky is bad at all, mind you. i guess it’s just new to me and has taken my fancy.

undone if not “hung”

to tell you the truth, i’ve been sort of worried that someone might think that, because i ordered the bib starter after trying out the regular bib, i’m not really “hung” or something. jeesh. you know in the 4” category or something.

i have a feeling a few guys who really needed the bib starter ended up trying out the regular bib first and then ended up having to “buy down” to get their proper hang going.

gosh, fragile male ego here, i guess! sorry dudes, i guess it’s the way i’m wired.

anyway, no, my regular bib fits me fine thank you very much, and i plan on using it A LOT — but i can report (so far) that the starter is gonna be a GREAT TOOL for me — especially since I don’t think i’m gonna be hanging massive weights — but rather experimenting with smaller weights and longer hangs. i’ll report back later on that okay. (though i don’t think it’ll be too long before i’m to 15 pounds.)

and … best wrap material for me ever!

okay this is the “lucky” thing that happened that led me to the best wrap material i’ve found yet.

duh, stupid me put one of my “donut” weights (what you get at sports authority for hanging around your wrist of ankles and which weigh about 1 lb. each) in the microwave to heat it up, duh! (i thought it was filled with sand.)

no, it is filled with metal pellets, and of course it started to pop and burn, and was consequently ruined.

(no i don’t live with mom and dad, the wife and the kids, nor even the boyfriend/girlfriend — luckily for stupid me. ah! the joys of bachelorhood…)

so, the donut weight was ruined, but being thrifty “mr. tool guy,” christmas billy decided to drain the ruined weight of the pellets (which he saved, for what purpose he knows not yet what), and he also also cut out the burn from the material and saved the unique, tubular material as well (double sided with a rubbery material on one side, and a smooth synthetic fabric on the other).

dudes, the 5” little tubular peice of material is best friggin’ wrap material i could have come up with! it is a little tight getting on my penis, but it is really comfy on the inside, and the rubbery outer material really grips the bib hanger perfectly. i can keep the wrap on my dick throughout the whole hanging session without removing it. it doesn’t bunch up and leave my dick all gnarly, i can really hang “far up my penis” (i.e., toward my crotch), it doesn’t slip, etc., etc., etc.

yahoo! i know it’d be a little complicated to reproduce — cause you’d have to find exactly the kind of “donut” weight that i have (had). recently i was in sports authority checking out the ankle weights, and they didn’t have the kind i’d originally bought, in fact (which I would have snatched up) though they did have some of the donut weights — but i’m not sure if they would work to produce the tubular sock that works so well with my own particular dick and the bib hanger.

(geeze, i figure it won’t work so well with the bib starter because it’s way too wide — but i guess i could try it.)

also there’s that material that i discovered at the “well stocked medical supplies pharmacy” which is a thin foam rubber material that goes under an ace bandage on a wrapped limb. that stuff works awesomely too — but it still does bunch, roll up, difficult to stay wrapped (especially between hangs), etc., etc.

okay, that’s enough for now. signing out,

christmas billy

(why christmas billy? ‘cause i wanna 8” dick for christmas, ok?)


short post (i promise)

idea #1

i had the brilliant idea of shaving my pubes all up the shaft of my dick. (damn, the hair is going way up my dick these days. i’m getting hairier elsewhere as i get older too.) and now i get a much better grip, and closer to my crotch than ever before. my dick looks kinda freaky though, all shaved, but i don’t care … it’s coming down to the wire, and i’ve got to maximize my work-outs, right?

idea #2

i use “tiger balm” ointment in the lig area of my crotch and it helps really keeps them hot (and hopefully stretchy). i suppose you can use any heat producing rub, but i like “tiger balm” because it seems to have all natural ingredients.

only a few more days til christmas, so i might delay measuring until new years, since there should be a lot of hanging time for me over the holidays.

i dunno dudes, i was looking at a ruler and 8” seems awfully long. i have a feeling i have bitten off more than i can chew. hahahahaha! on the other hand, jerking off yesterday (blush, blush) my member definitely seemed bigger than ever, thicker, longer, and the foreskin (or what’s left of it, shall i say) seems to have been elongated too.

7.5” will do me just fine, and as I said 8” can be delivered by NEXT christmas, and i’d be totally fine with that.

i’ll keep you posted,

billy christmas boy



I really enjoy your posts. Seems like you have a very unconfined mind, which is an excellent trait for PE.

Don’t worry about using the Starter. A lot of big guys have used it, and to my knowledge, it has not harmed any egos.

Great posts,



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