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New Bib Hanger users

'nother idea (kinda verbose)

thanks big! (oh my god, you shouldn’t incourage me…)

i’m really gonna try to post a lot of my ideas and be less of a lurker, at least for now. actually i’m bi-polar (accounting for some of my extreme exuberance) and am in a very UP phase right now, so this should be a good period for me to sound off in anticipation of the BIG DAY OF MEASUREMENT, which i’ve decided to postpone ‘til new year’s.

man i am so psyched! also nervous. this is after like six months of hanging (albeit off again/on again). i am quite ready for billy’s willy to be the same old 7”. probably 7.25’, though maybe 7.5”. i don’t really think it’s gonna be 8”, but i would be SO HAPPY if it was. (if it were 7.75”, would that qualify me as a member of the 8” club?)

i do think it’s gonna be fairly thicker to, so i’ll let you know about that… as i recall my girth measurement was 6.5” (at base).

(my former penile measurement of 7” is “bone pressed” by the way, though there is very little difference between bone pressed and non-bone pressed with me for some reason — maybe .25” — is that because i’m very lythe?)

my “hanging from the ceiling” idea

okay, i’ve been thinking for a long time how to be sitting or reclining (as i watch tv, read, etc.) and having weight pull my dick from straight up, i.e., as if there was a pulley in my ceiling from which i could suspend the weights.

(i’ve experimented with OTS, by the way, and really don’t like it too much. i’ll have to keep at it, though, and eventually find a good OTS solution. involving my new bib starter might be a good route to that. i guess i’m primarily a BTC man myself … hahahaha…)

so anyways, last night i finally worked a new method out for hanging from the ceiling. again, like my unique wrapping material described in my last post (more on that in my next post), this probably will only apply to me, my apartment, and the unique equipment i have lying around.

(i’m total pack rat by the way, also a real tool guy — the nickname of my hometown is “tool town,” because of all of our tool factories (especially in the pre-depression days) — athol, mass. — so i am a total homegrown tool guy, as are pratically all of my local buds from around there.)

so, what i did was i attached a long bunge cord-like strap (which actually is a “paddle leash” for my kayak) to one of the bolts from which i hang my kayak from the wall of my living room (way up top near the ceiling).

beware! you really need something solid and very secure for this. the leash slipped of the bolt at one point as i was attaching it and the end of the cord whipped back and slapped me smartly on the forehead (happily missing my eyes), as if to say: “bad billy!” duh!

i wish i could attach an actual pulley from my ceiling — but i don’t think my landlord would appreciate that. also, i guess i could rig up something special, like a moveable frame with a pulley, but for some reason i want my solutions to be “easy” and not too “pe obsessed.”

i piled up a bunch of of pillows and was able to recline very comfortably. i even had a phone conversation with a friend (unbeknowst to him that i was stretching my penis!) it was totally sch-weeeeeet!

drawbacks: you don’t know that actual weight you’re hanging, because it is just the stretch of the bunge cord which applies the pressure.

i did it with my bib starter, but i know i can get even more pressure with my regular bib. all i’ll have to do is set up pillows a little further back and just string it out for more tension …

i feel like for the first time i’m really getting serious about hanging. the inner ligaments of my crotch are sore all day the next day after a hang. my penis is so sore and red and tender after an evening hang, and the poor boy isn’t even fully recovered by the next morning. the ligaments astride my testicles seem to be the sorest, and i have so sit and move rather tenderly.

and my friggin’ phat knarly hairless penis looks like a huge freak of nature, damn, and i don’t friggin’ care! plus, i’m starting to get a good handle on the various ligs and stuff making up my penis.

right now, my theory is that i should really concentrate on my suspensory ligs by hanging BTC, but that this should be done is serious conjunction with other angles, which i am (obviously) having a lot of fun with.

i’m gonna report on my newest wrap notions in a totally new post.

billy new year’s gonna-have-a-party-over-his-house


best wrap material ever!!!

okay dudes (and interested dudettes),

i found out what is best material ever for using as wrap material when you hang with the bib!

it is neoprene. this is exactly the same material that makes up the “donut” ankle weights i originally bought from sports authority and what i wrote so verbosely about in my second to last post — my “penultimate post,” if you will. (do all regions in the u.s. have sports authorities? maybe it is just a northeast/mid atlantic regeional thing.)

specifically, it is a lightweight “neoprene” — the same material that makes up my fall/spring kayaking wet suits. i discovered a swatch of material that came with one of my wet suits and it is the exact same as my “donut” weight.

the fabric is rubbery on one side and has a soft, synthetic material on the other. now all i have to do is sew together a sleeve and i can replicate my destroyed “donut” weight sleeve when i need another one, or when i need a wider one or a narrower one. yipeee doodley donuts!

damn, i don’t have a sewing machine, though i am handy with one (unabashedly proud “tool guy” here). i’ll have to borrow somebody’s or finally buy my own. would that be too completely pe obsessed? to spend a couple hundred on a tool so that i can sew padding sleeves for my friggin’ prick? (i guess i could use it for other things, like repairing the many rips and tears in my various shirts and pants. can you use a sewing machine for darning holes in socks?

*****also: come on, fellow newbies to the bib hanging art. post instead of just lurking for a change, how ‘bout it? and how about actually posting some pics of your progress (i certainly would, but lack that tool: the digital cam)? let’s make this thread best GODDAMN THREAD that was ever on this GODDAMN BOARD! (yipee doodley donuts!) let’s make big proud of his selfless work and commitment to the burgeoning (hahahaha!) pe community!*****

billy new year’s there’s-gonna-be-a-party-over-here


'nother idea -- a frame for hanging "straight out"


well i did it. i made a frame with a pulley so that i can hang “straight out.” i bought some 2x4’s, cut them to 4’ lengths, and them fashioned a saw horse with one of those aluminum saw horse frame-makers that you can get for like $5 at home depot. then i attached a pulley on the underside of the horizontal piece.

(i know i read about this in other threads — so i realize i am not breaking new ground here of course.)

on each end of my rope i attached large eye hooklets which I also got at home depot. it just takes a little ingenuity and browsing through the myriad parts. little did my fellow shoppers and the staff realize the devious purpose of purchases, however!

so i can recline in my sofa while hanging — watching tv, reading, talking on the phone or simply enjoying a cup of coffee. it is a very sweet hang and much easier to take than hanging straight down or btc or whatever. (you don’t get the various hard edges of your chair interacting with the bib, for example.)

one thing: the weight (even as little as 10 lbs) tends to make the sawhorse topple towards me, so i’ve had to attached the saw horse to my cabinet for stability (by means of a short length of rope).

i have noticed that 10 lbs. hanging straight down or btc feels like a lot more than 10 lbs. hanging from my pulley. is that because hanging straight out is simply an easier hang than straight down or btc?

as i recall from high school physics, there is something that a pulley does to reduce weight load (or is that a double pulley?). anyway, i am wondering exactly how much weight i’m hanging (as with the bungee cord hangs i described earlier).

more and more i’m just going by feel and am not worrying so much about numbers — i have a feeling big would concur on me with this —

more ideas (no doubt) later …



Wow, it seems as if you are committed. Notice I did not say you needed to be committed. Now, couple that with dedication, and you will probably get everything you wish for.

>i have noticed that 10 lbs. hanging straight down or btc feels like a lot more than 10 lbs. hanging from my pulley. is that because hanging straight out is simply an easier hang than straight down or btc? <

The lower the angle, the more stress the ligs take. At least for me, the ligs seem to be more sensitive than the tunica which will usually take more of the weight straight out.

>as i recall from high school physics, there is something that a pulley does to reduce weight load (or is that a double pulley?). anyway, i am wondering exactly how much weight i’m hanging (as with the bungee cord hangs i described earlier).<

Yes, friction. Although a pulley serves to reduce friction in a change of direction of force.

>more and more i’m just going by feel and am not worrying so much about numbers — i have a feeling big would concur on me with this — <

Yes, but I still measured about once per month.


bill's happy new year!


well, i got my christmas present dudes! a bigger dick! (not as much as i hoped, but it definitely bigger in feel, appearance, and actual measured size.

okay — well this is what happened — i measured my dick finally on christmas day. it was definitely one of the most erotic things ever. we knew it was bigger, but we wanted to see how much. i didn’t know dick measuring could be so much fun…

since then i have been involved in a marathon “solidifying-my-gains” hanging session, with at least one hour of hanging a day.

dick length

the length of my dick is now (non-bone-pressed): 7” — plus when i am totally rock hard or after a long hard session of sex: 7.25” non-bone-pressed. (it used to be, prior to my 6 months with the bib hanger: 7” bone-pressed.

plus my dick sticks straight up less and is more of at a 45 degree angle, which — we have found — is a MUCH BETTER ANGLE for fucking! i am becoming a fucking machine, dudes! also, while i am fucking it seems like i am farther apart from my partner (when i am at the start or end of my “thrust,” if you will), AND THIS IS THE MOST FRIGGIN’ FAR OUT FEELING THAT I DIDN’T KNOW I WAS IN FOR WHEN I STARTED THIS PE GAME, DUDES! IT IS LIKE TOTAL ICING (AND ICE CREAM AND COOL WHIP SPOOGING ALL OVER) ON THE FRIGGIN’ CAKE (WITH A FRIGGIN’ MARASHINO CHERRY ON TOP).

(so from 7” bone-pressed i guess it a gain of 1/4” — since now with a regular erection i am 7.25” bone-pressed.)

plus when i am sporting total rock hard wood: i am 7.25” long (which would be a gain of 1/2”, but i’m not quite sure about that, since i think before my bib hanger when i was totally rock hard or after a long sex session i would achieve 7” non-bone pressed).

glans width

also another significant gain is the width of my glans (one of my favorite measurements, since it is so easy and, well, non-contestable). i was 1 3/4” — and now, erect: 1 7/8”. it looks (and feels) much bigger and longer or something too.

for a long time my goal for my glans’ width has been 2” and when i am totally rock hard or after a long sex session i am definitelly 2” inches already, and it really seems (from my persepective anyway) like i have a large and perhaps even a very large glans. (it is definitely hard to get into my partner sometimes, or shall i say: it takes some foreplay action to make it comfortable for us both…)

dick girth:

i’m still 6.5” around at the very base of my dick, which is what i used to be — but with total wood or after a heavy sex session it’s: 6.75”. plus, the mid and upper shaft is definitely a lot thicker, but i haven’t been measuring that, just the thickest point, which like i say is at the very base of my dick.

plus, when all is said and done, i’m sure i will have significant gains in girth: something like 7” at the base — so when i’ve achieved my goal, i’ll be something like 8”x7” and then we’ll be talking about some major meat hanging between my legs, especially when you figure in my largish balls.

solidifying my gains

so, after christmas day, as soon as i had measured my dick i was excited about “solidifying my gains” and taking it up to the next level: i.e. 7.5” and ultimately (by next christmas): 8”. i really like the frame i built for hanging straight out and have come up with a lot of new positions (more later).

also, more about my ideal wrap material (lightweight neoprene — see previous posts), as well as my theories for longer hangs with lighter weights, and something new, the importance of stimulation of the penis between hangs. this is something that has really helped me in terms of having several long hangs with upwards of 20 lbs. of weight hanging from my dick.

i have really been having intense hanging sessions, dudes, and i am so happy i found hanging. it is definitelyl the best method of penis enlargement for me. i have experience with pumping and with jelq and i still like them A LOT, but hanging is great because you can do it for fairly long periods whereas with pumping you can only do it for limited times and when you’re done your dick looks like a sea cucumber that should live on the bottom of the ocean, not in your pants…

(of course, my dick often looks quite gnarly after hanging, so i shouldn’t complain about the temporary bloated effects of pumping. in fact, after hanging i quite often “finish it off” with a couple of minutes in the pump.)

and one more quick thing

and oh, there was one more thing that happened recently with my partner, with regard to the outcome of all this work that was very, very satisfying for me.

we were into this very intensed, endless “69” and my partner paused and said (sort of gaspingly): “your dick is so big! your dick is so big!” then after another couple of minutes (almost like drunkenly or something): “this is heaven!”

oh my god dudes, you don’t know how good that made me feel and i dunno manly or something. totally like the biggest stud in town. you couldn’t pull me down off the ceiling with a grappling hook, a cherry picker, or a backhoe…


gotta go hang,



correction and apologies in advance


not that it matters, but my girth is 6.0” not 6.5” — so if i ever get to 7” that would be a miracle and i think probably not possible, so must wanted to clarify.

also, i hope i didn’t offend anybody with my sexual remarks or anything. if any of the moderators think i’m going overboard (or think i should be posting in another thread), let me know and i will be happy to comply.

also, i apologize for the grandiose self-inflating tenor of my last post, which i just re-read and which is definitely overboard, and i hope it does not come across that i am not a normal guy, which i totally am. i am a totally normal guy, for the record, and really, my dick is not that big, nor am i close to the biggest stud in town.

ok, now i feel better and can go out and enjoy new year’s eve. don’t drink too much dudes!

also i’m sorry for the lowercase, if that bothers you too,

peace, out, and later gators,



one last apology

dudes (and dudettes),

one last apology: sorry for all the apologies! LOL!

i’ve been really overdoing it with the apologies, i realize. i think it has to do with being gay and having to pussyfoot around in a straight world all my friggin’ life. you straight guys have no idea what it’s like. be glad u’re not gay, ok? (though i myself personally wouldn’t trade my sexuality for anything.)

thanks for letting me hang here wit’ you guys. u’re kewl.

and no more friggin’ apologies!

that’s an order …

okay, i comandeered this thread, and now i’m giving it up — some other newbie can take it over. goodbye …

don’t worry, i’m gonna be posting all over the board with my ideas, some brilliant, some no doubt inane.

peace out,

verbose villy

(formerly known as bill in washington dc — soon to be boston bill)


I’ve been playing around with hanger settings (wing nuts, tightness, wrap, etc.) for at least 40 hours a week. No matter what I do, I simply cannot emulate the stretch I get from manual stretching. Although…I think a BIG part of this is the fact that I sit while I hang, and stand or lay down while I stretch.

It didn’t occur to me until recently to attempt stretching while sitting. Guess what? Can’t get the same stretch as while standing. I’ll toy around with the hanger for a few months more and see what I can come up with, but if I can’t hang while seated, then that defeats the whole purpose of my buying one :)

Let me make it clear though, the feeling from hanging while standing is equally intense to a stretch while standing. The hanger itself is great, super comfortable and everything guys said it is. Alas, I think this is just a matter of individual physiology, ya know?




What exactly is the difference in your stretch between standing, laying down, or sitting?


Ok, time for me to add my two cents here since I am now a BIB newbie:

First, wrapping. I started out using the Theraband, but after a little more reading,
I have been using the self adhesive 2 inch Ace wrap. I wrap it to give me a nice
“sturdy” feel, but I can still pee.

As far as the Bib hanger itself. What more can I say that hasn’t already been added?
It is an engineering wonder. It took me a few times to set the adjustments, but I have a
pretty comfy fit now.

I do have a few minor problems though. The biggest is that it appears that the
gel is coming loose from the right side from under the hinge forward…is this going
to present a future problem or can I reattche it myself using some sort of adhesive?

Besides that things are going ok. I do have a few other questions, But I will address
those in another post.


Keep working, keep learning



>The biggest is that it appears that the gel is coming loose from the right side from under the hinge forward…<

The gel is loose on the hard plastic. It does not, and cannot stick to the hard plastic. When you tighten, the hanger must be tight enough to hold the gel on, and not let it slide backward when the weight is applied. As it should be. Remember, you do not want the hanger sliding down too far.

>is this going to present a future problem or can I reattche it myself using some sort of adhesive?<

No, there is no adhesive that will stick to the soft plastic. But lucky for you, you know someone who can mold it back on. Email me, and we can work it out.


Originally posted by Bib

What exactly is the difference in your stretch between standing, laying down, or sitting?


Standing and laying down are pretty much identical, although I can read a book while standing and it’s just too uncomfortable to do so while laying down. The stretch while hanging in either position is…comfortingly brutal. I can feel a burn all the way through my tunica when I hang OTS and if I lay flat on the bed with my legs protruding, hanger BTC I can feel the ligament stretch maybe 60% of the way to the pubic bone (from where the ligs attach in the glans).

I feel as though when I’m sitting, the retraction action of my penis is somehow shifting the force forward on the shaft. I’ve tried attaching the hanger at the base, and it did nothing except stretch skin for about two weeks. Anyways, I’m going to keep fiddling with it.



Wow, bilinwashdc, those were some intense posts! Congrats on your gains. I really need to read them for the encouragement, I can’t seem to figure out what I’m doing wrong.

I started PE in January, jelqing and using the swimcap method to hang. in May I bought a Penimaster and then a bib, I wore the PM until the end of August when I got too busy, and noticed that I’d plateaued. I measured a gain of an half of an inch length mid-June, and I decided I wanted to use the bib-hanger to get to my goal of 7 inches bp by my birthday in December. I’ve worked up to 15 pounds (it took me over a month), which I thought would be the magic-bullet weight, the weight where I would start gaining, I hang 3 times for twenty minutes, 5 times a week, but I’ve had no gains.

I have been re-reading the forum and trying to see if I’m missing something and perhaps I’m missing alot. I have a “jump in” kind of approach and now I’m beginning to realize there is a lot to pull together.

I re-read the bib introductory wrapping post and started binding tighter with the cloth material that I use (t-shirt, cut into strip) than I had when I was using a piece of a towel, but I’m getting much more discoloration this way, at the very tip of my penis, like a suction bruise. It tends to go down the next day, but I’m afraid some day it won’t. Maybe I’ll go back to the old wrap that I was doing, I’m noticing that people are posting different methods. I just want to figure out what is keeping me from gaining. I feel like I need to get some pay-off for all the hours I’m putting into this, and I was really counting on the bib to get me to my goal.

Maybe I should have bought the starter, I’m currently 6.25 bp length and 5.5 circ. I’m getting the darkness around my circ scar, but I’m not too concerned about that, it’s kinda cool.

All the talk about OT and LOT has been confusing. I’ve done searches for the main threads, but so many posts mention them it’s hard to find the basic, introductory ones. I’m sure I’ll get flamed for saying this, but it’s my experience. (I just searched for LOT in tutorials and came up with nothing.)

All in all this site and this journey has given me a lot of confidence and hope and a more enjoyable sex-life, I just need some advice and/or support to get through this plateau.

I’m hanging 5.5 lbs for 1 week now, in third week of pe. Guess it’s too early to tell any changes. I feel a good lig fatigue with my legs elevated and the weight hanging down. A question I had was how does the hanger stretch the internal structures (such as the cc) when the hanger is squeezing and not stretching the penis. Excuse the ignorant question, but I was just wondering. Also, what should be the first signs that hanging is beginning to work its wonders? I wrap with a Homedics Thera-P wrist band that I’ve cut down in length and width to fit my dick. It works really well as far as being comfortable and keeping the bib from slipping any. Find it at Wal-Mart.

Later . . LS

Why I lurk on Thunder’s Place

I like the forum a lot, it’s the best on the web, but I have continued to find that sometimes my reception after my occasional but very thoughtful posts (if overly verbose) has been somewhat cold. I am a gay guy but that doesn’t mean I’m “on the make” just cause I’m friendly and want to chat about PE!

Hey, I’m sorry that I’m honest about being gay, dudes. I wish some of you bi dudes would be honest about your homosexuality (start by being honest with yourselves about that, perhaps). I wish there was a similar forum just for us gay guys where I could hang out instead. (I’m not a “flamer,” though I don’t think that should matter, nor do I ever act improper in my day-to-day activities, including on the web. I do have something of a lisp due to a slight speech impediment which targets me in my day-to-day, face-to-face life with the often ominous straight/bi world — yes, even here in Boston. BTW, I am SOOO glad not to be straight/bi and wouldn’t change a thing … that is except my penis size:)

I’ve also noticed that some of the other “out” gay posters seemingly walk on eggs as well, and also that they tend to adorn their avatars with little pink triangles. Huh? This form of delicate discretion seems to be very oddly retrograde to me, and is perhaps an indication of what we’re up against here. And you have to face it: a lot of the straight/bi guys here are really OUTRAGEOUS in their talk about sex (off topic? Hmm, I don’t know) in their posts, and I feel that if a gay guy did that, he’d be immediately censured or even banned. So it does seem like there’s a double standard here … I myself happen to think there’s something inherently sexual about hanging weights from one’s penis, so I don’t mind the sex talk, only there shouldn’t be a double standard for gay guys.

Personally I think if the straight/bi guys were honest about themselves, the gay guys like wouldn’t feel like this place wasn’t a home for us … i.e., we would have the leeway to be ourselves, but the straight/bi guys would have the leeway to be THEIRselves, if you know what I mean …

Also there seems to be an overly authoritarian way of policing the heterosexist attitude here, and there’s an almost old-fashioned adherence to uniformity in language (nothing modern like: “dudes,” for example … not too many ALL UPPER CASE … no all lower case allowed at all … I don’t know … I’m all for free of expression and some of you guys, well … you kind of quell freedom of expression … at least this is the way that I feel … I think a lot of younger guys are turned off by this and we consequently have an overly older generation of guys here … I dunno … we oldsters have as much to learn from the youngsters, and it would be too bad to put any sort of damper on the discussion …


Did I mention I’m 47 y.o.? Oh yeah, I’m 47. Lately I’ve been rounding up and simply saying I’m 50!

Okay, after that diatribe … for which I apologize in advance … I just wanted to get the way I truly feel off my chest … and thanks for the chance to vent …

My post about my most recent progress in PE is shortly forthcoming …




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