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Low lot is btc hanging worth it

Low lot is btc hanging worth it

Hey guy

Was going through some things learning more on LOT. My is 6-7 which sucks I guess.oh well
I’ve been hanging only BTC style. And I read that I need to do some more upward angles. And btc would be a waist of time. I tried that and it really doesnt stretch my ligs like BTC. Am I waisting my time with BTC hanging. I sure hope not .thanks for any input

Well.I’m new. My LOT is at 6 o’clock. I will be starting the newbie routine and probably move into some hanging. I will be testing the LOT theory. I guess I kind of have a double whammy cause My lot is at 6 and my starting girth is also at 6 inches. From what I understand it’s harder to gain length with thicker girth.we will see! Length is my goal.

Didn’t you read any of the links in my post above? The LOT number means nothing. Hang if you want (after a suitable length of time conditioning your penis with the Newbie routine), but ignore the LOT number.

I’ve hung btc for over a month now with no results of any kind.I’m switching to ots in hopes that works since my lot is 6

Wow only a month and you are changing your routine splking1? Your call, but this is a marathon not a sprint, just remember that. I’ve been hanging for just over a month and have not noticed any length gains, but I know they will come in time. Patience is key.

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