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How does fatigue feel?

How does fatigue feel?

Like the question says, how does fatigue feel when hanging? I am having a hard time discerning if my pink-stabber is fatigued or not since it’s not exactly like a regular muscle on the body which is easy to tell when you’re fatigued when working out.

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Hey Dong,

I haven’t experienced a distinct feeling of fatigue during hanging yet, but when I press into the ligs above the base of my penis — especially a bit to the left and right — there is strong tenderness, some soreness. Do you have this? Bib said this indicates the ligs are getting worked. Perhaps we need to wait till we get to higher poundages before we feel strong fatigue during the workout itself.

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I don’t hang but when I’m fatigued I can just fall right off to sleep in seconds.

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My understanding of fatigue is when you hang at any given weight until you simple can’t hang anymore. Then the weight is reduced and continue to hang AFTER the fatigue has set in. I personally had to increase weight several times to ever reach fatigue. Currently hanging 15 lbs for 3-4 sets to get fatigue. Have read that you need to hang past fatigue to achieve good gains.

So would that be the point of absolute failure? I think that is a body building term of old.

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