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LOT or Fatigue

LOT or Fatigue

Sup fellas this will be my first post. I have been doing a lot of reading but I still can’t seem to figure out if my Lot is worth considering. What I mean is my LOT is very low, at about six. And here is my problem I only feel fatigue SD, and I know I should ride the fatigue. But what about LOT? I’ve been trying to find a post that says LOT really doesn’t matter, there are some people that say It does and some say It doesn’t. I’m kinda conflicted about the whole thing. So should I only hang SD and get the fatigue? Or SO and OTS? I feel a good pull in either direction.

I started PEing around March of last year but it wasn’t very consistent and I was only doing some manual stretches and an ADS a couple hours a day. Not until recent did I start doing it every day.(the beginning of this year) Oh and I was also pumping here and there. I didn’t check my length or girth back then but I think I’m at 6.187 BPEL and about 5” EG give or take. I’m currently hanging with a wench and about 8 lbs. I do warm up with hot wash cloth and then apply a hot rice sock while hanging. Hang for twenty massage and jelk for ten. Only thing is I can only do an hour a day which may be a reason I feel I haven’t gained. But like I said before I didn’t check to start off with so I may have gained and not know it. Another thing is I have a slight curve to the left, does that make it hard for me to gain? Has anyone with a curve had trouble gaining? I know I’m forgetting to put stuff down here but If anyone has any advice or comments for me I would be very thankful.

So I’ve recently found out that LOT doesn’t mean squat so I”l just be focusing on fatigue. So what I’m thinking is-do a set SD, maybe one and a half, two. Reach fatigue then change the angle to SO. Do a set or two like that and then after, an ADS for however long I can wear it. Then right before bed do a 15 min set on the pump.

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