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I just recently started hanging a few weeks ago. I usually warm up and hang for 30 min take a small break and do another 30 min hang. I do some other stretches in between but my rest days are on Wednesday and Sunday and I hang every other day. Do you think I’m doing enough to gain significant length? Instead of using weights I lay down and use my own “hanger” if you will and apply my own pressure, something that feels “just right”. Thoughts?

Yes. You are doing enough. I’d make sets 20 mins usually. Take a ‘fully stretched’ measurement at 20 minutes, 30 mins, 40 mins etc. and see whether, with the ‘just right’ force, you are actually getting any further elongation after the first half hour.

Heat makes the difference between gaining quickly or slowly for some guys, or between gaining slowly instead of not at all for others. And the ideal penis size is 7.6" BPEL x 5.6" Mid Girth.

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Can you gain length with 1 hr of hanging per day?
Yes. Of course. I’ve seen guys make good gains with only 1x set per day and some light manual work.

30 Minute Sets = No Good / Unnecessary Risk
I suggest 20 minute sets maximum to avoid tissue necrosis due to oxygen starvation. In other words, you might kill tissues due to extended lack of oxygen. If your glans turns purplish or bluish, and you’re going over 20 minutes, expect the worst.

Make sure to restore circulation in between sets. This is why 10 minute breaks are suggested between sets.

“I hang every other day.”
Bib would hang several weeks in a row or months in a row without a single day off. He believed this created optimal gains by preventing your ligaments and tunica from sometimes retracting and healing in a shorter state.

How Much Should I hang?
10 hours per week, which translates to about 5x sets per day gives the best results.

You might get results doing other things, and taking lots of rest days. But, in theory, this will not give you optimal gains at all.

I suggest you study hanging a lot more, I can tell you’re missing some fundamentals that you should know. Once you know more, you’ll increase your odds of making better gains.

Start here:
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Thanks for the replies. As for hanging with no rest days.. Has there been any other people on this forum that have gained with no rest days at all? Are you saying not to take rest days and just do 5 sets of stretches every day? I don’t see how the penis can increase in length without healing I think it has to retract and slowly grow as it heals. If you can link me any other threads where people have tried bibs method of hanging with no reset days and were successful id really appreciate it. Thanks again for the quick responses.

“other people on this forum that have gained with no rest days at all? “
Bib claims he only took rest days when he was near injury. Search for his name on this forum & you can see some of his posts. Usually, instead of a rest day he would take a light day if needed (a day with 1x to 2x sets)

Personally, I understand people’s reluctance about no rest days. You can gain with rest days of course, but I think you do need at least 3x or 5x hanging days in a row for good gains.

Personally I just went a few months with no rest days. It was really difficult. I plan on making some Eroset oil soon to see if that helps.

The idea of a light day is you at least prevent yourself from healing shorter, and you re-break some of the healed micro-tears & You pull out crimps with just a 1x hanging set. Maybe 2x sets if you’re an advanced hanger doing several sets on your normal days.

Anyway, it’s dangerous & risky—so its your choice (no rest days for more damage/more fatigue/more gains). Of course no one ever advocates hanging while in pain or anything like that. You have to reduce the weight as needed to avoid pain, and with no rest days, you could go days or weeks in a row without being able to hang at your maximum weight.

Also, during your first month of hanging, I recommend you definitely take rest days. You need to adapt to attachment point stresses & other new types of forces on your penis. Eventually though, if you want to hang the way Bib did, you do 5-6 days a week hanging for maximum fatigue, then you just take 1 light day (maybe 2). And you only take the light day if you need it.

Bib claims to have gained 4.5” with his methodology, and I have studied his methods for a while now, since I started in 2008. Some of what he teaches violates my sense of what might be ‘safe’, but logically, I can see what his points are.

Also, I have noticed, every time I take even 1 rest day (which is rare), my maximum hanging weight always goes up.

Bib purposely suppressed his maximum weight for long periods of time and was hanging more than 12x sets per day. He eventually reached 45lbs. (he tested his hangers for short periods at 66lbs, but that wasn’t for PE, it was just for safety).

He was purposely keeping his maximum weight as low as possible the whole time and he reached a weight most hangers never approach. I don’t see many hangers ever going past 30lbs for 20minute sets. 45lbs is substantially more.

Anyway, I suggest reading up on hanging as much as you can; I think your approach will make a big difference on how much you gain. Regardless, hanging can deliver gains even with a shot-gun approach but its not recommended.

If I manage to stick with the program I’m on, I’m sure I’ll have some gains or at least better advice in the future.

Messedupmind, I’m new to hanging, but maybe I can add a couple things to think about.

I’m not sure what you hanger is, but it should be a device that allows you to measure some form of resistance and track progression. Also many people seem to advocate using a ADS after hanging to heal in an elongated state. If you want to have off days an ADS would also come in handy then.

Like Blink said you should read stuff by Bib. Also I think Monty has good ideas and info so I would read his posts too.


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