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Hanging variation that is working for me.

Hanging variation that is working for me.

Hi All,

I recently started doing a specific kind of stretch while hanging with weight.

I basically straddle a chair, with my ass off the chair, and my legs spread fairly wide.

While straddling this chair I turn my feet so they are pointing sideways, and then I place my hands on my knees and push back on them to spread my legs apart.

The reason I’m pushing my knees back is because I’ve found when you force your groin and inner legs to spread, the penis stretch is magnified. I’m sure everyone has noticed this phenomenon during their hanging and stretching, but its a great way to get out of a rut.

I really feel an intense stretch at the base particularly with this technique, and I’m still hanging under ten pounds after all this time.

The exercise might be too intense for some guys, but you don’t have to spend your entire hang time doing it. I’ve normally been doing it at the start of my hang time, after warming up on the infrared light. It really helps the fatigue get started after three to five minutes, then I back off and stand up, or sit and hang some more…then it gets done again sometime toward the end of each set also.

I’m sure someone has mentioned this before but its a very intense stretch, with lots of potential. So its worth mentioning again.

Any questions, let me know guys. :D


I agree with your premise and have found that the position of legs, hips, back, etc. makes a profound difference in the stretch while hanging. Fascia (connective tissue) is contiguous from the penis to many places in the body. I have a working theory that if you stretch your body in different dimensions while hanging that you will open things up better than staying in a static position.

Right on danwilke! I’m glad I’m not the only one. I agree with stretching different parts of the body while hanging. I knew once I discovered the intensity factor of stretching the legs and penis, that it was just the start. I think this subtle variation could be the missing factor for a lot of hard gainers, or no gainers.

Another twist to hanging involves sucking your stomach in as far as you can while stretching. It makes a huge difference, and I know a lot of members have mentioned doing so in past threads.

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