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Thoughts after 3 weeks of hanging

Thoughts after 3 weeks of hanging

Hello. Greetings from Norway. Great board! This is my first post.

Previous PE experience before hanging: 8 months on/off of jelqing/squeezes. I gained some head/mid shaft girth, between 0.5 and 1 cm, but no length gains. Then I did a “Big Al” routine for a couple of months and gained a couple of millimeters in length. I’m currently 5.5 inches erect (non bone pressed) and girth mid shaft is 5.1 inches.

To be honest even though I was seeing results with the BA program I got tired of the manual work and I wanted to try hanging. So I ordered the Bib Hanger. I’m less than 6 inches so I should probably have gotten the starter model, but I ordered the hanger before the that model was available.

I started out light with 2 pounds but within a week I was already up to 13 lbs for 3 sets of 20 minutes (5-6 days on, 1-2 days off each week). I did all the hanging straight down while seated. I’ve been trying different kinds of wrapping material like thin stretchy sports wraps, t-shirt material and a nice cohesive medical wrap. All these seems to be working fine. I haven’t tried terra band yet.

The first problem I encountered as I was moving up in weight was slipping. The hanger would slip and get too close to the head. This got better when I did more (thicker) wrapping. Also I would attach the hanger further away from the head and tighten the hanger as much as I could. Still the head would swell a lot and it would get purple/blue. Sometime after tightening the hanger I would get a very sharp pain in an area on the left side about 1 inch below the head (just where the hanger would “grab”). After two and a half weeks I was already up to 16.5 lbs for 3 sets of 20 minutes. This started to get uncomfortable. Blue head, swelling of the foreskin and it also felt like I was stretching the skin too much.

After reading one of Bib’s posts today I realized I was too impatient. I was going up in weight too fast and I didn’t take my time trying out different hanger configurations. I have tried different attachment points and wraps, but I really haven’t adjusted the hanger to find the best configuration. As of today I hadn’t tried changing the gap and toe in/out. I just tightened the hanger. I got too concerned about moving up in weight so I moved up even though the hanging felt uncomfortable. So today I decided to start all over again. I reduced the weight to 5 lbs and started hanging BTC. I figured BTC would allow me to greatly reduce the weight and still get a good workout.

So this is my new plan:
Hanging BTC.
Start out with 5 lbs, increase weight by max 1 lb per week.
3 x 20 minutes 4 days on 1 day off
Experiment with different wraps and hanger configs. Only change one parameter each session.
Read the forum. Read the product guide over and over again.

I haven’t done any measuring yet, but it looks like my flaccid length has improved. When I get slightly engorged it looks “fatter” too. I realize this “project” will take a looong time, so I will try to be patient and not get discouraged even if I don’t gain much.

Swiss Lunatic


Sounds like you have a judicious plan. If you encounter any problems, please be sure to ask.

Also, on the head turning blue and pain, try the various adjustments, and also try the techniques I posted today on hanger placement and wrap slitting.


>Sounds like you have a judicious plan. If you encounter any >problems, please be sure to ask.
>Also, on the head turning blue and pain, try the various >adjustments, and also try the techniques I posted today on >hanger placement and wrap slitting.

I tried the new attachment technique and it’s working pretty well. It’s definitely better than my old approach. I also widened the bottom part of the hanger and it also seems to help. Still a little bit more skin stretch than I’d like, but I’m working on that. I only get the skin strech when I do BTC now. I believe I’ve pretty much figured out the sharp pain on the left side. It’s when my penis twists a little to the right and I get too much pressure on a particular spot.

Like I wrote I started all over and lowered the weight from 15 lbs to 5.5 lbs and started hanging BTC (or “half assed” BTC really, leaning backwards about 45 degrees). I did 5.5 lbs for 4 days and now I’ve increased the weight to 7.5 lbs with no problems. I’ve had much less problems with a blue/cold head after going down in weight and trying the new attachment. During my “good” sets the skin stretch seems to get better after a few minutes and then I believe I can feel a good strain/pull on the inner structures and also a bit strain on the ligs. I haven’t felt any fatigue the day after my hanging after I went down in weight.

Total hanging time : 19.41667 hours in 26 days (keeping track in Excel). I haven’t done any measurements yet.

Thanks for your advice.

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