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Hanging limits

Hanging limits


I’ve just started PEing and read lot of information found in this site about various methods. With my daily routine, it’s very difficult to do stretching and jelqing, so I
Went for hanging. I feel I can sustain a good routine for hanging, because it doesn’t make me so exhausted.

I’ve started with 2KG ( about 4 Pd’s ) of weight. I do it 15*4 mins with 10 min breaks. So altogether there will be 1hr of net hanging.
This is my 11Th day of hanging and I see no gains what so ever. I know it is little early for gains, but I’m very demotivated with it. So any one can guess how much time will I have to do this routine for some gains?
I don’t normally do any hot wrapping at the beginning or end. Will this affect the rate of gains. Why do we have to do a hot wrap?

I need to know results that can be expected through hanging. How can I compare hanging with stretching and jelqing. Will hanging assist in increased girth?
And I’m also looking for some information of the logic of lengthening process due to hanging.

And any experiences of 2+ inch gains with hanging only?

Thank you.

I’ve had experience of 1 inch gain with one month hanging only and maybe some stretching. Although 1 inch was my only gain because I stopped PE for a full year sad to say but I will be starting again soon.

Sexguy24, it may take a bit more weight before you start seeing any gains also the accumulated gains of 2 months may only be a few millimeters. Hence it is no surprise you can’t tell any difference yet even though you may already be gaining. I do think you’re well on your way :)

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