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Hanging positions w/ sufficient clearance

Hanging positions w/ sufficient clearance

Well, I am about to get set with my hanging. Just one problem - it looks to me like the weights will be touching the floor as I sit at the computer. I’ll have to get a booster chair or something!

So I want to ask what setups you folks have that give you sufficient clearance for hanging?

I have the same problem…now my dick is getting so long, I have to add cushions to my chair.


Hi there BusterHymes!

When I hang BTC, I normally lay my back on my bed, lay my legs on a chair right in front of the bed, leaving my pubic region “in the air” this way the weight falls right down. I use a 13lb barbell, I wrap an “electrical wire” around the handle, making a kind of very tight attachment place were only the hook of the bib hanger fits. This way the only length between the weight and the hanger is the strip with the hook that comes with the Bib Hanger. This leaves me a pretty good ground clearence. If you hang seated I guess that maybe the way I use the weight can help also.

Also, do you use weight plates? I guess so, so you can probably try to use a big piece of electrical wire, or skinny wrope or whatever, and wrap “both sides” of the plate, making a “bridge” on top of the hole, where you atach the hook.

Hope this helps!



Thanks, man. I’ve thought about that and am still considering it. Only problem is I have a pretty high bed and can’t think of what to do for a corresponding height to rest my legs on.


Two tables, one against a wall with plenty of pillows, and the other one for your legs is a good setup.

I used this in the motel last week when away on a business trip ——with 4x 2 litre milk bottles held together with an elastic bungee type luggage strap for weights.

I used the wire ends on the strap to attach to the hook on the Bib.

Rob, "the person formerly known as P9"

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Figured it out yesterday.

I have a high quality weightbench (w/o those pathetic barbell supports) and it’s nicely padded. Higher off the ground than a chair. I will lay on it and put my arse over the edge for BTC and lay my legs on a chair with a pillow on it. This should be sufficient.

Well, it might be even TOO sufficient, as in fall asleep. EEEEPPP!

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