Maintaing Circulation for Longer Periods of Hanging

Hi guys, I’m a hanging n00b and have been working with the Bibhanger for the past couple of months. After a lot of shorter periods of hanging only 2.5 lbs., as well as an intensified jelqing routine, I’ve finally gotten conditioned enough, and my skin stretched enough, that I’ve been able to comfortably move on to slightly longer periods of hanging with slightly more weight.

Right now my routine is something like 3 5-minute sets of hanging with 5 lbs. For the time being this is plenty enough to fatigue me, but I can see my conditioning improving rapidly with this regimen, so I do hope to move up to the recommend 10-15 min. sets at some point in the nearish future. However, I notice that after 5 mins hanging 5 lbs, my glans is already quite a dark shade of purple. It’s not so bad that I would consider it dangerous, nor has it caused any discoloration, but it looks dark enough that if I were to keep it on another 5 mins it would be potentially dangerous.

So basically, I’m wondering how people hang for 15 mins and longer without their glans turning black and falling off? Is it just that my circulation will improve as my penis gets more conditioned and accustomed to hanging or am I possibly doing something wrong in the wrapping or hanging stages? How do people keep good circulation during longer periods of hanging? I’m especially curious about those marathoners who hang for 20 mins or more at a go. They must have some very good techniques for keeping the blood flowing or else it would not be safe.

My only personal hunch is to minimize tightness, but I’m already keeping the hanger as loose as I can make it without it sliding off during hanging. Plus, I imagine you must have to go even tighter as you increase the weight since the downward pull will be stronger. How do you guys manage it? Does my dick just need to get used to things or are there some tricks to it?


Began @ 6.25 NBPEL X 5.00 EG, Now @ 7.00 NBPEL X 5.00 EG, Goal: 8.0 NBPEL X 6.00 EG